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Chapter Five:

Sesshomaru paced his study, his brow almost inaudibly wrinkled in concentration. He had a decision before him now, a decision that would change everything. If he chose to do it she would be his, but the reaction of his fortress and people as well as the other lords could be fatal. But if he didn't do it she would remain unprotected, in a way. And that was something that he couldn't allow.

Turning to sit at his desk, he called in a servant.

"Bring the girl to me," he ordered as he assessed some of his paperwork. As they turned to leave he sighed faintly, his decision made.

Moments later his door was opened and Rin was ushered forward, a large grin on her face as always.

"Ohayo!" He couldn't help but smile.

"Ohayo Rin." He came back around his desk, motioning for her to sit as he sat beside her. "I have a proposition for you Rin," he began slowly, wanting to be certain that she understood everything he was about to tell her. "You see me as your Otosan, am I correct?"

She smiled wider in response.

"Hai! Sesshomaru-sama takes care of Rin like an Otosan does!"

"And in my mind you are my child, although you are not of my own creating."

Her smile grew brighter if possible.

"Now, there is a way, should you wish it," he added. ",that you could be truly my own child. Physically you still will not be of me but you will have my blood, and my life-line." He paused, waiting for a refusal of any kind. When none came he continued. "This is something that I would wish to do in order to keep you as my child as well as to ensure your protection. Would you consent to this?"

She frowned as she thought and for a moment he thought that she'd refuse.

"So Sesshomaru-sama would be Rin's true Otosan?"


"Then I will gladly consent," she said slowly, formally repeating his words, afraid that she would say something wrong.

"Very well," he smiled. "I shall notify you later of when it shall be done. We will ask the Miko if she will act as witness."

Rin was positively glowing as she threw her arms around Sesshomaru, nearly pushing him over in her happiness and his surprise. She snuggled into his Moko-moko, sighing in contentment. It wasn't long before she fell asleep and Sesshomaru indulged her, carrying her as he moved back to his chair, working on the last of his papers as she continued to doze against his pelt.

Kagome sighed as she poured over the books and scrolls before her. There was just SO MUCH! She closed yet another book, moving on to another entitled 'Kitsune lifestyles and habits'.

After Sesshomaru formally made Rin his blood daughter she began to wonder if she could do the same with Shippo and Haru. Honestly, she'd never thought of it before; didn't even know it could be done. But apparently when youkai were involved it was a possibility.

She leaned her cheek in her palm, reading about the traits of kitsune as she rocked Haru in her arms gently. The little one was taking her afternoon nap and was heedless of what was going on around her. She gurgled softly in her sleep, making Kagome smile as she read. She had figured it would be best to know as much about kitsune as possible. That way she'd know best how to care for him. She'd already read up on Inu youkai.

There was a slight knock on the door and Kagome mumbled a gentle "Come in" as she continued to read. From the quiet aura coming from the youkai on the other side she was guessing it was a servant, bringing her tea. She had quickly become accustomed to the ways of the place and nothing much surprised her. And besides, she had Shiroi to guard her, even if he was miserable company.

The maid quickly and quietly entered, bringing in a tray with tea and some small sweets to munch on before bustling out just as she came. Kagome glanced up at the tray, tempted to snack on a piece of sakura mochi but as soon as she was about to grab a piece Haru woke up. She grabbed onto Kagome's kimono sleeve, stuffing a corner of it into her mouth as she blinked drowsily.

"I suppose you're hungry, hmm?" she smiled at the child. Haru's only response was to dig her eye teeth into the fabric, almost glaring at it and its inappropriateness as food. Her eyes began to tear up and Kagome could already hear her hungry sobs.

"Shiroi, could you fetch a maid please? Haru is hungry." He didn't reply as he stood from his spot near the door and left the room momentarily.

A soft whimper was heard and she looked back down at Haru, giving her hand for her to grip onto.

"Good afternoon to you too little one," she grinned. She'd learned that a whimper can mean a few different things; It could be considered a friendly greeting or submissiveness, but Kagome knew what Haru meant by it. The adorable smile on her face was enough of an explanation.

The little one's expression turned sour for a moment as her face scrunched up in what appeared to be concentration. She began squirming in Kagome's hold and so she set her down on the rug beside her, on her hands and knees. Kagome was used to her crawling about by now, and just watched from her seat on the floor as the child scurried towards the door. Shiroi watched her as well, wondering what had gotten into her all of a sudden. Just as he was about to grab the runt there was a knock on the door yet again. His eyebrows rose in surprise. Hm.

"Haru, come here," called Kagome, not at all surprised when the pup obeyed. She was a very intelligent child. She reached for her as she came near and Shiroi opened the door to retrieve the food from the servant. Bringing it over, he eyed the pup with a slightly suspicious look. If he didn't know any better he'd think she knew her food was coming.

Kagome delicately picked up a small piece of red meat, giving it to Haru who quickly stuffed it into her awaiting mouth. She quickly chewed and swallowed it, opening her mouth and flinging out her hands for another piece for which she was obliged.

"Slow down little piggy," giggled Kagome. "That tummy of yours will burst if you gorge yourself much more."

"She will stop when she has had her fill," claimed a somber Sesshomaru as he entered the room. "Few of the nobler youkai gorge themselves. It is normally a trait that only the lesser retain."

She nodded slowly, taking in this little tidbit.

"Ouch!" Kagome glanced down quickly at Haru. The munchkin had bit her.

"Now now, that's no way to treat the hand that feeds you," she scolded gently.

Haru whined her apology, pulling her tiny hands close to her face.

"Oh, there, there my sweet pea," Kagome hummed. "It's alright. No harm done." She continued to feed Haru as Sesshomaru took a seat at her table, glancing at the reading material before him.

"Kitsune," he said quietly, almost a question. "First Inu youkai and now Kitsune. Soon you shall be an expert on all of our habits and ways of life," he teased. "For what reasons do you study these? Is it merely curiosity?" Truthfully, he was curious himself. About her.

"Partly. But also because I was hoping to formally adopt Shippo and Haru as my own."

"Indeed," came his surprised reply. "As a miko it may be possible. But there are many aspects that go into it; part of it being a strong soul." He said the last part slowly, and she knew what he was hinting at. She was not in possession of her entire soul.

"Is it necessary?"

"Yes. The entirety of it must accept the children. If even a sliver of it does not, the bond will fail. Taking into consideration who it is that holds the rest, I do believe it would fail."

Kagome sighed, resting her forehead on the table, curling around Haru who giggled at what she thought was something akin to peek-a-boo.

"Then I cannot."

"Perhaps something can be done about the dead miko," offered Sesshomaru.

She lifted her head in amusement.

"Are you offering to have Kikyo murdered?"

"Hn. Perhaps." He held his nails up before him, examining them. "I may just enjoy doing the deed myself."

She couldn't help but laugh outright as she fed Haru a bit more.

"That won't be necessary. I would feel too guilty if I let you."

"Hn. The offer remains. Be sure to find me if you change your mind." He stood from the table, heading out the screen door behind her into the gardens. She couldn't help but laugh a little, despite how morbid his jokes were.

"Oh, if only it were that easy."

Kagome shrieked in panic, holding a sweltering hot, writhing Haru in her arms as she thrashed about. Her pained wails bounced off the paper thin walls of her room.

"Haru! Haru what's wrong?" The child paid her no heed, but instead shrieked louder as she squirmed. It made her ears ring painfully. And to make matters worse, the child's aura was fluctuating and Kagome had no idea what was happening. She hadn't read anything about illnesses in youkai.

The screen was thrown open and Sesshomaru bolted inside, his eyes slightly widened. However, once he took in the sight before him he visibly relaxed.

"Sesshomaru-sama what is happening? What's wrong with her?" she cried over the incessant wailing.

He stalked forward and grabbed the child and cradled her in the crook of his arm, a deep thrumming filling the room. He continued to make the soothing sound until she quieted a little, knowing it would not help it much.

"She is having a growth spurt. She is due it would seem."

"Wait. A growth spurt? That's all it is?"

"Hn. When youkai children have growth spurts it can be quite painful. Instead of their bodies taking years to grow, as in ningen children, their growths tend to be quite spontaneous and quick. It is a bit of a readjustment for their bodies. It is not pleasant to experience."

Kagome sat on her futon, her mind spinning.

"But why grow so quickly? Youkai live longer than ningen anyways, don't they?"

He didn't reply for a moment as he rocked her, pleased that she was quieting.

"While youkai do live longer than ningen, their chances of surviving that long tend to be much smaller. In Inu-youkai this is especially a problem, given how very few and far between offspring are for them. They have quicker growth spurts because the faster that they grow, the greater their chances of living are. It is a matter of survival."

"I guess that makes sense," she murmured, awed at how much calmer Haru was, even though she did still wriggle and writhe about. The sound he was making was even making her drowsy. She soon found her head lolling to the side, feeling incredibly exhausted. It was about four in the morning, after all.

"Sleep, Miko. I shall watch the child. Having a strong youkai aura around her will aid and soothe her."

"Alright," she mumbled as she cuddled into her pillow. Shippo, who had somehow managed to stay asleep during the entire ordeal, cuddled in close to her side.



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