I may seem like a bitch

But I do have a heart

You just don't realize

When my psychosis began to start.

It was just a normal day

I went to summer school with the rest

I laughed with my best friend Phil

Everything was just the best.

Phil came over to watch Family Guy

We laughed so hard together

It didn't cross my young heart

That my life would change forever.

I was sleeping like an angel

Nothing could make me sad

Then my mom woke me up

That's when things got bad.

She told me Michael had a heart attack

I prayed for him to be all right

But alas my prayers meant nothing

And then I heard that he died.

I cried so hard for the King of Pop

He meant everything to me

First my heart stopped

And my insides began to freeze.

Then that's when the tears came

I never cried so hard in my life

I decided right then and there

That I truly wanted to die

Michael was with Grandma in Heaven

And that's what really made me cry.

I would never see my sweet grandmother again

Nor Michael Jackson, for that matter

Fuck my life.

I wouldn't live happily ever after.

Then Michael's funeral was on my birthday

Would've been my sweet 16

It wasn't sweet at all

The worst birthday I'd ever seen.

Then I found out something really bad

My fiancee didn't love me at all

He was just a pedophile

Trying to fuck with my soul.

So then I was really pissed

I was even scared inside.

Well, I thought myself,

At least I'm going to die.

But then I turned on "We Are The World"

And I read "A Child Called It"

Michael didn't like what I was doing to myself

Not one little bit.

I was the reason he couldn't Rest In Peace

Because I hurt myself all the time

Then I realized

Michael wanted me to Remember The Time.

When I used to watch his videos

And laugh instead of cry

He wanted me to be happy

Not be only 16 and die.

Michael Jackson, I love you forever

I'm so sorry for what I did

I know I shouldn't die yet

Because I'm just a kid.

A kid with problems

A kid with tears

A kid with emotions

A kid that has some fears.

I am a person

But before that, I am your greatest fan.

Michael Jackson, I'm sorry.

I'll never attempt suicide again.