Chapter Twenty Eight


By Ella Marie


Jennifer Hilson's boyfriend, Christopher of two years has recently died in a car accident, leaving her an unreasonable amount of money in her possession which she doesn't know what to do with. But first, before she can spend it, she needs to go down to Texas where he grew up, to claim it.

On arrival, she meets southern charmer, Jack, Christopher's older brother who is a single father of two and seems to have more of an agenda than just raising his two children as he begins to take an interest in Jennifer.

His rugged good looks and body woman lust for, she finds herself falling fast and hard despite her recent loss.

Trying desperately to push aside the feelings her heart is carrying, she decides to stay in Texas to take the vacation that she is long overdue for. But is that really the only reason she is staying?

Is Texas and the handsome new cowboy her new beginning?

"It really is beautiful." Jasper tells me.

"Thank you." I say sincerely.

"I'm proud of you, Bella."

I'm proud of me, too.

"Thank you, Edward." I gratefully say.

He probably can detect the double meaning in my words. I say thank you to him for many different reasons… for being my first love… for letting me go… for being so accepting…

"No… thank you, Bella." Emmett says excitedly. "I can't believe you gave us a shout out in your book."

"Don't mention it." I chuckle. "If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be here." I tell them all sincerely.

"Things really do start in Texas." Alice says.

"That they do." I say smiling into Jasper's eyes.

"I'm from Texas" Sadie says.

We all laugh and I kiss her cheek.

"I just feel… so complete now." I tell them.

"Nope…" Jasper draws out. "You still have one more thing to take care of."

"And what is that?" I ask, raising my eyebrow at him.

"You still have to tell your mom you have kids."

"Ah, crap."

The End.

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