Author's Note: My sincerest apologies for my Japanese. It is the product of one hectic summer's worth of lessons about 5 years ago, with sporadic study at home since then. 'Zannen' is Japanese for 'sorry.' Specifically, for the version of sorry that means 'I'm sorry about that' rather than an apology. It wouldn't be used for 'I'm sorry for what I did.' That would be Gomen nasai or sumimasen. ^_^ See! I know a little Japanese! *feels smart* Yay!

Zannen, watashi no Maeglin
Kedo, aishiteiru ja nai
Anata ga suki masen, mo
Naze watashi ni kimashita?
Anata wa chotto hen, ne?
Iie, anata wa hentai
Mata anata no omoi wa kuroi
Anata wa ai ga wakarimasen
Anata wa Maeglin ni tsuite omoishimate dake
Onegai shimasu
Ikimate, dake! Kudasai!

Sorry about this, my Maeglin
But I don't love you
I don't even like you
Why did you come to me?
You are a little strange, huh?
No, you're twisted
And your feelings are dark
You don't know love
You think only of Maeglin
I beg you
Just go! Please!