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Summary: Naruto lost in his fight against Pain and nearly died, but Kyuubi decided he wasn't ready to die and did something to change the world. Now Naruto finds himself back at the beginning of his adventures with all the knowledge he needs to right what once went wrong. This is a Naruto x Female Haku story. Credit were credit is due:

1) RauruSan – Story: A Second Chance

2) PsychkoSama – Story: Making Uzumaki

The basic premise for RauruSan's story and mine are the same, but the execution will be very different as I have no intention of…well, you'll see. It was PsychkoSama's story that made me really want to write a story with Naruto and a Female Haku. Though I'd always planned to do a story with this pairing I hadn't planned on doing it so soon.

In only a few short hours Akatsuki had nearly wiped Konoha out, worse yet was the fact that they had done so much damage and they weren't even all there! It was just the guy claiming to be the leader, who, oddly enough, seemed to be several different people! Needless to say, this all made for a very confusing fight for our resident blonde hero.

When Naruto arrived on the scene and saw the devastation wreaked upon his home he was angry, truly angry for one of the first times in his life, and if he were to look back on that moment he'd be the first to admit that he might have lost it. Unfortunately, he was sure there'd be no more looking back for him, not with the amount of blood he was losing anyway.

He was pretty sure he was dying and the worst part was that someone had just yelled out that she was in love with him. He had been shocked to hear those words from Hinata, but at least he finally understood why she'd spent so much time blushing whenever he'd been around. He smiled a little thinking of all the fun they might have had, but as his vision started blacking out on him he quickly turned his thoughts away from Hinata.

Baa-chan, I'm sorry, but it looks like I won't be able to take over your job…I sure hope Konoha survives this somehow. Sakura-chan, sorry about not getting the teme back. Kakashi-sensei…always late, I guess I was the one too late this time. Iruka-sensei, Teuchi-san, thanks for all the great ramen. Ayame-nee-chan, you just got back…I was looking forward to…some…new…recipes….

There were others Naruto wanted to spend his last moments thinking about, but he just didn't have the energy.

And so a Ninja Legend was snuffed out…or so Naruto expected, but the 'damn Fox' was screaming at him, so with a final effort he entered the sewer mindscape he was so familiar with.

Suddenly he felt rejuvenated and was about to go back to his body, thinking the 'possibly not worthless Fox' had healed him, but that thought was squelched by Kyuubi's roar, which shook the whole place. With that Naruto decided he could thank the fox before going back to the fight, so he rounded a corner and was face to enormous face with Kyuubi.

"You…FOOL!!" Kyuubi was enraged and it showed as he paced his cell occasionally muttering about how Kami must hate him for sticking him with such an idiot.

Naruto chose to ignore Kyuubi's temper tantrum and just said, "What's your problem? Look, thanks for fixing me up, but I don't have time for this, Konoha needs me! My precious people need me!" He turned to go, but Kyuubi's paw shot out and grabbed him by the waist.

Trying for calm – something the greatest of all the Bijuu had had little need for over the millennia – Kyuubi said, "You can't go back…BECAUSE YOU GOT US KILLED YOU LITTLE MORON!!!" So, calm wasn't working, obviously. Pacing and huffing, it was a few minutes before he remembered he was holding the gaki and when he did he felt some gratification that Naruto was looking decidedly ruffled from being carried around like a dog toy.

Kyuubi chuckled a bit as Naruto tried to straighten himself out and asked, "What do you mean we're dead?! If we were dead wouldn't we finally be free of each other?!"

"I had always hoped so, but apparently not."

After a few moments Naruto crossed his arms in front of his chest and said, "So if we're really dead what do we do now?" He was adjusting remarkably well to the idea of being dead, but the idea of eternity stuck with Kyuubi seemed like the deepest pit of hell and he couldn't figure out what he could ever have done to deserve such a fate.


The next hundred years seemed to fly by…okay, so the first twenty crawled at agonizing slowness as the two mostly spent the time insulting each other, but after that…. Actually, after the first 20 they didn't speak for the next 20, then, when they finally did Naruto had asked if Kyuubi knew any good games they could play. Somehow that question caused them both to spend the next five years telling each other jokes and laughing their asses off.

Around their 52nd year stuck together Kyuubi started calling Naruto 'Kit' and Kyuubi became Kyuu-chan. Naruto had been mad for a time after Kyuubi had revealed she was female, but he got over it and by their 59th year they finally got around to playing some Shogi and Go. Naruto was amused that a giant demon Fox knew human board games well enough for her to teach him, and when he had asked how she had learned to play such games she just said she was full of surprises.

For the next 30 years they enjoyed countless games and Kyuu-chan told Naruto a lot about her past, but the most interesting detail, the original attack on Konoha, was a blank to her. She'd let Naruto explore her memories, but he couldn't figure it out either. Still, he did find that she was keeping a secret from him, and when he confronted her about it they had their first argument in over 40 years.

It was sometime in the 99th year that Kyuu-chan started acting nervous, but Naruto chose to let it slide and it wasn't until their 100th year together that she cleared her throat and said, "Kit…there's a way, we might be able to get out of here."

Her hesitancy concerned Naruto, but in the last hundred years he'd calmed down a lot, so he waited for her to continue at her own pace. It took a while, but eventually he understood that she had the power to send them back to Konoha, but it would be sometime in the past and she wasn't sure when it would be. She was also worried that they might be separated, and after so long together the idea of being apart was scary for him too, but he said, "I think we should do it."

After a few months of talking about it Naruto won the argument by saying, "Kyuu-chan, do you think we could have been stuck like this so long because this is what we were meant to be doing?"

Thus, they spent the next few years planning all the things they would change and how they would need to prepare for the inevitable fight with Pain. They knew they'd need to be stronger when the time came, but changing the past also meant risking that things would go so different that all their knowledge could be made worthless. Beyond that was the simple unknown question of when they'd show up in the past, and what the unknown costs of using this power could be.

It was the 108th year when they decided that they couldn't wait any longer, as there was only so much you could prepare before you just had to jump out and go for it. Naruto smiled at Kyuubi and nodded and in a brilliant white light he found himself somewhere, and some-when, else.


Naruto woke up and looked around, my old apartment? He quickly gets up and rushes to the bathroom where he just stares into the mirror for minutes, before he faints away.


(Some unknown amount of time later)

Naruto wakes up again, this time from the bathroom floor, and as he stretches out some new kinks he slowly makes his way to the main room where he usually had a calendar up until Ojii-san had died.

Blinking and rubbing his eyes he takes a double take at the calendar, as he can't believe what he's seeing. Kyuu-chan! Am I seeing things or am I all the way back at the beginning!

No Kit. You're not seeing things. It looks like you're back at the day after you found out about me and dealt with Mizuki-baka.

That means that I can try to stop the teme from leaving us…and I can save…

Easy Kit. Don't forget that's still a good two months away, so you need to get stronger.

Stronger? I get that I won't be as physically strong as I am in the future, but I've learned all those jutsu and…

However, he was interrupted before he could continue, Kit, from what I can tell in here, you haven't learned any jutsu except the ones you had originally at this point.

But? All that work…how could I have lost that if it's my mind and spirit that were sent into the past?

I think this was the cost Kit. You're starting over, but you know all the things that will make training easier and you have more incentive to train this time, so you should be able to get stronger faster.

Thinking about it, Naruto decides that it won't be so bad having to relearn things, and Kyuu-chan is right, I do have some major advantages over my younger self, he thinks to himself.

He considers the situation he's in and asks Kyuubi, do you think I should tell Ojii-san about all this?

It's up to you, but remember this: there are always two sides to any coin. In this case, that is to say that he would be a powerful ally to help you fix things, but he could be an insurmountable barrier if you failed to convince him.

Naruto thought about this and decided that he wouldn't tell anyone about his situation unless he could be absolutely sure that he could convince them of the truth of it. That decided it was time to get on with the day.

Team placements weren't until the end of the week and it was only Tuesday now so the first thing he needed to do was get his chakra control up. He smiled as he thought about how far ahead of the teme he could get, but at the same time he was thinking that, maybe, if Sasuke became strong in the Leaf he wouldn't be so tempted to join Orochimaru.

Be very careful with that line of thought Kit. If you help Sasuke become strong he might not leave, but he might just as easily become an even greater risk. Remember, at this point he's obsessed with killing his brother, and it was only after he met up with Itachi again after all those years that he went to join Orochimaru.

Naruto scowled. This is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. I mean, we spent most of 8 YEARS discussing how to change things and what to change, but there are just so many ways things that could go wrong.

I know Kit, but you have me to bounce ideas off of, so don't hesitate to ask for advice…after all, I'm always here. They both laughed at that; it was true after all, Kyuu-chan wasn't going anywhere, and only needed to sleep when he did.

Anyway, I better get started…oh man, I'm gonna be falling on my ass a lot trying to learn tree climbing again!

Kyuubi just laughed at the whining tone and soon enough, Naruto's predictions would prove correct.


Naruto found an unused training ground and got started. Sure enough, he ended on his ass quite a few times, but while his trip through time had erased the ability to tree climb, he still knew how. So, after three hours of slowly working his way up the tree he finally made it to the top.

Ha! Last time that took days of working my ass off!

Kit, don't get arrogant, tree climbing is a basic skill that you used a lot in your old life.

Right, he only sounded a little dejected, but he had to admit that Kyuubi was right, arrogance never led anyone anywhere good.

Anyway Kit, I'd recommend you keep it up, you can only get better.

Naruto just nodded and started jogging up and down the tree, which he kept up for the next two hours, then he took a ramen brake. Five bowls later, he made his way back to his training ground, but found it being used so he spent an hour looking for another until he decided to try something else.

He grabbed some leaves and returned to his apartment where he started working on some simple balancing, and so went the rest of Tuesday.

Wednesday was balancing while tree climbing, which resulted in burnt up leaves and falling a lot as he got used to it


On Thursday Naruto asked Kyuubi, should I be training with kage bunshin? I could get my control up fast and I could start on more advanced training.

It's up to you Kit, but you don't want to draw attention to yourself…and, if you want my opinion, I'd say that learning with kage bunshin is an easy way out. It works great for tasks that are more complicated, but for basics I think you should do it yourself.

He thinks a bit and figures he'll go with Kyuubi's instinct on this matter and decides to try his luck water walking today. This naturally causes a lot of dips in a small pond at the training ground he found; still, a little water never killed anyone, and by the end of the day he felt he was getting close, even if he wasn't there yet.


The alarm was set to go off at 5am so that Naruto could try to get some last minute training in and to his surprise and delight he was standing on the water just fine. He had decided to go to the hot springs for training this morning since that was how 'Pervy Sage' had taught him and he had to admit that the threat of dropping into scalding hot water was a good motivator for learning.

When he went back to the changing room he found that his property had remained untouched and he dispelled the two kage bunshin he'd left on guard duty. As he assimilated the memories he found that the clones had had to scare away half a dozen patrons who had planned on dumping various things on his clothes. The clones had, of course, appropriated the property that the civilians had left behind in their fright at the two supposed ghosts of the bathhouse.

Naruto was still laughing lightly as he walked into his classroom for team assignments. He was still a little early and no one had seen him come in so he decided to test his fellow students a bit, and have a little fun at their expense. So he walked up the walls and lay down on the ceiling, which he found a great way to test his chakra control. Lying down had, at first been a little difficult because he had to adjust his chakra as he went. The feet might be the hardest single part of the body to focus chakra through, but it's nothing compared to this, he thought.

15 minutes later Sasuke showed up and took his usual seat on the second row side. Naruto had always thought it odd that the teme had chosen a seat where only one person could sit next to him, but where everyone could easily see him if they just turned their heads. He didn't think to look up, he just sat there looking out the window, playing the tragic little Uchiha, Naruto thought with some disgust.

Naturally, it wasn't long before the fan club arrived, all but Sakura and Ino that is. None of them looked up, but Naruto hadn't expected them to.

Next to arrive was Shikamaru and Choji. It was hard to tell if Shikamaru noticed as he quickly lay his head on his desk and seemed to fall asleep, while Choji just sat there stuffing his face. It's a good thing I fell in the hot spring so much; it seems to have eliminated the smell of breakfast from me. Not that Choji's sense of smell is all that great, but surely that delectable smell of ramen from me. Surely, if Choji smelled that his mouth would be watering and jealousy would have him looking around for the source of the scrumptious smell.

While Naruto had been thinking about his breakfast, which had been a homemade ramen recipe that Ayame had given him in the future, his own mouth had begun to water and one of the fan girls almost got dribbled on, but he caught it before it could give him away.

The future members of Team 8 all arrived within minutes of each other, Shino then Hinata and lastly Kiba with Akamaru. Shino, he was pretty sure had seen him, as he began pushing his glasses up every minute or so and casually looking over, and slightly up. Naruto couldn't really be sure about Shino though since he was always hard to read, even after we became friends in the future it was always hard to understand what was going on in his head.

Hinata's eyes never left the ground and Naruto could tell she was depressed, probably because she thinks I failed, he thought. Turning his thoughts to Kyuubi he asked, Kyuu-chan, what should I do about her?

Kit, if you think she can make you happy I'm all for it, but she liked you for years last time around and never did anything. She saw what you were going through and left you alone because she was too nervous to even talk to you most of the time. So ask yourself this: do I want to be with her? If the answer is yes you know I'll support you, and if you decide to just be friends I'll support you.

Naruto decided that it would take time to know for sure what he should do about Hinata's feelings, but for now he'd try to be a good friend for her. Maybe if I become her friend her feelings for me will change, but maybe that'll mean she can be happy this time around. He knew that in the future he came from she had been alone romantically and with his death he had finally understood why, but he just wasn't sure how he felt about her.

For now he decided to shelve the issue, and a good thing to because just at that moment Kiba walked in with Akamaru on his head. Kiba noticed nothing, but the little white dog immediately looked up and was about to inform Kiba of Naruto's presence when Naruto waived a doggy treat while holding a finger before his mouth. Akamaru got the hint and Kiba remained blissfully unaware of Naruto.

Next, and last to arrive, came Ino and Sakura, who had raced all the way to the Academy and both proclaimed their rights to the seat next to Sasuke upon arrival. They insulted each other a bit while exclaiming that since they were the first of the two to enter the classroom the seat was theirs. Naruto found the argument beneath him and almost chuckled when he realized the literal truth of that thought, but he caught himself in time.

Iruka came in and settled the matter quickly by having one of the boys more to the seat next to Sasuke and having the two girls who had been blocking the door sit on the opposite side of the room from Sasuke. Said teme smirked to himself, his most annoying fans would spend their last day in this class so far from him.

Naruto caught the smirk anyway and Kyuubi asked, Is he gay? I've always thought he must be.

Naruto failed to hold in a light chuckle, but fortunately it came at the same moment Iruka used the 'Big-Head jutsu' to quite the class down. No Kyuu-chan…at least I don't think he is.

Iruka stood at his podium and was looking around, about to begin when he noticed that Naruto was no where to be seen. So he looked around a bit and finally looked up and gaped. Before anyone could follow Iruka's gaze Naruto dropped to the ground, waived to the class, and said, "What's up?"

Surprisingly Shino responded almost immediately with, "Not you anymore," and Akamaru barked in agreement. This didn't go unnoticed by anyone in the class as almost everyone was thinking something along the line of; did Shino just make a joke? While everyone was gaping equally between Naruto and Shino, Naruto was hunched over laughing his ass off.

Sasuke was seething at the idea that he'd been sitting there all that time without the faintest clue that the 'dobe' was even in the room.

Eventually everyone composed themselves and Iruka cleared his throat before saying, "All right Naruto, you had your fun," and I really need to find out how he learned to do that. "Take your seat."

Kiba stood up and shouted, "What do you mean telling him to take his seat Iruka-sensei?! He failed!!"

Iruka just looked at Kiba a moment before pointing to Naruto's forehead, where his hitae-ate was. He then said, "Naruto passed a secondary test considerably harder than the one you all passed and is now in the same position as all of you." He let the cover story sink in before continuing.

"Now then, I just have a few last things to tell you before I give you your team assignments and send you on your way. First of all, let me say how proud I am of all of you. From this day forward you will be stepping into a larger world and though you may face dangers along the way I hope each and every one of you will do your village proud. I know some of you will decide not to go any further in your ninja carriers, but remember that it is the job of every graduate from this Academy to always try their best and remember…" from here Naruto sort of fell asleep.

Naruto woke up when Iruka said, "Team 7 will be Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki…"

But he was interrupted briefly as Sakura said, "I'm doomed," in a very dejected manner, while Ino was snickering at Sakura's misfortune.

"…and Sasuke Uchiha," Iruka concluded, Which caused another disturbance as Sakura shouted for joy and Ino tried to ask why Sakura got to be partnered with Sasuke. Iruka explained, "As the Rookie-of-the-Year, Sasuke was teamed with the kunoichi with the highest test grades, but worst practical scores, and the student with the worst overall scores. The thought is that the combination has the best chance of producing a strong team in the long run."

"But why hold Sasuke-kun back with the two worst in the class?" Ino asked.

Sasuke was thinking along the same lines, but when he looked up he had to admit there might be more to Naruto than meets the eye. Still, they're only going to slow me down and I need to become strong so I can kill Itachi!

Iruka mostly ignored Ino's question, just saying, "That's the way it is. Anyway, Team 7's sensei will be Kakashi Hatake. Team 8 will be Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, and Kiba Inuzuka, and your sensei will be Kurenai Yuhi. Team 9 is still in effect. Team 10 will be Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi, and your sensei will be Asuma Sarutobi." This last caused some stir. Everyone knew the Sarutobi name, as that was the Sandaime Hokage's name, but before any questions could flow Iruka used the 'Big-Head jutsu' to scream out, "QUIET!!"

He settled some papers and said, "You are to wait here for your sensei. They should arrive within the next few minutes. In the meantime, everyone should rearrange themselves so they're sitting with their new teammates," and with that he settled himself into his desk as the students settled into the new arrangement.

After a half an hour all of the sensei had come for their new charges except for Team 7, but Iruka knew Kakashi's ways and just left when the last of the other teams had left.

Eventually – about two and a half hours later – Kakashi showed up. The first thing Kakashi saw was that he was missing a student, but he quickly found him by following Sasuke's jealous gaze up to the ceiling, where a blonde haired kid in a bright orange jumpsuit was meditating. He noted the jealousy and something else he couldn't identify in the last loyal Uchiha, and he saw the kunoichi in the group was staring worshipfully at the black haired boy, but it was the enigma on the ceiling that kept drawing his uncovered eye's attention.

He kept his face impassive even as he wondered who could have taught the boy such advanced chakra control. Before he'd been thinking that the Uchiha would be the only one worth teaching of his group, but now he wasn't so sure. Just then the boy on the ceiling dropped down and landed lithely before smiling at Kakashi and saying, "Yo! You must be our new sensei."

Before anyone else could say anything Kakashi said, "Meet me on the roof for our first team meeting and introductions," and he disappeared in a puff of smoke. On the roof, Kakashi was thinking, the boy's eyes had been closed and he was the first to notice me. Could he really be far enough along with his chakra control that he can feel others chakra signatures? And if so, can he identify one person based on that information? No genin should be this far along at this point, even I wasn't so far along! Of course, I was younger when I became a genin, but still.

Kakashi was still deep in thought when Team 7 arrived, but he quickly got it together and said, "Okay, this is your basic meet and greet, so I want you to tell me about yourselves. What you like, what you don't like, dreams for the future, hobbies, that kind of stuff," and he sat back and relaxed.

Sakura looked confused, "Kakashi-sensei, maybe you could go first so we know what to do?" she asked, while trying to prevent her anger at the man for how long she'd been sitting around from showing on her face.

Kakashi pointed to himself like he wanted to confirm that she wanted him to go first. At her exasperated gesture he said, "Well my name is Kakashi Hatake, my likes are…well, I like a lot of things, my dislikes…I don't think I'll tell you that, as for dreams for the future and hobbies…well, I don't think I'll tell you those either. Now, moving along. How about you go first Pinky?"

"But you just told us your name!!" Sakura screeched.

Kakashi just nodded and gestured for her to begin. Sighing she did.

"Well, my name is Sakura Haruno. My likes are…" she turns to Sasuke and blushes a little, "my dislikes are anyone who gets in the way of my…" she turns to Sasuke and blushes a lot and says, "my dreams for the future are…" she turns to Sasuke and squeals happily.

Sighing Kakashi thinks, great, a fan girl. Well, they haven't passed my test yet, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll be like all the ones before them.

Meanwhile, he points to Sasuke and says, "Go ahead brooder."

Sasuke crosses his arms beneath his chin and says, "Sasuke Uchiha. I don't really like anything while I dislike many things, and I don't have a dream for the future, because my future will be what I make it. I'll restore my clan and kill a certain man."

Kakashi points at Naruto thinking, must mean he's intent on killing Itachi.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and my likes are ramen and training, my dislikes are how some people can't tell the difference between a sheath and a sword, here he exchanges a small nod with Kakashi. "As for the future, well, I'm going to be the GREATEST HOKAGE!!" As something of an afterthought he adds, "Oh yeah, and my hobbies are trying different kinds of ramen and training!"

Reviewing Kakashi thinks, a fan girl with minimal hope of ever being anything worthwhile, a brooder with a superiority complex and a death wish, and a kid who likes ramen too much and wants to be Hokage. Thinking about that last he comes to a startling conclusion and decides to rush things.

"Okay, meet me at Training Ground 7 at 8am tomorrow," and before anyone can say anything he once again vanishes in a puff of smoke, this time with a small piece of paper floating down to land at Naruto's feet.

He reads,

P.S. It's a survival exercise unlike anything the Academy would have put you through so word to the wise: don't eat anything beforehand, as you'll just puke.

"That's all it says," and Naruto hands the note off to Sasuke who re-reads it anyway. "Well, see you guys tomorrow," he says cheerfully, and walks over the edge of the roof. The other two get there in time to see him jump the last ten feet from the wall and walk off, but he quickly spins around and shouts out, "I'M STILL GONNA HAVE BREAKFAST AND I HOPE YOU TWO DO AS WELL!!" Then he turns a corner and is out of sight.

Back on the roof the other two are goggling after the departed blondes back, but eventually they both walk off down the stairs and head to their respective homes.


(Hokage's Office)

The Sandaime Hokage is busy with the dreaded paperwork that he had once been sure he'd never have to do again when he'd stepped down as Hokage. Honestly, I almost believe Minato chose to summon the Shinigami just to get out of doing paperwork.

It was then he heard shouting coming from the lower floors and the sounds of fighting going on were obvious. Thinking something was up he almost got up and into a fighting stance when a very polite knock came from his door. Deciding that very few assassins who could get this far into Konoha, much less this far into the Tower, were unlikely to knock, he lowered himself back into his chair and called, "Enter."

In walked Kakashi Hatake, sharingan eye exposed, and even with his face mask covering half his face it was clear he was agitated. Still, he bowed politely before rising and calmly asking, "Who was Naruto Uzumaki's father?"

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