The Fox and the Hound

Megan Pendleton
- a.k.a. Jedi Honor Bound Ninja –
- a.k. –

Story Summary:There are so many 'what ifs' in life. What if the fox had never attacked? What if someone, anyone, had seen the misery of a little boy left alone in this world and decided to change that?

Author Note: So when you get stuck on one story usually another one surfaces which of course got you stuck on the first one in the first place. And I'm pretty sure you all see where I'm going with this one. Damn plot bunnies and their ravenous nature. I will be finishing The Strength of the Wolf it's just the muse has decided to abandon me for a moment and one of my scraps decided to scream "Pick me!" :P So here this came. I'm at page 10 of SotW and I think the next chapter I produce will be that story.

Forgive me for letting it die for way longer than should be