Chris tiredly made his way into the locker room, thanking whatever was watching over him that he had the large room to himself. It was the one thing he liked about having a match towards the end of the show. His opponent; Matt Hardy, had disappeared immediately after the bell rang. It didn't bother him, one less headache to deal with. He had just stripped out of his trunks and slipped into one of the shower cubicles when the sudden sound of voices filled the area. With a sigh he turned the water on full blast and started to soap up; pushing out the stray, annoying thoughts about how much he had enjoyed have Matt under—and on top—of him.

"Matty, it's not healthy for you rely on those packets all the time."

"Come feed with us tonight Matthew."



Chris groaned and placed his head against the semi cool tiles. It never failed, whenever Chris wanted to be alone or needed to be alone he wasn't able to do so. The trio continued to argue, and Chris found himself listening intently when Matt talked; his voice honey like as he answered and refused the various pleadings that were sent his way. One thing Chris noticed was that the more aggravated Matt seemed to get, the deeper his accent went.


"Jeff, Ah said no. Ah'm not going out tonight."

"Someone's testy Jeffrey. I think he needs to be reminded of what feeding does to a person."

"I think you're right Addy. Didn't you say that Glen and Mike were hunting right now?"

"Yes, and Glen always brings back the best."

"Remember the little red-head and her friend he brought back that one time." Jeff said; his voice lilting happily at the memory. "I don't think I've ever heard such sweeter pleading in my life."

The conversation peaked Chris's interest and he pulled the curtain back that shielded him from view. Matt was sitting on one of benches; his chest and feet bare and his hair spilling around his shoulders. Adam was leaning against the lockers dressed all in black; right down to the long patchwork leather coat he wore to the ring. Jeff was standing close to Matt, bouncing on the balls of his feet and looking like a hyperactive four year old. They made an interesting tableau and Chris found that he couldn't take his eyes away from them—away from Matt. He seemed so out of place sitting there, his eyes turned down towards the floor as Adam and Jeff continued to badger him.

"We may not have to wait for Glen and Michael." Adam said as he raised his head and stared directly at Chris. "Seems as if we've had a little snoop here the entire time."

Both brothers lifted their heads and Chris felt his legs turn to water as Matt's eyes locked with his. Adam moved over and yanked him from the cubicle, pushing him to the floor roughly. Chris gasped incredulously and tried to get back to his feet, but Adam put his foot in the middle of Chris's back and shoved him back to the floor; holding him there as he laughed. Chris wriggled, his nerves spinning out of control as he felt hands ghosting over his skin; slipping down over the curve of his ass and dipping between his legs. Chris tried even harder to get away, yelping when he felt teeth sink into his shoulder blade. He knew that it wasn't Matt doing it; Chris was staring at his feet. And it wasn't Adam; his foot was still planted in the middle of his back. That only left Jeff, and when a couple of dark purple locks dangled in his line of vision it confirmed Chris's guess.

"Son of a bitch." He howled as he tried to flip over.

"Such language." Adam chuckled. "Open him Jeffrey."

Chris arched up as much as he was able to when he felt nails raking down his back, digging large runnels from his shoulders to his waist. With a hoarse scream Chris snapped his eyes upwards, pleading with Matt to somehow put a stop to this. The dark Hardy's eyes seemed to be glazed and his tongue darted out to lick at his full bottom lip. Despite the pain radiating from his back Chris found himself enthralled with the changing play of emotions on Matt's face. He was so preoccupied with Matt that he didn't notice that Adam had removed his foot and moved over to the side.

"Come feed Matthew." Adam practically purred as he ran the back of his hand down Matt's cheek. "I know you can smell the sweetness, I can see it in your eyes Matthew."

"No. Ah told you that Ah'm not going to." Matt scooted away, dropping his eyes back to the floor.

"Matthew, I can see what it's doing to you." Adam moved over to stand directly in front Matt, tugging the dark haired man to his feet. "Better yet, I can feel what it's doing to you."

Chris whimpered as he watched Adam pull Matt close and seal their lips together. He felt Jeff dragging his tongue over his back and the feeling intensified until he was excruciatingly hard with his erection pressed painfully between the floor and his stomach. He heard a small mewl come from Matt and he moaned when he felt Jeff's fingers glide over his entrance. The sound broke Matt and Adam apart and Chris seen blood glistening on Adam's lips.

"He likes to be watched." Jeff murmured in Chris's ear, flicking his tongue out and bathing the shell.

"Clean him Jeffrey." Adam commanded as he moved to stand behind Matt.

Chris felt Jeff's tongue swiping across his back again and he fought to keep in the mewl that wanted to burst from his throat. Each stroke sent heat straight to his already aching cock; making it twitch painfully against the floor. To add to the torture Chris couldn't take his eyes off Matt and Adam. The latter whom was lazily stroking his hand up and down the obvious hard on in Matt's jeans. Suddenly the touch of Jeff's tongue stopped and Chris whined at the loss. Adam quit stroking Matt and beckoned Jeff over with a curl of his finger; his eyes smoldering as the rainbow haired vixen sashayed over.

Even though he was no longer being held down Chris couldn't move; it was as if he was rooted the floor, his eyes glued to the three beautiful men in front of him. Jeff stood in front of Matt, his hands lovingly moving hair from his face. To Chris's surprise Matt moaned and leaned into his brother's touch. Behind him Adam smirked, his eyes darting between the two in front of him and Chris. As if in slow motion Jeff bent his head towards Matt and Chris groaned as their lips touched.

"Feed him Jeffrey." Adam demanded; his voice husky and his eyes locked with Chris'.

Jeff's hands cupped Matt's face and held him still while he passed his mouthful of Chris' blood to him. Matt tried to move his head to keep from getting the liquid in his mouth, but Jeff expertly worked his tongue and lips; forcing Matt to swallow most of it. Even with twin bright, ruby red streams sluggishly moving down his chin Chris found himself wanting to run his hands over the elder Hardy. Before he could even think to stop himself, Chris whimpered; his hand moving between his body and the floor to shakily touch himself. The sound brought both Matt and Jeff's gaze to him and Chris felt his face flush as Jeff laughed sensually.

"Looks like someone likes what he sees." He said in a sing song voice.

"So it would seem Jeffrey. Why don't we see if he likes the way he tastes." Adam quirked and eyebrow and focused his gaze on Chris. "C'mere and clean him." He said gruffly.

Like a dog being called to its master Chris scrambled to his feet and all but dashed over; trembling as he stood in front of Matt. Blood dripped down on Matt's chest; small deep red splotches glistening in the lighting of the room. Chris felt a hand on the back of his neck and licked his lips as his face was pushed towards Matt's chest. Hesitantly he flicked his tongue out and cleaned away one sparkling drop. He had expected the normal coppery taste that he'd come to associate with blood. Instead a sweet taste exploded on his tongue and he eagerly lapped at the other spatters. He heard Adam and Jeff talking but their words didn't register, all that mattered was getting all the blood. Once Matt's chest was cleaned Chris raised his head and stared hungrily at the streams on either side of Matt's lips.

"Go ahead Chris." Jeff whispered in his ear.

Chris barely turned his head so that he could look at Jeff and caught his reflection in one of the mirrors. His eyes were wild and his lips were painted a deep scarlet red while his cock visibly twitched with each beat of his heart. He tore his eyes away from the mirror and looked back at Matt, licking his lips he leaned in. Chris heard an indrawn breath but ignored it as his tongue bathed Matt's chin and lips; licking away all traces of his blood. Matt's sudden movement caught Chris off guard and he found himself pushed against the lockers as Matt's tongue forced its way into his mouth. Chris could do nothing but whimper as Matt plundered his mouth; his fingers leaving long scratches on Chris's chest.

"That's it Matthew……give over to the lust."

Adam's voice broke through the haze and Chris jerked when Matt went to his knees and lapped at the freely bleeding scratches that he had made. Somehow Jeff managed to squeeze between Chris and the lockers and drug his fangs over Chris's throat; splitting the skin as easily as a hot knife through butter. The stereo sensation of Matt and Jeff's tongues had Chris crying out as he released onto Matt's chest. He heard laughing and trembled in embarrassment; he hadn't even been touched and yet his orgasm had been one of—if not THE—most powerful one he'd ever had. Chris's breathing was labored as Matt got back to his feet and pulled Chris away from Jeff; snarling when Jeff tried to follow. With a smirk Jeff moved back over to Adam, sitting at his feet and cocking his head to the side when Matt straddled the bench and pulled Chris down into his lap.

Vaguely Chris could feel that he was still bleeding from the cut on his throat and as his eyes lolled around he felt Matt's tongue dancing over the wound. A whimper escaped him and he leaned back against Matt's strong chest; to drained to do anything else at that moment. He cried out moment later when Matt buried his hardened length in him to the hilt without any preparation at all. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he reached behind his head, anchoring his hands in Matt's hair as he brutally thrust up into him. Matt kept his lips clamped on the now flowing wound, lapping at Chris' life blood as it poured from him. Chris felt his cock twitch back to life and he whined loudly as he started to thrust himself back against Matt; forcing Matt harder and deeper into his body.

Chris's mind started to haze over as he felt two more tongues on his body; lapping the scratches that Matt had left behind and biting down to create new blood sources. He screamed as Matt hammered in to him; his second orgasm ripping through him and rendering him unconscious as Matt filled his body.