Mike poured over his books late into the night, the glow of a single flickering candle illuminating the ancient pages and making the calligraphied words blur and writhe as if they had held a life force of their own. He sighed and leaned back from the table; taking his glasses off and rubbing at his eyes as he stared at the ceiling. He could feel that there was something more at work than what the books were telling him and that knowledge didn't sit right with him. After a couple of minutes he looked back down and went to close the fragile leather cover; deeming himself done for the night. However when he eyes fell upon the faded symbols of the long dead Vampyre language, the elegant ink lines wriggled and slithered across the page contorting until the original words were no longer recognizable. What the newly formed text revealed made Mike shiver.

The Destroyer gave birth to the Savior. He will feast upon the blood of his brethren until none are left. Wyngs of night cast shadows deep and impenetrable as dreams and fears mix to become a reality. Out of confusion and the ashes of death comes a new breed of Vampyre that shall arise, stronger even than those that have come before it. Through death comes life, and from life springs the immortal. Salvation awaits in the mists to enfold and aid the children on their quest to eliminate that which has long been thought dead.

Mike scrambled for a pen and scrawled the words on the back of a match card; his hand trembling uncontrollably. More words were forming as the first faded, leaving not so much as an ink stroke to announce their presence. Mike watched with baited breath; sweat popping out on his brow as the first word became visible.

Death stalks those as bright as the sun

"Mike! I think I figured something out." Glen called as he sat up straight in bed.

The words shimmered and then were gone, only the original looping gracefully across the page. Mike pawed at the book; his eyes wide but the living, wriggling words were gone. With a cry he picked the worn leather tome up and threw it against the wall. The candle flickered from the breeze of the passing book, illuminating Mike's face with eerie light that glittered off his fangs and reflected in his dark amber eyes. Glen either didn't notice or chose to ignore the outburst as he dropped down, his eyes sleep crusted as he yawned.

"I think I figured out why Jeff was having problems with talking to us. At least I think I did."


"Jeff reads fears right?"

"Yea." Mike nodded, his eyes drooping as sleep started to set in.

"Well as fear gets stronger it overwhelms all the senses. Jeff can read strong fear better than just a passing twinge. I think his own fear crowded the receptors in his brain; cutting him off from everyone and when he couldn't reach us it increased."

Mike thought it over, stroking his beard as he tried to find some hole in Glen's reasoning. It appeared to be sound.

"So Jeff's gift is his ultimate weakness?"

Glen nodded; stretching and yawning as he ran his short nails over the back of his neck. Mike settled back against his chair and thought it over. It made sense in a way; fear has a way of blotting out most everything when it sank its fangs in. And with Jeff being able to read fear, that just added to the mixed up messages that his own crippling terror were sending through his body.

"What about the blood Glen? That isn't normal." Out of confusion and the ashes of death comes a new breed of Vampyre that shall arise, stronger even than those that have come before it. The refrain from the reworded book sounded in Mikes' mind and he tilted his head as he started at the nodding off bald man across from him. "What if? What if they're now a new type of Vampire Glen?"

"Impossible. There is no way to change, it's more than likely just the meeting and mingling of the vamp gene."

"Has your blood ever changed after accidentally biting another vampire?"

"No, but then I've never made that mistake. There's this scent that hangs around our kind, so I know the minute I'm close enough to smell them."

"But what if it's not." Mike pressed; leaning up on the table on his elbows.

Glen waved his hand in a 'whatever' gesture and pushed away from the table, yawning widely again.

"Why don't we save this for a time where I'm not half asleep. Maybe then I'll actually remember everything you've just said and it's not like it's the end of the entire vampire race." Glen chortled as he headed back to his bed and proceeded to drop down face first.

"It just might be Glen. I just might be." Mike whispered as he cut his eyes back over to the ancient book's resting place; shivering when it looked like the writing on the front cover started to move and squirm.

He shook his head as he too got up from his chair and moved over to his unmade bed; casting one last look before laying down and covering his face with a pillow in the hopes of finally finding some peace in unconsciousness.

The Destroyer gave birth to the Savior...

That phrase played over and over again in his mind, making Mike sit straight up in bed; his eyes wide.

"The Destroyer gave birth to the Savior...Matt turned Chris...That means..." Mike blinked again and again; his mind whirling as the tried to make sense of it. "Nah, it couldn't be...not Matt. He wouldn't..."

Darkness stalks those as bright as the sun...

Sweat began to trickle down his body and he slipped back from the bed, tiptoeing over to the fallen book and staring down with wide eyes as if it were at anytime going to leap at him with fangs bared and ready to sink into his throat. He laughed nervously when nothing happened and knelt down; his hand shaky as it reached out, his fingers feeling warm the moment they touched the worn leather cover. Fear prickled his spine as he pulled the leather tome over to him, his breathing quickening and his heart thundering as turned the first page shakily.

Silently Chris kept watch over the three slumbering men; his wings unfurled and encasing them all lightly in a dome like circle. Matt rolled in his sleep and curled around Chris' knees; his wavy hair loose and covering part of his face as he snored softly. With a grin Chris reached down and brushed the silky tendrils away, his eyes softening when Matt whimpered and shifted again; this time his head coming to rest in Chris' lap as if he was seeking more of the gentle caresses. Behind him lay Jeff and Adam; their bodies intertwined intimately and hands clutching at clothing in their slumber as they were afraid of the other slipping off and disappearing.

A small mewl filled the air and Chris watched as Matt twitched; his eyes rolling rapidly under his nearly translucent eyelids. He reached his hand out and palmed away the hair; grinning slightly when Matt parted his lips, mewling softly. Chris felt the heat rising in his veins and he lightly trailed his fingertips down the satiny smooth skin, his eyes feasting on every deep breath and sighed writhe. He ghosted his fingers down over the thundering pulse and his grin became a lusty smile when Matt cried out, his body twitching madly; the convulsions drawing Chris' eyes down the trembling tanned skin to the prominent erection jutting away from his body.

"He's too responsive."

Chris brought his eyes away and looked up, catching Adam's green orbs and holding them unblinkingly.

"Seems he's not the only one."

Adam colored and shifted to hide his own excitement, his bottom lip a raw red color from his teeth scraping hard over the fullness to quell his own sighs and whimpers.

"I can't help it if I feel every damn thing you make him feel."

Chris smirked and slowly worked his hand over the throbbing shaft, his fingers curling around it and jerking slowly while his thumb swiped the head to catch the dripping pre-cream. Adam narrowed his eyes even though he whimpered and rolled his hips against Jeff; drawing a sleepy moan from his lover.

"Ho-how come Jeff's not reacting." Adam hissed as his hips moved at a steady pace; the swollen head slipping between Jeff's thighs and driving him closer and closer to his release. "He should just as primed and ready to go."

"I don't know, maybe you should as Glenn and Mike when you're not such a horny, slutty mess Adam..."

Adam glared once more before he closed his eyes and bit down on Jeff's shoulder; his body tensing as he spilled his molten seed between Jeff's legs; panting hard as he drifted back down from his gossamer high. He heard Matt cry out hoarsely and turned his head to avoid watching Matt tip over the edge; not wanting to see the blissful look on the handsome tanned visage as his coated Chris's hand. The soft sound of sucking filled the air and he couldn't help but glance over.

Matt was shuffled over onto his side with Chris' hardened length disappearing between his his plump lips at a quick pace as Chriss panted and growled; one hand clenched in Matt's coal colored curls and setting the setting the pace. Both their eyes were empty as their gazes locked and for some reason a prickle of fear worked its way down Adam's back. He didn't have much time to think about it; the rocking motions affected the dome of Chris' wings and when he reached his climax moments later they flexed open and back, as when he pumped his release into Matt's waiting mouth they exploded from the hard release that left Chris bent partially bent over as he gasped and drew in growled breaths. Sweat glistened on both their bodies; the silver lines trickling down their skin and winking in strange designs before being sucked away by the cool cotton of the bedsheets.

As one they collapsed against the mattress; both their eyes closed with Matt's face buried in the hollow of Chris' throat. Something was off but Adam couldn't put his finger on it; it was as if they were merely puppets working someone elses will yet completely unaware of the fact. Jeff shifted in his arms and he turned his attention back to his sleeping lover; caressing the colorful locks as his eyes drifted down sleepily; his breathing steady even though his mind spun in ever dizzying circles. Darkness crept in and with it the wavering face of a man he knew in years past but his name escaped him as his dreams finally drew him completely away.

The Destroyer, one of the many yet the most powerful of the few. His powers hold within them the ultimate demise of the Vampyre Children. Only as one can the Children defeat him; together they are strong, divided they are nothing but prey...

Mike swallowed and finally closed the book, his eyes wide as he ponder the words what they held. If the living book was right then the 'Destroyer' was among them now and plotting the death of them all. Shaking he crawled back in bed and closed his eyes; his mind working over time trying to put each little piece into place yet not managing even to put one and one together in the end as slumber sucked him away from the land of consciousness.