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First of all this is my first VM fanfic...so if I'm doing something wrong let me know.

Second a little set up.

-Lilly didn't die...she had the affair with Aaron but it hasn't come to light and they just ended it.

-Veronica isn't the bubble gum Veronica, she's the one from the series. And just as much of a bad ass...it just might take awhile for it to come out.

-Keith is still a PI just not for the same reasons...and Lianna did leave...but not for the same reasons... :)

-Last the breaks up prior to the series are still the same....Veronica and Duncun are over, she doesn't know why....and Logan and Lily are over but you will find out why below.

Oh i dont own Veronica Mars....but if I did that would totally rock...and LoVe would be timeless...hope you enjoy.

Veronica's POV

So another year at Neptune High, Veronica. Good news you're still apart of the '09ers, even if yu aren't rich. Bad news you're still apart of the '09ers. I know what all of you are thinking how could that be good and bad. Well first let me tell how I got to this supreme placing with no fame or fortune. You see that girl over there, the one with all the people's attention that's my best friend, Lilly Kane, even though we are year apart we are still closer than ever. And when Lilly is your best friend doors are just opened for you...literally. It might not of hurt that I also dated Duncun Kane, Lil's brother and Neptune's golden boy. However a year ago out of no where he dumped me, I still don't know why, one day we were together the next it was like I was invisible. But...I'm not sad just curious. You might be wondering why after two years I was totally fine with it...well you see that guy over there by Lilly and Duncun, yeah that would be why. Logan Echollos, movie star's son, King of Neptune High, Lilly's ex, Duncun's best friend, and the only guy who has had my heart (even if he is completely oblivious to it).

You see I have liked Logan since he first moved here when we were twelve. But when it was ok to start liking boys Lilly took a very strong interest in Logan, and one thing I've learned over the years about Lilly is that what Lilly wants, Lilly gets.I wasn't mad though...I mean how could I be when I never told her or anyone, for that matter how I felt. And then when I finally did come clean with my feelings she broke up with him. She told him it was just time, she told me he was way too jealous, but I know that she did it for me.

So ever since then she has gone out of her way to "hook" us up. And this is how we got to this every uncomfortable conversation right now. And why it is both a blessing and a curse to be the elite here at Neptune.

"So Veronica Mars any new boys you got your eye on for the new year?" Lilly asked, throwing me a pointed look I chose to ignore and that only I got.

"Well, Lily Kane, not that it is any of your buisness..."I say rolling my eyes at her attempt and kick her under the table."But yeah there maybe someone." I finish ignoring the angry/jealous look I get from Duncun. I mean it has been a year and he broke up with me.

"Really Ronnie do tell." Logan says as he slips into the seat next to me. Lilly says that the reason he always sits beside me is because he likes to be close to me. I know better, the reason he sits by me is to steal my food.

Logan's POV

O.K. Is it bad that the girl of my dreams is not only my ex's best friend, but also my best friends ex. I mean yeah it has been a year since any of us were together, still...I'm just plain screwed in the love department. Not only for the multiple labels that we both have but also there is no was that after dating the one and only Duncun Kane, the future president, that any girl will ever want to be with me. So when I walk up to our usual lunch table my heart both soars and falls at the same time. Veronica is saying that she has found someone new...which is good and bad. I mean thank god she is finally over Duncun, but now I have to sit around and listen to her go on about some guy. Please if you have a gun shoot me now. But I want to know who I'm up against, that's the only reason I can come up with for putting myself through the torture, when I ask her to talk about it.

"There's nothing to tell."V says giving Lilly a look, that I don't understand, but what can I say chicks. "There is no way the guy likes me like that, let's just drop and leave it alone." She says as she looks away from me to her food.

I have to say something, anything but Lily beats me to it."I wouldn't say that Ronica...I mean have you ever told him how you feel." She said giving her that look again."The two of you could just be perfect together."

Before Veronica can say something I step in. "Ronnie you know that anyone would be the luckiest guy in the world, if he got to be with you." Right after it leaves my mouth I regret it. Not because it's not true, but because of the look of complete shock I get from V, the look of giddiness from Lil, and the look of hatred I get from my best friend before he walks off to another table.

"Wow...Logan." Is all that manages to come out of Veronica.

I look away from her shyly, which is something that NEVER happens to me."What?" I figure made my grave might as well dig a little deeper, right? "I mean any guy would have to be stupid not to see the awsome person you are and how HOT!! you are in your old soccer uniform." I finish off with a smirk as I waggle my eyebrows at her, earning glares from Madison and her flying monkeys.

Veronica just stares at me and I can't help but notice the look what only comes to mind as love in her eyes as she looks at me. Which I know is crazy.

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