Remember that this is anti-Edward, and anti-Bella.

If you like them, you shouldn't be reading.

This also isn't my best work—just me needing to vent a smidge easily.


You know those vampires that everyone's talking about?

Yes, the stupid ones whose skin sparkles in the sunlight.

I am sadly talking about those posers.

Well we're one down now.

The moment I brought the position of one up to Dean while he was in a bad mood, he, Sam and I headed out.

He wasn't even hard to track.

But he did get in a few hits, which upset Dean immensely.

With one fast swing from Dean with the giant knife though, he beheaded him.

Edward was dead.

Now that is how you hunt vampires—you behead them.

But he left someone behind.

She was whining and crying.

She honestly pissed me off.

I understood love, I did—but honestly did she have to blubber like that?

I've always had anger management issues and sometimes violent mood swings.

I apologize for them mostly.

But taking Bella Swan out of this world did everyone a favor.

Then afterwards, Sam took Dean and me for some pie.

And it isn't a job well done until you get Dean to a motel and serve as his magic fingers.