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Bella was born centuries ago, way before Jasper and Carlisle. She is cursed; she has to help vampires control their thirst, once she is done helping them she falls back asleep until the next vampire unburies her. So Carlisle really want to help Jasper so he finds her and brings her to the house. She is so scared at first and doesn't speak English. Jasper hates that Alice and family don't believe he is strong enough so he does not like Bella at all. Will she tell them how to break her free from the curse but more importantly who will break the curse? Please review!

The smell of musty air made its way in my nostrils; I cringed involuntarily and looked around. The tight space that incased me was now letting in some light. Delicate voices echoed around me as the top of the crate was pried open. I shielded my eyes with my hands before the luminosity had the chance to blind me. Breathing in my first lungful of air, I clutched at my throat, realizing that the burning sensation had returned. They must've of realized why I was in such pain because instantly a cup was placed to my lips. I greedily gulped it down and anxiously awaited the next cup which was graciously placed to my lips again. When they started to speak I could only watch as their mouths moved because I could not understand their words. A pale hand came into my line of vision and I could tell that I was meant to take it.

Still confused, I placed my smaller hand into his. He pulled me up and I quickly adjusted to my full height. It wasn't until I focused my eyes on one of them, that I realized why I was here. He opened his mouth again and more of the strange language that I heard before escaped his lips. Did he not know that I could not understand? I shook my head, hoping that he would finally know that I did not know of their language. He sighed and ran his hair through his honey blonde hair then quickly disappeared from the room. The others stared and I only felt that it was right to look down and not directly at them…it was a sign of respect. The honey blonde haired one reappeared with an object in his hand. He opened it and flipped through it. Finally smiling in approval, he opened his mouth and began to speak. This time I knew of the language he spoke… it was my own.

"We are happy to be in your presence, I am Carlisle and this is my family." I looked up at him; I wasn't sure what to say. "Please do not be afraid, we're not going to hurt you."

I looked back down; not sure if I should trust what he was saying. I jumped back in alarm when I felt a pair of icy hands touch me. I stumbled and felt myself falling except I did not fall. When I turned my head to see what was going on, I came face to face with a pair of beautiful amber eyes. He looked like he was in terrible pain and I immediately knew that he was why I was here. He helped me up and walked back to a short female with black hair. She smiled at me and waved, was I meant to show her the same gratitude? Yes I was, I smiled weakly and looked back down. They spoke amongst themselves again, leaving me to wonder what they were saying.

"Please tell us your name." I jerked my head up at the request. They wanted to know my name? I bowed my head again; too shy to speak. "Would you feel better to know our names first?" Yes, I would make me less panicked. I nodded. "This is my wife Esme, my son Edward, my son Emmett and his wife Rosalie, my other son Jasper and his wife Alice" He pointed them all out and smiled, waiting for my response of course.

I cleared my throat and opened my mouth.

"I- I am Isabellina, but please call me Bella," I bowed my head and lifted it quickly to see their reactions. Carlisle seemed to be the only one who understood because he spoke in his own language now. The others nodded and the short one repeated my name smiling. She seemed genuinely happy that I was here; the others were hard to read.

"Welcome to our house Bella, we are really happy that you are here to help my son Jasper," Jasper, he must've been the one that caught me. I smiled and looked at Jasper; his arms were tight to his sides, his expression clenched.

"It is my calling to help Carlisle, thank you for awaking me." Was I truly happy that he had awakened me? No I wasn't because I rather sleep for eternity than to face disappointment again.

Carlisle smiled appreciatively and nodded his head in agreement. He seemed rather relieved with my answer, almost as if he expected rejection from me. Turning to the others; he spoke to them. Jasper, who I was looking at from beneath my shade of hair, looked in disagreement of my being here. He displayed no attempt to hide his disgust in me; instead he spoke in jagged rushed tones to the Carlisle and his wife. Surely he knew that my being here would only strengthen him and most likely his relationship with his wife. . I felt the urge to clear the air, to tell them of my life. Hopefully retelling my story would cause Jasper to feel less pressured and cornered. I cleared my throat and waited for their attention to turn onto me.

"I understand that it must be hard to admit that he needs help, maybe if I explain my story to him…it will help more?" I ended it with a question, not sure if I made any sense. Carlisle smiled and talked to the others again. Jasper's wife Alice smiled widely and nodded me ahead. I slowly sat down on the nearest couch and began.

Chapter 2

"My full name is Isabellina Swanehia, and I used to be the princess of my country." I paused and waited for Carlisle to translate. "I was loved by everyone and considered a great beauty, but now I am sure that our interpretation of beauty is nothing compared to yours. Every day in my palace was the same and there were barely any signs of trouble or anything of the sort. However one night, there was an up rise in the village that surrounded my palace. Fire engulfed most of the building and the cries of mother and child was easily heard. I remember my mother taking off her necklace and putting it around my neck, telling me to be brave. She locked me in my room and ran off to check up on our king… my father. I wasn't sure what was going on until I went to the window. There was a dark overcast engulfing the sky and the village below it. Scared, I ran back into my bed and covered my head, being brave was the last thing on my mind." I allowed Carlisle to translate while I looked down at my bare feet.

"The blanket that I had covered my head with was yanked away and I was pushed hard onto my bed. I couldn't see much, only that the thing that had forced me down had a pair of crimson red eyes. I screamed but the hand quickly covered my mouth. I do not wish to go into detail of what happened to me but only to say that I was made into what I am now. After that night my life changed. My mother and father did not want to hurt me even though I begged for it. Instead they helped me fight off my thirst for the human blood. But I was not like the other monsters that roamed the village at night; I had a gift…a gift to see the bond that holds a two together and also the gift to help those who cannot control their thirst. My blood is unique, or so that is what my mother used to tell me. As the knowledge of my gift became known, I was summoned to help the others in the town who were cursed like me. I would spend months with different people, staying at their houses with their families to help them with their control. Before my parents died I asked to be buried with them, only to be awaken when my help was truly needed. Now I am here to ameliorate your thirst for human blood Jasper." Carlisle spoke again to them and I waited patiently while staring at the floor. Their house was beautiful; it put my palace to shame.

"Thank you for telling us about your life Bella, we really are glad that you are here for Jasper."

"How did you find me?" Surely my body was hard to find.

"First I believed your story only to be a myth but after reading and searching I was able to locate your burial ground." Why was I angry that he had found me? I promised that I would live on to help… I just didn't think that it would be so soon, I smiled anyway.

After we talked for a while I felt it necessary to know how much control Jasper had. However I knew how embarrassing it could be for a person, so I asked Carlisle to be alone with Jasper. He quickly agreed and I was alone with him. He stood where he was; wearing the same expression as before. I wasn't afraid of him or of the injury he could cause me. I was undoubtedly stronger than he was and could withstand any of the hits that he could give me. Stepping in his direction, I tested his control. He shoved himself in the corner his hands balled into fists. Finally I was close enough to touch him. I leaned into him and brought my neck up to his mouth, letting his lips graze my jugular. He smelled surprisingly good, almost like a fragrant spice. He didn't move but struggled against me. I pulled away and lifted my brows at him. He was able to resist but I was sure that if I had stayed where I was, he would've attacked me. He stayed pushed against the wall with a pained expression. The last thing I wanted was for him to be in pain but I was determined to help him…so that maybe in return…they would help me.

I tucked my black hair behind my ear and motioned him to me. He didn't budge, instead pushed himself tighter into the wall. I stalked back to him and pointed to my neck then his lips. If he didn't do what I asked I would be forced to push him to his limits. He didn't seem to understand so I spoke.

"Come," He looked confused and I realized that we would not be able to communicate without Carlisle around.

I sighed and pulled his hand. He was strong but I was stronger; tugging harder I was able to pull him away from the wall. Jasper stood there with even more agony in his eyes. I knew that his throat was on fire but I also knew that he would have to suffer in order to move on. I advanced toward him again, raising his arms to wrap around my small waist. He looked at me quizzically and I nodded. It was an awkward position for him and I could feel his body stiffening. I reached up to wrap my arms around his neck. It happened fast then, as I was thrown against the wall. Immediately the others came into the room just as Jasper came running to me. I signaled for them to stop but they came to me anyway; checking my body for any scrapes or cuts. I was fine really; I knew that with our first close encounter Jasper would attack me.

"Are you alright?" I was partly frustrated with them interrupting us, Jasper needed to do this with me and me alone. I ignored Carlisle's outstretched hand and stood up on my own.

"Let him go," I told him sternly, I really was angry I didn't tolerate working like this.

Carlisle looked at me confused, did they want Jasper cured or not?

"Let him go I said," I said again more angrily.

"He will hurt you Bella, he needs a minute to cool off," He added gently. I shook my head violently and pushed my way through the others.

Jasper was being held by the big one, Emmett. He struggled against his hold; snapping his mouth at me when I approached. He growled furiously when I placed my hand to his cheek. He needed to be calm and I was the only one who could do it. He instantly relaxed under my touch and stopped writhing under his brother's hold. I looked to Emmett and he shrugged while slowly letting go of Jasper. Jasper stood there still a little irritated with me. I had a lot of work to do.

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