A/N: Final chapter! So I have to say, this ending was not what I had in mind when I first started this story. I had something else in mind but as the story unfolded it started changing and uh…this is what I eventually came up with. So I hope you enjoy!

Stevie screamed in pain as the whip once again came cracking down across his back. He was completely naked and chained by his wrists from the ceiling in the cold dark basement that served as his boss's torture chamber. He had angered Raven once again. He had supposed to have brought his boss a victim to play with but the bitch had escaped him and Raven had found out and was now punishing him for his failure yet again. It seemed like he got punished a lot these days. Everything he did was wrong and it earned him a lashing each time. At the rate this was going, the lacerations were never going to fully heal and he was going to have horrible scars all over his back for the rest of his life.

"Oh yes Richards, scream for me," Raven said sadistically, bringing the whip down once again across Stevie's back. "Come on, scream louder you fucking worthless bitch!"

Stevie let out another pained scream, doing his best to hold back the tears that were threatening to stream out of his eyes. Sometimes Raven liked it when he cried but other times he didn't. It sometimes made him very very angry and made the punishments that much worse. He could only cry if Raven said he could. That was it.

"I don't fucking know why I put up with you Richards," Raven growled, throwing the whip down which should have been a relief but it wasn't. That just meant he was going to get something that was even worse than the whip. "All you do is fail me. I should really just do the world a favor and put you out of your misery."

"Boss p-please…" Stevie gasped as he felt the blade of Raven's knife go up against his neck. This was it. This was really it. He had screwed up one too many times and now he was going to die. All he could hope was that it would be quick and wouldn't hurt too much.

Before Raven could do the deed though, there was a loud bang that signified the door being kicked open. Raven and Stevie both looked back and saw James Lawson and Mark Calaway making their way down the stairs. Stevie gulped nervously, happy they were there to interrupt but also scared because he knew that it could easily go to an even worse situation for him. He only knew Mark and James because Raven did some dealings with him and he knew that as much as he was scared of his boss, he was even more scared of them. James was completely psychotic and Mark was just a cold, ruthless killer. Raven was a sick and sadistic man but if even half of the rumors about Mark and James's exploits were true then they put him to serious shame.

"What are you doing here?" Raven asks them unhappily. He absolutely hated being interrupted. It made him lose the control he always had to have. Control equaled power and power was the thing Raven loved the most. Control and fear were his main weapons that he employed and he always used them very effectively.

"You know why we're here Levy," Mark snapped back. He didn't even give Stevie so much as a second glance. He was all business tonight and was not about to be bullied by Raven for a second.


"YOU ripped us off Scotty," James said, cutting Raven off at the pass. He was rubbing his hands together gleefully and bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, which was never a good sign. James only possessed glee of the maniacal sort and that spelled all kinds of bad news for people on the wrong side of it. "Did you think we would just forget? Or forgive us? I'm ashamed of you. I thought you knew better than that."

A look of panic flashed across Raven's face. That was scary because Stevie had never seen that from him before. "Look," Raven said, putting his hands up in order to try to calm the two larger men down "I told you you guys would get the money. I just need more-"

"More what?" Mark growled. "More time? Yeah, we heard you the first time you said that. But that didn't mean we granted you the extra time, now did it boy?"

Raven's expression hardened and Stevie whimpered. Boy was what Raven's father had called him and he absolutely loathed his father. "Don't call me boy you fucking son of a bitch."

Mark didn't even react to the insult while James smirked and stepped right up to Raven in order to start taunting him. "Boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy-"

Raven lost his temper and went to take a swing, which was a mistake. James not only easily blocked it but he sent Raven crashing down to the floor with a hard head butt. "It's rude to hit your guests you know," James scolded. He reached down and ripped Raven back up by his hair. "Especially when you've already insulted them in the first place." He looked back at Mark and grinned. "I think we should teach him some manners Marky."

Mark smirked so coldly that it sent a chill straight to Stevie's heart. "I think you're right James. I think we should.

Jeff tapped his foot impatiently as Stevie drove along on the dark back roads that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. The good "doctor" wasn't driving fast enough for his taste. He wanted to get to Adam now but he wasn't there yet and that angered him greatly. But that was what he got for allowing Stevie to drive. The man was a huge fucking putz. Once upon a time he had worked for some guy named Raven, who James and Mark killed after he ripped them off of money he owed them. For some reason they let Richards live and kept him around as an errand boy if they felt like they needed him. They never used him that much because he was pretty worthless; the whole reason they really hadn't killed him was because it would be a mercy and they did not like that word. Jeff didn't particularly care what they liked though. He was glad that they got someone to break him out but what good was getting freed if it was just going to hinder his efforts to getting to Adam? That seemed stupid to him. "Drive faster," he ordered impatiently.

Stevie winced slightly. He was terrified of Jeff because his mood swings were so fucking unpredictable. "Jeff I can barely see the road. If I go too much faster and we hit a pothole-"

"I don't care," Jeff snapped. "Drive faster." The faster they drove, the sooner they would get to Adam and then he could finally be fully happy again.

Stevie looked like he wanted to protest but he didn't dare risk it. Instead he put a tad bit more pressure on the gas, which only made them go a tiny bit faster. "I know where Adam lives," he said, hoping to distract Jeff from his driving. "It took me awhile but I got it."

"Oh you do, do you?" Jeff was amazed that Stevie had managed to do something useful for once.

Stevie nodded. He was always so eager to please. He was like a puppy begging for attention. "I wrote it down. The paper is in the glove box."

Jeff immediately opened up that glove box and grinned as he saw that piece of paper right where it was supposed to be. He reached out and grabbed it, holding it reverently because this was his holy grail. This was going to lead to his salvation. Sure there had been bumps in the road and things hadn't gone as smoothly as he wanted them to but it was all going to be okay. He was free again and after he read the words on the paper he knew exactly where his Addy was going to be. They were going to be reunited very soon-he just had to ditch the dead weight first.

"I have to pee," he announced, crossing his legs and bouncing up and down anxiously to prove his point.

"Okay," Stevie said, pulling over to the side of the road without another question. Jeff waited until the car came to a complete stop before grabbing the knife that was sitting in the glove box and driving it directly into Stevie's jugular. The older man's eyes widened but he couldn't scream. He just made a few gurgling noises before bleeding to death right there in the driver's seat. Jeff watched him die before yanking the knife back out and unbuckling Stevie's seatbelt so he could open the driver's side door and shove him out. Giggling madly at the mess he made, he shut the door again and drove off, just leaving the body there because he didn't care enough to go and properly hide it. "On the road again…oh baby I'm on the road again…"

Adam sighed as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. He was finally getting out of the hospital today. Jay and Randy weren't because they weren't ready yet but it was determined that he could do the rest of his healing from the comfort of his own home. He felt no real happiness at that news though. Sure it would be nice to get out of this fucking hospital but going home? What was home anyway? It didn't even seem familiar to him now. Home wasn't going to have Jeff. He wished that it did but he was sure that it didn't. It was just going to be him and his mom and that wasn't going to be enough. She couldn't make him forget about Jeff. Nobody could.

"Adam? Sweetheart? Do you want to go see Jay and Randy again before we go?" she asked as she stared at him worriedly. She knew that something was really really wrong with him but she couldn't get him to open up to her at all. This worried her immensely because he always used to be an open book to her. The trauma he had suffered had obviously made him suffer some kind of breakdown and she was already in the process of getting him hooked up with the best therapist that she could possibly afford. He needed help so badly that it made her just want to cry because he was so bad off.

Adam nodded along, not necessarily because that was what he wanted to do but because he knew that was what they wanted him to do. He grabbed his crutches and followed Judy across the hall to Jay and Randy's room. "Mom?" he said quietly, speaking for the first time in quite a few hours.

"Yeah?" she said, happy to just hear his voice. The quietness unnerved her because Adam had never been a quiet boy unless something was horribly wrong.

"Can I…can I see them alone?" He had to talk to them about something that he couldn't discuss in front of her. She would get upset and then he wouldn't be able to talk about it.

She nodded and opened the door for him so he could go in and then closed it behind him. Randy was asleep and didn't stir at all at his entrance but Jay perked up a bit when he saw him. "Hey," he said with a small smile.

"Hey," Adam said uneasily. He made his way over to the chair by Jay's bed and carefully sat down in it.

"So…you're going home today." That was a statement, not a question.

Adam nodded, fidgeting and wringing his hands together because just sitting still was too much for him.

Jay frowned. "Is something the matter?" That felt like such a stupid question because the answer was so obvious. There was something very very wrong with Adam. It was obvious to absolutely everyone who laid eyes on him. Someone just had to get through to him and get him to let out whatever it was that was on his mind and he thought that he could be that person. He was not only Adam's best friend but he was one of the ones who had gone through that hell right alongside with him. If anyone could get into Adam's head and help him right now it was him. At least that's what he thought.

Adam nodded and grabbed on to Jay's hand because he had to touch something. "Do you…" He stopped because he was almost afraid of the answer. "Do you…"

"Do I what?" Jay prompted gently.

Adam took a deep breath and decided to just blurt it out and get it over with. "Do you think Jeff's okay?"

Someone could have come along right then and cracked Jay across the head with a baseball bat and he wouldn't have reacted at all because that was how stunned he was. At first he almost laughed because he didn't think that Adam was serious at all. That question had to be a joke. It had to be. Unfortunately though, it wasn't a joke. He could see that clearly in Adam's eyes. "What?" he finally managed to say in complete disbelief.

Adam did his best to swallow the lump in his throat and asked the question again. "Do you think Jeff is alright?"

Shit. Jay hadn't been hearing things. "Why would I care?" he blurted out. He really wanted to know the answer to that. Why would he even begin to care about the state of that psychopath? The only thing he wanted to hear about him or any of the other lunatics was that they were dead and rotting in hell where they deserved to be. That was it.

Adam blinked, taken aback by the viciousness in Jay's voice. "The bad people could be hurting him."

Jay blinked and shook his head. "Adam…what the…why are you even caring? I don't understand, why does it even matter? He fucking raped you and hurt you-"

"No he didn't," Adam denied.

"Yes he did! He and the rest of those sick fucks tortured us and they killed-"

"No no no, Jeff's different. He's different he's not like them." Adam was practically tripping over himself to prove to Jay how wrong he was about Jeff. Jeff wasn't bad like those other people. He was just misunderstood.

"How is he different?" Jay asked incredulously. He was honestly completely and totally confused. He had met Jeff for himself and the man was a certifiable loony.

"He loves me-"

"No!" Jay said vehemently. He didn't mean to sound quite that harsh but he could not let Adam think that for a second. "He don't love you, okay? He kidnapped you and raped you and-"

"He does love me!" Adam insisted, his eyes narrowing in anger at Jay's words. "He does! He told me so. You just weren't there-"

"Oh I bet he told you that," Jay muttered under his breath.

Adam blinked in surprise. "What?"

Jay took a deep breath to try to compose himself before speaking again. "Adam…you know that we're best friends and that I would never lie to you. And I have to tell you right now that Jeff said that shit to get you to do what he wanted. He never loved-"

"No," Adam quickly said. He placed his hands over his ears and shook his head stubbornly. "No no no no. He loves me. He loves me he does he told me so. You're just jealous because he don't love you like he loves me."

"…What?" That was all Jay could say to that. He couldn't even believe they were having this conversation. This was too fucked up to be real.

Adam didn't even respond to him this time. He just grabbed his crutches and got back up to his feet. "I gotta go."

"Adam wait," Jay said, hating that he couldn't really get out of bed to stop Adam from going. "Adam!" He groaned as Adam left the room without even looking back at him. "Shit…that's not good."

The next two days were very long ones for Adam. Home no longer felt like home. It felt like a prison and his mother was the warden. She hovered over him constantly, trying to take care of him while denying him of the one person he needed the most. It was driving him absolutely crazy. He needed Jeff. Why was that so hard to understand? He needed Jeff. He didn't know what to do without him now. He tried to tell her that but she got scared and make him talk to some asshole Dr. Striker. He wouldn't talk though. He didn't trust Striker. He knew he was going to tell him lies and he didn't want to hear them. He didn't want to hear them at all.

After dinner on the second night he went to bed extremely early so he could be alone and think about Jeff in peace. Jeff was the only thing that seemed to be on his mind anymore but when he was around other people they kept trying to feed him lies about him. His mother, the doctors, his friends, the TV…the lies were everywhere and it was extremely hard to ignore them. He was going to keep trying though. He had to, for Jeff's sake.

At some point he must have dosed off because he was jerked back into consciousness by the sound of his mother screaming. "Mom?" he said softly, his heart skipping a beat despite the fact that he was far from happy with her at this point in his life. "Mom?" There was a crash and another scream before all went silent. He stayed there frozen in his bed, not moving an inch as he heard footsteps getting closer and closer to his room. "Mom?"

The footsteps stopped and there was a very long moment of nothing. Then the door opened and Jeff stepped inside, making Adam gasp in shock.

"ADDY!" Jeff yelled happily. He practically launched himself across the room and jumped on to the bed with Adam so he could give him a bone crushing hug. "Addy Addy Addy! I missed you!" He began covering him as many kisses as he possibly could. "I came back for you Addy. I got away from the bad people and we're going to go away together and they'll never find us ever again."

Adam didn't say anything for a moment. He just kept touching Jeff to make sure he was really there and not a dream. When he determined that he was awake and Jeff was really there, he hugged him back as tightly as he could and rested his head against his shoulder. "They keep telling me lies-"

"They always lie baby," Jeff said softly. "But it's okay. I'm here now and we're going to go away. Far away."

"But my mom won't-"

"She went on a trip of her own," Jeff assured him. He was lying his ass off because he had attacked her and slit her throat from ear to ear but Adam didn't even pick up on it. "She said I could take you away with me. She wants me to take care of you."

Adam smiled and hugged Jeff even more tightly. That was great and all, but he still had one very important question. "You won't ever go away from me again right?" He had to make sure of that because he wouldn't be able to take it if he did.

Jeff immediately shook his head and gave Adam a reassuring kiss. "Never. It'll be death do us part baby. I promise."