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Sookie Stackhouse followed her friend Tara through the doors of Insatiable, "the hottest club Shreveport has to offer," at least according to her friend. She had to admit, it was pretty packed and the thumping of the Rob Zombie was an interesting change from the classic rock and country that was played at Merlotte's.

They made there way to the bar, past a statuesque blonde wearing a long leather skirt and matching black leather corset. She was beautiful, if not a little pale in Sookie's opinion, and her eyes seemed to be following their progress through the crowd.

"What do you want, Sook?" Tara's yelling snapped her attention from the blonde to the bartender impatiently waiting to take their order.

"Gin and tonic, please," She yelled to her friend, before turning back to look for the woman. She couldn't explain the disappointment she felt when she found her absent.

"Here ya go, Sookie," She turned back to take her drink. The heat from the swarms of bodies made her down half the drink and made her forget about the woman who had caught her attention.

"Let's dance," she shouted, placing her drink on the bar and pulling Tara toward the dance floor.

The bump and grind that they did drew a lot of attention from the male patrons, as well as a few of the female ones, but strangely no one approached them. Sookie was able to take her mind off her curse and her new worry that somehow she was attracted to tall, blonde women. Out on the dance floor, with her shields up and a very strong gin and tonic coursing through her system, she was able to forget everything life had thrown at her.

"I'm gonna go get us drinks," Tara said in her ear. "Want to come with?"

Sookie shook her head, she was having too much fun and the music felt like it was pumping through her body. She saw Tara disappear into the crowd before closing her eyes and just feeling the music. She spun around, gyrating her hips, arms up over her head and opened her eyes. She almost stopped when she caught the blonde watching her from across the room. The woman was standing with her hand resting on the shoulder of someone Sookie couldn't see. She had a smirk on her face that probably should have given Sookie the chills, but it didn't.

She didn't know what came over her, but for some reason she started dancing harder, swinging her hips more and running her hands up and down her body. Her mind was going crazy with trying to figure out why she was acting this way. and towards a woman. Sookie may not of ever had a boyfriend before, but she had always known that she was attracted to men. But here she was, in a strange club in Shreveport, dancing her sexiest for a pale, blonde woman.

The woman's smirk grew and she leaned down to whoever was next to her, Sookie strained her neck to see, but she didn't have to. The crowd parted in that moment, revealing a man...no a god. He had long blond hair, like the woman, but his eyes are what really made Sookie's breath catch in her throat. Even from this distance, she could see the blue of them, hell they were practically glowing.

Sookie shook her head. It was then that she noticed that she had been moving steadily closer to the blond couple. Before she knew it she was right in front of them. She kept her eyes on the man's until he spoke, only he didn't speak to her, he addressed the woman standing next to him.

"Thank you, Pam," He said, his eyes never leaving her. "That will be all."

"Yes, Eric," The woman, Pam, said and then she was gone. Sookie broke eye contact with the man and watched as the woman maneuvered through the crowd without any trouble at all. It was as though she was parting the Red Sea.

"If she is more to your taste I can call her back," The man spoke in her ear, snapping her attention back to him. She was shocked when she had to tilt her head up to look at him. He really was a god. He was well over six feet tall and his features reminded Sookie of some of the covers of the romance novels she liked to read. Particularly the ones about Vikings, so that's what she dubbed him in her head.

When her brain caught up and she realized his words she blushed right to the roots of her hair. She shook her head and plastered her nervous, 'Crazy Sookie' smile on her face, before she spoke. "No, sir, I don't usually...um, she's not my type."

He laughed loudly, and she could feel it vibrating inside her. "That's the thing about Pamela, my lover, she is everyone's type."

His words, which she noticed he had spoken, not shouted to be heard shocked her back to herself. "Excuse me, but I am not your lover. I don't even know you."

"You could be," His voice was almost a whisper, but for some reason, she had no trouble hearing him. "If that is what you desire."

Sookie didn't know why but she felt something strong pulling her towards this tall, blond stranger. So caught up in the feeling, she could only dumbly reply.

"I don't even know your name."

"I am Eric," He said with a smirk. "What is yours'?"

"I'm Sookie, Sookie Stackhouse," she answered, distractedly. Her brain was trying to contain the giggles that wanted to erupt when he said his name. It just fit so well with her inner description of him. Eric the Viking, hmm. But then she remembered her manners. "Pleased to meet you, Eric."

"The pleasure is all mine," His words a little sharper on the word mine. Sookie saw that he was no longer looking at her, but over her head at something behind her.

She turned to see what had caught his attention. She fully prepared to find a beautiful woman, one that had taken his attention away. It wouldn't be the first time that had happened. However, what she saw confused her more than her recent attraction to Pam. There was a man a few feet away, his hair was dark and his skin looked extremely pale, almost like the color of chalk. He looked right at her and frowned before spinning on his heel and storming away.

"What was that about?" She said turning back to Eric.

"That was just William," Eric answered gazing into her eyes. "He is a bit of a drama queen, but nothing for you to worry about, my lover."

"There you go again," she huffed. She wanted to roll her eyes at him, but couldn't seem to break contact with his blue ones. She would swear that they were glowing.

"And again, I ask," He said looking deeper into her eyes. "Do you want to be?"

Everything inside of Sookie was telling her to call him on his forwardness, but she couldn't seem to stop her head from nodding. Maybe she was just tired of not having anyone interested in her. In Bon Temps, her hometown, she was kind of a pariah, the ones that she were interested in shunned her and the ones that had looked the other way from the town gossip were scared away by her brother Jason.

So when Eric held out his hand for hers, Sookie gave in. After all, how many 25 year old woman out there were virgins? If there were many, how many of them were virgins who could read minds? Probably none, right? So Sookie gave in to temptation, She took his hand, not even wondering why it was so much colder than her own, and allowed him to pull her towards the back of the club. Because really, how many virgin telepaths could say that they had been deflowered by a 'Viking' named Eric?