Author's note: I wrote this because I never understood why Megatron hated the autobots so much. Basically, I gave him a reason in this fic. I hope you enjoy my take on why Megatron acts the way he does. And just so you know, Cyberwave does appear in later stories.

I remember looking up

To look up to him

And I remember most the time

He wasn't there

I'd be waiting at the door

When he got home at night

He'd pass me by to go pass out in his chair

I can still remember what life was like back then, even though I was a youngling at the time. One night is particularly clear to me, so that is where I will start my tale. It was a long time ago, back when my father and I lived in out house on Cybertron. Back then, he was known as Megatron, Lord High Protector. He used to work with my uncle, Optimus Prime. They led Cybertron well together, at least, they did for a while. Before things changed between them, I had a wonderful life.

It was late when he came home. I had fallen asleep on our living room floor when he came in. I think he was surprised to find me in the middle of the path to his favorite chair. I blinked, suddenly sensing his love deep within my spark, closer to me than it had been before. I blinked open my sleepy optics to look up to him. He was smiling at me, in a loving way that I had rarely seen him show another. In fact, the only other I'd seen him give it to was my uncle Optimus.

"What are you doing down here?" My dad asked me, scooping me up into his arms. I always felt so safe in those arms, like nothing could harm me there.

"I tried to stay up for you daddy, but I guess I fell into recharge. I'm sorry." I replied, a little yawn escaping my mouth before I had time to close it. His smile widened.

"There is no reason to be sorry. Thank you for trying to stay up for me. Where is your sparkling sitter?" My father asked. I could feel his slight annoyance through the bond I shared with him. He was annoyed at Starscream, the mech he'd asked to watch me while he worked late.

"I dunno daddy." I answered, my optics drifting shut. I heard his light chuckle as I swiftly fell into recharge near the warmth of his spark.

And I'd say

Walk a little straighter Daddy

You're swaying side to side

Your footseps make me dizzy

And no matter how I try

I keep tripping and stumbling

If you'd look down her you'd see

Walk a little straighter Daddy

You're leading me

I've copied my father all my life. I was always watching him whenever he was around. He was my hero, and I loved him with all my spark. That's why I trusted him to teach me things. And he did, sometimes without meaning too. One time he came home to find I'd turned the thermostat down in our house when it grew to hot for me. When he asked me how I did it I'd said,

"I've seen you do it a bunch of times daddy, and I was feeling hot so I just copied what I saw you do." I was overjoyed when I saw that warm smile of his, and felt the pride he was feeling through our bond.

He stumbled in the gym

On Graduation Day

And I couldn't help but feel

So ashamed

And I wasn't surprised a bit

When he didn't stay

He stumbled out before they called my name

My dad sent me to a military school soon after the war between him and Uncle Optimus. He was afraid the war would last longer than he thought. He wanted me to be ready in case I had to be a part of the fighting, and even said I could be an autobot if that would make me truly happy. My father was like that for me, he'd let me do anything that I felt was right for me, even if it broke his spark. I wonder if he realized what he was asking me to do. I loved him. With all my spark. But I loved Uncle Optimus just as much. How was I supposed to choose between my family.

By graduation day, my mind hadn't been made up. Most kids made fun of me for it. Bumblebee didn't. Bumblebee was my best friend throughout my school years, even though he'd been raised by the autobots. He was the greatest friend I could have ever asked for. He was a gift from Primus himself for me, and I was eternally grateful.

My father had to leave in the middle of our graduation ceremony. My optics had flooded as I saw him leave, before they could even give me my diploma! Bumblebee managed to comfort me after the ceremony. Being the open hearted mech he was, he even invited me to the celebration the autobots were having for him. I went. The hostile glares I got from some of the autobots were worth it to not have to go home and be alone. I even got to spend a little time with my uncle. Something that hadn't happened for quite some time before that party. Bumblebee had even been nice enough to walk me home afterwards. I still don't think I can or ever will be able to thank him for the kindness he showed me that night.

And I thought

Walk a little straighter Daddy

You're swaying side to side

It's not just me that's watching

You've caught everybody's eye

And you're tripping and stumbling

And even though I've turned 18

Walk a little straighter Daddy

You're still leading me

Once I was home and 'Bee had gone I couldn't help but break down in tears. I was glad, terribly glad about what he had done. I was crying because I knew I could never return the favor, dad would never let me bring an autobot into the house. I was crying because I knew I could never be an autobot. I could never be the good sparked souls they were. I cried because I knew I'd have to be a decepticon because I couldn't do anything to hurt my father. And I cried because he could stand to hurt me.

My father never hit me. No he hurt me in other ways. He would say all sorts of nasty things about my Uncle. Calling him names, saying he did horrible things. Saying I shouldn't care for him because Optimus was evil for wanting to keep Cybertron the way it was. Than he would pull things like he did on Graduation day. He wasn't there for events that I deemed important in my life. Events that he should have been a part of. And than, I hurt myself. I hurt myself because I never spoke my true feelings. No, I let him get away with hurting me.

And so, I cried.

The old man's still like he always was

But I love him anyway

If I've learned one thing from him

It's my kids will never have to say

Even though the world around us changed considerably, he himself hadn't changed a bit by the day that I died. And yet, my love for him never faltered. When I finally joined the Decepticons, he'd given me that warm, proud smile of his. And I'd wanted to cry. I wanted to cry out of a pure self hate that my father could never understand.

He had me fight as a sniper. I killed off autobots from a safe distance in a hidden place. My father would not risk me, his precious daughter and heir to the Decepticon empire. He wouldn't let me get hurt. Because He was my father, and he still loved me as much as I loved him. Regardless of his actions, I knew it was true.

Still, as we charged into battle that day, there was anxiety in his spark. Probably because I insisted in being in the middle of the fray. I insisted on having my enemies watch as I killed them. He allowed me to come, and so he was worried. As the battle started I was tackled to the ground. I had a brief wrestling match with the mech before we both kicked away from each other. It wasn't until I was aiming my laser rifle at him, and He had his cannons aimed at me that we recognized one another.

"Bee!" I squealed when I recognized him. His facial armor had thrown me off at first. I was going to say more, and so was he. But than I saw someone sneaking up behind him. "Move!" I screamed at him, and he obeyed, darting to the side. Apparently, Ironhide had given the warning as well, and the decepticons had moved upon my instruction. So I was the only one to get hit as something slammed into my chest. My optics offlined, and I felt myself crash to the ground before everything went silent.

When I opened my optics once more I had the autobot medic, Ratchet, leaning over me. Bumblebee was on my left side, asking Ratchet about my condition, and if there was anything he could do. The gentle head shake told me what I needed to know. My audios were slow to recover, but I soon turned my head to the right. I saw my father with… Tears in his optics. I had never seen him cry my entire life.

"Cyberwave…" His voice was soft as he said my name. He was squeezing my hand tightly. I managed to smile briefly at him. It was forced.

"Daddy…" I panted, noticing it was getting harder to breathe, let alone speak, "Uncle… I-I'm scared. Pl-Please stop fighting, I-I'm scared of what will happen to Cybertron. A-and I'm af-fraid to die. I d-d-don't wan't to know that anyone else might have to feel this way." I begged. I wanted to say more, "I-I Love…" Was all I could managed before everything went black.

After I died, I stayed on Cybertron only long enough to hear my father swear that he would avenge me. That he would destroy ever single autobot. My plea for peace had gone un-heard, and he retreated with so much pain and hate in his spark that it hurt me through our bond. Only now, I couldn't make him feel anything.

I have been dead a long time now. I have met both my Father and my Uncle in the Well of the Allspark. I even met my mother, who died when she gave me life. My uncle and my father still continue their war on a planet called Earth. I still wait for peace. I still wait for my family to be re-untited. But I know my family will never be complete without all my friends. All the ones they care for as well. And so I know I must wait until all are one.