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"I can't believe your dad swindled me into helping you with your chores again." Becca clunked up the stairs to the attic behind Kim, carrying a broom, looking rather indignant.

"You're the one who agreed." Kim looked over her shoulder before opening the door and walking inside. "You didn't have to."

"Oh, please. You say that as if your dad really gave me a choice on the matter." Becca tossed the broom aside and kicked at a nearby cardboard box, losing her balance and falling over, dumping the box's contents onto the floorboards.

"Thanks. This place wasn't messy enough as is. We totally needed more to clean up." Kim glared down at Becca.

"Yeah, that's cool, I'm okay. Thanks for showing your concern." Becca pushed herself to her feet, brushed the dirt off her jeans, then examined her mess. "What is all this crap, anyway?"

"Keepsakes from my grandparents, most likely." Kim took a few steps back over to where Becca stood to pull a tan coat off of the pile. "Like this coat that hasn't been worn since dinosaurs roamed the Earth."

"Is that London Fog?!" Becca snatched the coat out of Kim's hands, threw it over her shoulders, and began to examine herself like a little girl trying on a dress.

"Alright, alright. Don't be so grabby." Kim tried to look angry, but found herself quickly distracted. "What's this doing up here? It's so pretty..."

"What is?" Becca looked back at Kim to see her picking up a gorgeous porcelain vase; Blue with purple veins, and what appeared to be gold filigree laid into it. "Ooooh... What's in it? Ashes?"

"I dunno." Kim peeked into the vase, then quickly thrust it in front of her, holding it at arm's length. "Oh. My. God. That's disgusting!"

"What? What?" Becca grabbed the vase and looked into it. Inside was a milky white goop, almost metallic-looking, that seemed to churn on its own. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. "Ewwwww... It's like robot cum..."

"Touch it!" Kim suggested eagerly.

"You're kidding, right?" Becca scoffed. "You touch it."

"I found it."

"I knocked it out of the box."

"You're holding it already."

"It's your house."

"Fine, don't touch it."

"I won't."

"Damnit! It worked for Bugs Bunny!" Kim looked around the attic & picked a piece of splintered wood off the floor. "We can use this."

The girls set the vase on the floor and both knelt beside it. Becca took the piece of wood from Kim and slowly lowered it into the vase. As soon as it made contact with the liquid, the liquid began to bubble, release steam, and absorb the color of the wood, turning from white to brown.

"What's going on?! What did you do?!" Kim yelled, causing Becca to drop the wood all the way in without thinking. A thick fog began pouring out of the vase, forcing the girls to scoot backwards to get away from it. They coughed as the fog rolled in front of their faces, and they noticed it getting thicker, and thicker until it was impossible to see through anymore, and before either of them really realized just what was going on, they both passed out on the floor.

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