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Takes place in season 3 of both shows, even though technically season 3 of Supernatural takes place in season 5 of NCIS. . . but we won't go there if you don't. No specific episode spoilers, but there are obviously spoilers up to and including season 3 of both shows.

Rated T: Light swearing, threats of bodily harm, comic injury, death . . . nothing major.

Laney Dawson smiled widely as she pulled out a couple of cold bottles of beer and nudged them across the counter at the two servicemen in front of her. The men smiled back and clinked the bottles together.

"Here's to the grand opening," said the first one, a tall blonde.

"We've already had four drinks and you're just toasting the opening now?" his friend asked, amused. He accepted the beer without complaint, though.

"Well, we had to wait for Laney to come round. Busy night, eh?" He winked at her as he threw back the bottle. His friend did the same, in a slightly less dramatic fashion.

"Opening night, Alex, it's to be expected," Laney replied.

"This place has been a long time coming," Alex said, clunking the bottle down on the counter with a satisfied sigh. "Ain't it, Benny?" he clapped his friend on the shoulder. Benny merely smiled.

"Well I'm glad you boys like it," Laney said, glancing around at the crowded room. The bar was packed. There were a lot of uniforms, men and women, and the occasional civilian. "I hope business keeps up like this," she added.

Alex grinned and half-leaned over the counter, "When there's such a hot bartender I don't see why they wouldn't keep coming."

Laney blushed a little despite herself. Beside Alex, Benny glowered and took another drink from his beer.

"Isn't your wife waiting for you at home?" he asked Alex pointedly.

"So's yours," Alex drawled, a little drunkenly. "I'm just having some fun, Ben. Besides, Laney and I go way back, don't we?"

Laney looked away. She had rather forgotten that Alex was married, and that their high school fling was long in the past. She smiled weakly at him, searching for a reply when another patron interrupted flagging her over from the end of the bar. "Duty calls," she commented lightly.

"Well, pop on over if you get another break," Alex told her as she turned to leave.

Benny let his empty bottle drop the the table with a light thud. "Come on," he said jerking his head towards the exit, "Let's take off."

"What?" Alex replied pulling his gaze away from Laney's retreating figure to look at his friend. "It's still early, we could have another round or two."

"Come on, Alex. We've barely been home a week and you want to spend all night at a bar? I don't know why I even let you convince me to come," he groused, dropping some money on the counter. "I'm out of here, you coming or not?"

"Nah," Alex replied after another sip on his nearly emptied beer, "I'll catch up with you later."

"Whatever," Benny muttered under his breath as he turned and made his way through the crowd to the door. Alex only grunted in response.

Alone, Alex finished off his drink. He glanced down the bar, searching out Laney, but she was busy with another customer, so he flagged the other bartender down for a refill. It was still relatively early and although a few of the drinkers seemed to have called it quits for the night the crowd had not thinned much. Alex dragged out his beer, but half an hour later it was clear that Laney was not going to be stopping by to chat again any time soon. Adding his own money to Benny's, he cleared off their tab and headed for the door himself.

Stumbling slightly Alex left the noises of the bar behind and made his way into the deserted parking lot. It was a cloudy night and pretty dark by now. Alex's car was parked in the back lot, away from the street and its lights. There were fewer cars here. He fumbled with his keys as he reached his vehicle, dropping them on to the grimy pavement once and having to bend over to pick them up again. He jerked the door open with a grunt and climbed in, swaying slightly.

While fiddling with the keys he hummed a little off-kilter country tune, the last song he'd heard before he left the bar. Or maybe it had been a few songs back, he could not quite remember. He turned the key in the ignition and the engine made a lame puttering sound before cutting out.

"Aw, come on," Alex grumbled. He turned the keys again, and the engine made the same struggling noising before petering off in a shaking wheeze. "You've got to be kidding me," he moaned hitting the dash. Just what he needed, for his car to crap out on him now.

Looking up he caught sight of something in the rear view mirror that made his eyes go wide. Then they narrowed in a frown of confusion. "What the hell—" he cut off with a gasp. His face reddened and contorted as he began choking. His arm made it just high enough to grasp the steering wheel and claw at his neck as he struggled to breath. He coughed and spluttered, making a desperate wheezing noise that was almost like the sound his car had made only a few moments earlier. His eyes bulged as his vision started to grey around the edges.

After a few minutes Alex Fisher's body slumped over motionless in the driver's seat.


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