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This story was an idea that me and some friends came up with. This story will have a chapter 2. We are trying to decide which way the story should go. Our first story. Of course I like Gin (different view of Gin). My friend likes Aizen. We are trying to decide which way chapter 2 should go. So far we have two ways the story should go. We will decide in a couple of days.

"Do we have to wait on him again?" Stark asked as he was leaning on his hand forward on the table looking very bored.

"Yes. He is a part of this as everyone else sitting at this table." Azien said he leaned back in his chair with head leaning on the hand.

Azien motioned for Ulquiorra to come to him. Ulquiorra walked very quietly over to him and leaned down to receive the request from his Lord.

"Go check on him and ask him if he plans on joining us this evening." Azien whispered in his ear. Ulquiorra bowed quickly and made his way down the hall. As he walked away, the sound of vomiting becomes louder and breathes become heavier. As he reaches the door, he pauses and knocks. He gets no answer, just the sound of vomiting and breathing. He knocks again but harder. The door comes open slightly. He opens the door and is a little shock at what he sees. Ichimura Gin is kneeling with head almost in the toilet vomiting. Ulquiorra kneels beside him and quietly speaks to him.

"Lord Azien wants to know if you will be joining him for the meeting."

Gin looks up at him. His hair is damp and sweats dripping off his face. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he changes position to sit on the floor with his back on the wall.

"Do I haveta be there? Can't dey just go 'head wid out me?" Gin said as he leaned his head back against the wall. Just as Ulquiorra was about to answer, Gin brought his hand up to his mouth and quickly resumed the position he was found him in when he entered. He stood there while Gin was continued to vomit. After a few minutes, Gin fell back in the sitting position and looked at Ulquiorra. He took a deep breath.

"Gimme a minute to get der. I'm a coming.", Gin said as he struggled to get off the floor. Ulquiorra did a quick bow and backed out of the room and closed the door.

Gin turned on the cold water and washed his face. He looked in the mirror and looked at the fading bruise on the side of his neck. He fixed his hair, tried to put on his best smile and gave himself one last look before going out the door.

Gin had just turned the corner to the meeting room when Aizen greeted him.

"Glad you could join us. Please sit so we could get started." Gin sat on the left side of the table next to Aizen and across from Tousen. Aizen reached out to touch Gin's hand but Gin jerked his hand away. He did not look him in the eye. He did not look anyone in the eye. He just looked down at the table. Everyone at the table noticed the motion. Aizen stared at Gin angrily as he begins talking of the plans for the Winter War. Aizen noticed that Gin was not interested in the meeting. Gin was nodding off and when the nausea would hit him, he would take deep breaths and swallow. As the meeting was coming to an end, Gin heard Aizen dismiss everyone except him. A chill shot up his spine.

When everyone left the room, Aizen stood and walked over to Gin. He reached down and grabbed Gin wrist and pulled him out of the chair and slammed him up against a wall. The force of his body slamming against the wall knocked the wind out of him. Before he began to slide down the wall, Aizen grabbed him by the neck with one hand and pinned one of his arms above his head. Gin tried to push Aizen away but he leaned his body so close to him that he could feel the his breath on his ear.

"If you ever try to pull away from me again," he said as started to squeeze tighter on Gin's neck, "I will make you sorry…." Aizen paused and release his tight squeeze around his neck. He then removed his hand from his pinned wrist and started to stroke his cheek lightly. Gin turned slowly to look at Aizen as he released his hand from around his throat. Aizen began to brush Gin's cheek slowly as he raised his hands and cupped Gin's face. Gin jumped but relaxed as Aizen leaned in to give him a passionate kiss. As he kissed him, Gin slowly raised his arms around Aizen's waist to pull him in tighter.

As they were passionately kissing, Aizen stopped. He stepped back slightly. Gin opened his eyes only to see stars and feel his body slowly fall towards the floor. Before he hit the floor, he felt Aizen arms catch him. The next thing he felt was a stinging blow from a fist on the side of his jaw. Gin started to taste blood as Aizen let him fall to the floor. He tried to get up to get but the next thing he knew a hand had grabbed him around his neck again and slammed him into the wall. As Aizen began to tighten his grip around his neck, Gin tried to fight back.

"Stop it! Please, stop it!!" Gin tried to yell but his words only came out as a whisper. He started to black out as the hand became tighter around his neck.

"Only cowards beg" Aizen hissed at Gin as he watches the fear creep into his eyes.

Gin used his remaining strength to kick Aizen. He kicked Aizen in the stomach which caused him to fly across the room. Gin fell to the floor coughing and gasping to catch his breath.

Aizen hit the wall across the room with a loud thud. As Aizen was trying to get up, he heard the words 'Shoot to Kill' and he saw the blade come across the room. As a reaction, he pulled his sword to block the advancing blade. He was able to stop the blade but as he looked across the room and he could see Gin's battered face holding Shinso. Angered, Aizen flash stepped out of the way and ended up next to Gin. He replaced Kyoka Suigetsu and reached out to grab Gin's arm. He did not react. He slowly retracted Shinso. He dropped it to the floor. Gin then dropped to his knees and passed out. Aizen looked down at him. He knelt down and reached out to stroke his hair.

"Why do you fight me so much? You know I love you", Aizen said as he scooped Gin in his arms and carried him toward his bedroom. Gin's body was limp in his arms. His lip was busted and bleeding and his eye was swollen. When he reached his bedroom, he laid Gin down on the bed and began to undress him. He placed the covers over him and walked to the bathroom and got a damp cloth. He came back and began to clean Gin's face.

"That's gonna hurt when you wake up", he said as finished wiping his face. He then leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"We'll talk in the morning."

Aizen got up and turned off the light and sat in chair looking out of the window over the moonlight sky of Hueco Mundo.