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Well, this is the last chapter of this story. We are working on our next story. We decided to go in this direction so we can tie our second story with this one (Gin has to have this baby). We want to thank you all for the comments and support on our first story. Enjoy.

Gin woke up. He did not know how long he was asleep. It took him a few seconds to realize where he was. He saw the melted ice cream and the empty bag of chips in front of him. His back was killing him. He stood up and started to stretch when the memories of the events earlier started to come back.

Gin walked up to the door. He did not hear any noise.

What he really wanted to do was to take a bath. He ran the water, stepped in the tub and soaked for a while. As he lay in the tub, he started to formulate a plan to getting out of Hueco Mundo. After awhile, he got out of the tub, dried himself off and looked in the mirror. The bruise started to turn a deep purple.

"I hope this is the last time I see bruises on me", Gin said to himself.

He looked down and placed a hand on his stomach and smiled.

"No one better lay a hand on you. I would just havta kill 'em", he said to his stomach.

He listened through the door again and did not hear anything. He unlocked the door, slowly opened it and walked out. Gin walked to the closet and found a cloak. Aizen told him that this cloak could cover reishi from a shinigami. He put it on. Then he closed his eyes and called on Shinso. He opened his eyes and smiled. He walked to the other side of the room.

There he saw Aizen. He was on the floor with his blade through his chest. He was still like he was asleep. Gin froze in his steps. He stared for a little while, stepped over the body and opened the cabinet. There he found Shinso. He strapped it to his back. He also found a dagger. He held on to it. He walked to the door. He took a deep breath, rubbed his stomach.

"You got to be quiet and still. Daddy's got to get us out of here."

He opened the door and tried to get pass. The guard stopped him. Gin stabbed the guard, then pulled out his katana and slashed the guard. The guard turned to ash.

Gin walked down the hall to his room. He began to pack a small bag which he threw over his shoulder. He searched through a drawer and found a silver pendant on a silver chain. He looked and it for a second. He placed around his neck and held the pendant in his hand. He thought about when he first got it. It was a gift from Byakuya. He gave it to him on their first night together. He started to think about that night. He rubbed his stomach and smile.

"Where do you think you are going?" the voice said behind him.

Gin turned. It was Stark standing behind him.

"I almost did not feel you. I was just walking by."

Stark got closer to Gin, placed a hand under Gin's chin and looked at the bruise.

"I know that really hurt. I will ask it again. Where do you think you are going?"

Gin looked at him.

"I havta' leave. I gotta leave. I gotta protect my baby", Gin said as he rubbed his stomach.

Stark looked at Gin and started smiling.

"Ding, Dong, the wicked bastard is dead" Stark laughed.

Gin stood there shocked. Stark knew that Aizen was dead and that he killed him.

"You know what I did?" Gin asked nervously.

"Yeah. I know and I am happy you did." Stark continued. "You see, Aizen became obsessed with this recreating life. He wanted to be the 'god'. He started to go mad with wanting an heir. Then came the experiment, you became pregnant… Well anyway, the plan was for you to die in child birth and he would be left to rear the perfect heir."

Gin started to feel his knees give out. He fell on his knees. Stark helped him back up. Gin started to feel tears form in his eyes. He thought about how stupid he felt for being a pawn to Aizen. Stark went on.

"Now that Aizen is dead, you will have all of Las Noches coming after you. Not only will they be after you, they will be after anyone who will protect you, like the father of the baby and most importantly, they will be after this here." Stark was pointing at Gin's stomach. "The heir of Hueco Mundo."

Gin could hardly believe what he was hearing but it was starting to fall into place. He wondered why Aizen kept him separate from the others.

"The Hogyoku was Aizen's thing. Now that he is gone, it has no use to us. But that baby is going to be everything to Hueco Mundo."

Stark produced the Hogyoku in his hand.

"You can give this back to Kisuke Urahara. It has served its purpose. Now the most valuable thing is your baby. As far as they are concerned, you are carrying Aizen's baby but we know the truth", Stark said as he placed the Hogyoku in Gin's bag.

"I will get you out of here. I have a place that will get you in at a park in Karakura Town. There, it will give you a head start to hide. You have to trust me on this one."

"Why should I?" Gin asked.

"Because, I am all you have at this time. Plus with you and the baby out of the way, I can fight for my place as King of Hueco Mundo. I have a stake in this too", Stark said as he opened a window and held out his hand to Gin.

Gin walked over to Stark. Stark picked Gin up in his arms and stepped out the window. They flew to an area that was dark and cold. Stark landed in what looked like the middle of nowhere. He put Gin down and helped him tighten his cloak.

"You try to suppress your reishi as long as you can. I can only keep this open for ten seconds. Any longer and it will be detected. Take care of yourself and the baby", Stark said.

He gave Gin a kiss on his forehead. Gin was shocked. Stark open the portal and help Gin through quickly. Gin turned around and waived at Stark. Stark winked and then the portal closed. Gin gently came down in the park. He found a bench and sat down. Gin was felt a tired and hungry. As he was sitting on the bench he heard footsteps. They were coming toward him. The footsteps came closer and then stopped. He felt the blade by his ear.

"Gin Ichimaru", the voice said.