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Stars are Thicker than Water: of Regulus and Sirius

Chapter 1

Sirius Black stood staring down at his brother, crumpled and moaning on the dark rocks. "Regulus?" he whispered, disbelief coloring his voice. "Reg?" His brother writhed on the rocks. "No..." he moaned roughly. "No... SIRIUS!" he screamed suddenly, but it was clear he was not responding to Sirius' actual presence, rather, to something in his mind. The house-elf (what was his name? Ah yes, Kreacher, little piece of vermin that he was,) had been most insistent that he come here, and with good reason, he now saw. His brother was dying here, before his eyes, and however much he hated what he had become, it was still his brother-his brother, whom he had taught to ride a broomstick, who he had held when their parents had forbidden him from seeing his best friend-she had been a muggle. His brother, who had wept when Sirius first left for Hogwarts. With this, he turned to the house-elf. "Err... Kreacher?" The thing bowed. "Yes Master?"

Mentally biting his tongue to prevent from yelling at the thing, he spoke to it again. "You can apparate in and out of here, correct?" The creature nodded. "And you can bring humans?" Again, a nod. "One at a time?" It nodded once more, and Sirius sighed. "Ok, then. I need you to apparate with my brother to my house. Not the house of Black, you understand? My house. Do you know where that is?"

"Yes, Master Black."

"Ok. Bring him there. Give him water and make sure he's safe before coming back for me, understand?"

"Yes, master." With a look of mixed loathing and thanks, Kreacher grabbed the arm of the writhing Regulus, and disapparated with a loud crack. After a few minutes, he returned to where Sirius was. Sirius was examining the ground where his brother had fallen. He had dropped a locket-the near twin of the one in the basin. Well, if Regulus had gone to these lengths to get it, it must be important. He placed it carefully in the inside pocket of his robes, then grabbed Kreacher's hand. "Let's go."

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