Title: The Real Celebration

Rated: T

Summary: Alternate ending to Shin and Chae-Kyong's reunion. What if Chae-Kyong didn't leave? One-shot.

A/N: First part is the beginning of the scene. I felt it was needed as a lead in.

"Where do you think you're going? We have to have a celebration ceremony." Shin teased, making sure to hold Chae-Kyong in place.

Chae-Kyong could feel the blush rise to her cheeks, but she quickly saw Shin's smirk.

He was just messing with her, as usual.

With the same tone Chae-Kyong struck back. Two after all, could play that game.

"Well, after all we got back together. It wouldn't be right to leave, right?" She teased right back.

Shin grinned at her. "Right."

As soon as he said that, Chae-Kyong got off of him and stood right up..

"With all the effort from the Prince and Princess of Korea, way to go Korea!" Chae-Kyong exclaimed while clapping her hands.

Rolling his eyes, Shin sat up from the couch and placed his hand on his chin.

'Chae-Kyong will always be Chae-Kyong..' He thought fondly.

"Shin Goon, you never tried something like this at the last world cup tournament. This is the best way to represent Korea!" She said enthusiastically.

Before Shin could respond, Chae-Kying continued clapping away from him screaming, 'Way to go Korea!'.

'Not this time Shin Chae-Kyong!"

Just as she was about to exit, Shin caught up with her, turning her around to face him. His hands were on her shoulders while his eyes were boring into hers. As usual, Chae-Kyong was in a state of shock but yet she was staring back. There was something innate within her beckoning her to look at him as intently as he was looking at her. She couldn't help it.

'I never realized how beautiful his mouth is shaped or how utterly kissable they a---– yah Shin Chae-Kyong, stop that!' Her mind screamed at her.

Before the battle inside her head could be figured out, Shin's lips quickly crashed into hers, breaking all of her thoughts. Instead of shock, Chae-Kyong responded immediately, surprising herself and even Shin.

'Finally, she's in my arms.'

Shin deepened the kiss wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. At this point, the kiss began to get heated. They both were losing oxygen but they didn't care. All they needed was each other.

Soon, Chae-Kyong moaned, allowing Shin even more access to her mouth. She sighed contentedly into his mouth. This was pure bliss. They were so wrapped up into each other then they slowly stumbled against the wall, kissing against it feverishly.

Breaking from her lips, Shin trailed some kisses down Chae-Kyong's neck. She closed her eyes, the sensation was pure ecstasy, but a weak voice in her mind screamed at her to reconsider.

"Wait, Shin." She urged breathily, stepping away from Shin momentarily.


At this point they were breathing heavily, trying to catch their breath. As their breathing steadied and calmed, the two teens once again met each other's gazes.

"Maybe we shouldn't…"She reasoned, as she stepped forward.

Shin shook his head. "Do you want rice cake?"

Chae-Kyong's eyes flickered with confusion, before it dawned to her what he was getting at.

"Well that depends, did I already have a sample?"

"Yeah." He said, stepping forward.

"Did I like it?" She whispered mere inches away from his lips.


Immediately their lips found each other again, instead this time there was no going back. Smiling into the kiss Shin swept her off her feet, carrying her to his bedroom.

He would just have to keep Alfred in the black room tonight.