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Chapter 40: Troublesome Issues Get Resolved

Night came and everyone in the Konoha 11 was ready to go to sleep. Akane had already gone to bed and Hinata was planning on staying the night in the apartment anyways, liking being able to see her fiancee and daughter when she woke up. Naruto wouldn't protest that and apparently neither would Hiashi. If anything the Hyuuga head liked that she wanted this, not that he had any desire to be rid of her. Hanabi seemed to like it too, and Neji seemed to be the only one cautious about it. He wasn't going to stop her, but he did give Naruto a word of warning though.

Neji's exact words were, "Just remember, we can see if her barrier is intact or not."

Naruto's response to that was, "And why would you be looking there at your own cousin? Hinata told me you had some weird fetishes but nothing like that."

Let's just say the two had their first real fight since the chuunin exams, until Hinata stopped them that is. Neither could bring themselves to tell her exactly what had sparked it though.

Sometime around midnight after three hours of sleeping comfortably, Akane heard a light knock on her window and irritably woke up. When she looked out, she saw a woman wearing a red kimono with auburn hair perched on the tree next to the building. She didn't recognize the woman, but felt she should have. Akane cautiously opened the window. "Who are you?" She asked, then recognized the newcomer's scent. Now she frowned for more than just being woken up. "What do you want?"

Keisei, one of the few foxes to have met this new kyuubi and not lose a tail to her, bowed her head. "Forgive me for disturbing you, Akane-sama, but I needed to tell you this now."

"For the last time I'm not going to be your queen." Akane said thru clenched teeth, trying not to shout and disturb her parents.

"I'm here to let you know that the foxes won't bother you anymore. A new Council of Eight has been put into power, and once they saw what you did with the previous one, they felt it was wiser to just give you space for now."

"Good." Akane smiled. "Wait. For now?"

"Just until you're older and more mature. Until then, none of us will disturb you. They did ask that I make you an offer for the time being though."

"Like what?"

Keisei composed herself to try and avoid any phrasing that may set the young kyuubi off. "I or someone else, most likely another vixen, could offer to help teach you a few things you'll need to know."

"What can you possibly teach me that my parents can't?" Akane narrowed her eyes at the auburn vixen in human form.

"Things vital to a fox, such as understanding of natural instincts and talents."

"Doesn't sound vital to me. I'm doing pretty good as I am."

"But someday you'll need to know more about your vulpine nature. After all, you're a fox and everyone else here is a human. There are some things you cannot learn from them." Keisei argued without sounding tough.

"I understand my instincts just fine and I know my talents." Akane countered confidently.

"But what about your abundant chakra? How are you going to control all that power?" Keisei asked.

"There are sensei's here who will help me. And Otou-san has been a lot of help with me and my chakra."

Can he help you reach your full potential? You don't even know what all you can do, do you?"

"And you do?" Akane asked like she didn't believe the older fox demon.

"Even though I never personally interacted with... your previous self, I was informed about her skills. Most connected to the ruling class are. The last kyuubi had a great amount of power, and could use all the chakra elements and sub-elements."

Akane blinked. "All of them?" Keisei nodded. "How is that possible?"

Keisei shrugged. "None one, not even the previous kyuubi knew that. Maybe it had something to do with what the Sage of Six Paths did to the Juubi. Or maybe it has to do with the nature of the bijuus themselves."

"The nature of the bijuus?" Akane repeated with an arched eyebrow.

Keisei nodded. "Yes. You see, the Sage of Six Paths wrote long ago that the Juubi was a creature of enormous power that was like a physical embodiment of the apocalypse. And when he destroyed it and created the nine bijuu, each one of them was a living symbol of other natural disasters. The ichibi represents sandstorms, the nibi forest fires, the sanbi floods, the yonbi volcanic eruptions, the gobi droughts, the rokubi famine, the shichibi plagues, the hachibi earthquakes, and the kyuubi tsunamis. All their chakra's reflect those too, and since yours is the most devastating, your chakra is too."

Akane blinked a few more times then smiled proudly and pumped her fist. "Wow. I'm gonna rock as a ninja then."

"But you're going to need help learning how to control it and make the most of it." The auburn-haired woman reminded her.

"And I have Otou-san and Okaa-san for that as well as the sensei's. I don't need any foxes for that."

Keisei gave her a patient but tired look. "Well, what about courtship customs? What about when you want to find a mate but have no idea how or what to do when you've got one."

"Again, Otou-san and Okaa-san. They're practically mates now anyway. And I'm only eight. I'm not looking for a mate anytime soon. I don't need your help."

"But Akane-sama--"

"Thanks, but I don't need your help." Akane told her forcibly.

Keisei just looked at her and after a moment sighed. "Fine. If you're so confident, I'll leave you to your human instructors. But I'll be back in a few years to give you the offer again. Maybe by then you'll understand what I'm trying to tell you."

"I'll take my chances here with those I trust." Akane remarked.

Keisei nodded slowly, the message being loud and clear. "Farewell for now, Akane-sama." She then vanished as if summoned away.

"I sure hope no more foxes come by anytime soon." The redhead muttered while she closed the window and climbed back in bed. "This is my territory."

Two days went by, and so far the only real notable thing that happened was Hinata bringing some of her things into Naruto's place. She already had a key and since she had complete permission to come whenever she wanted and stay as long as she wanted she might as well have a few things there. It probably wouldn't last long, since odds were they were going to move into one of the old Uchiha houses once the deal was done. They just had to wait until Sasuke officially died to be given the property. And since they would be given one-fourth of the entire Uchiha district, they'd have more room than they needed, which they could either sell off or give to their friends to use.

"Won't that be nice Naruto? Having a big house for the three of us, may... maybe four or five?" Hinata asked her soon-to-be husband as they sat down on a park bench drinking some sodas while Akane, Shiba, and even Noburo played tag with some other kids. Tenten had been with them too to watch over her 'little brother' but was currently on a five-minute errand for Gai.

"It would be better than trying to fit us all in that apartment. But it would feel weird to live in a house that belonged to the teme's family." Naruto replied.

"It doesn't anymore. Now they're just normal houses, and we can make one our first home." Hinata told him to ease his slight unease at the concept. "Besides, you can think of it as a way to rub in his face how you've triumphed over him again, if you're living there and he isn't."

Naruto smirked and silently laughed. "Bet that would piss him off while he rots in the shinigami's gut. Think it would be enough to give him indigestion?"

"Maybe. The Uchiha did always come across to me as sour."

Tenten came back from her errand just then. "Hey guys, any idea when the execution is supposed to happen today?"

Both Naruto and Hinata shook their heads. "Nope, but it doesn't matter. Baa-chan said that executions usually aren't public. Makes it too open for hidden allies to try and help the traitor out if they know exactly when and where it's gonna happen."

"Really? Bummer. I was kinda hoping to see him get what he has coming." Tenten sighed as she sat down next to the happy couple. "Think anyone is gonna actually try to have a kid from him?"

"Not sure. I think Sakura-chan might at least consider it, but I can't speak for her." Naruto thought aloud. "But like the execution, if anyone decides to have an Uchiha baby, that info won't be made public."

"That's probably for the best." Hinata suggested. "If everyone knew about the child, they'd just see Sasuke and be hostile towards him or her. They'd never have a normal childhood. And once they get their sharingan, they'd always have people suspicious of what they might do."

"Basically a repeat of Naruto's childhood, huh?" Tenten asked. By now all of the Konoha 11 had a good idea of just what the blonde shinobi had to endure growing up and hated how they never noticed or did anything about it back then. At least he didn't hold it against them, much to their relief and gratitude. That and more made them glad to know Naruto and someday serve under him when he donned the hokage hat.

All three ninja silently agreed to just drop the subject. The end result was out of their hands so talking about it was pointless. Not sure what else to say, they just went back to watching the kids have fun. Akane tripped Noburo and tagged him, making him 'it' before dashing away, making Naruto and Hinata smile at seeing her enjoy herself.

Later that night, several top Anbu and hunter nin had gathered in a secluded high-security room where nothing could get in or out without being noticed. Also in that room were Tsunade, Anko, and Sasuke, chained to the wall spread eagle. He could rant or grimace or make demands if he wanted to, but he didn't. Instead he just hung his head like someone who had just given up. Either way, in case he did try to pull something, that's what the Anbu and hunter nin were for. They'd kill him before he got five steps away from the door.

"Before we do this, any last words?" Tsunade asked.

"Just get it over with. I'm tired of waiting."

"Really? That's it? No grand pompous gesture of supremeness?"

Sasuke refused to meet anyone's eyes, but he did respond. "I have nothing to prove to you, or this village that owes it's existence to my family and betrayed them horribly. I tried to get what was rightfully mine and deserved, and they've all betrayed me for a pathetic demon. You want me dead, fine kill me. But someday, someone will kill the dead last and those he cares about. I may not live to see it, but someday, their demon luck will run out. And I'm sure you'll all regret turning your back on the Uchiha's when it happens."

"I'll let him know what you think. Don't feel bad if he disagrees." Tsunade stated. "Ready?" She asked as she raised her right hand to signal the others. All got out some kunais, ready on her command. "Now." The hokage added as she lowered her hand quickly.

All of the jounin-ranked ninjas struck one of many very vital spots on Sasuke's anatomy. He was already bleeding quickly, and would surely run out of blood in less than three minutes. He coughed up some blood, screaming and struggled in pain, and soon his movements got slower and his screams got quieter. In no time at all, he was still and silent, dead.

But just to be sure, Anko set up a fire jutsu and cremated the body. There was no struggle, so apparently he wasn't still alive at the time. As the body burned, Anko gave the hokage a quick glance. "Almost wish I brought some marshmallows. But then again, he might make them taste like crap."

"That's a pretty twisted sense of humor Mitarashi-san." One of the Anbu told her.