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Sonic, Shadow & Silver

Suite Life in the House

Chapter 1: Suspicious or Mistaken part 1

By Arceus. Conberma

After since the battle in Soleanna, Silver and Blaze both decided to move and live in the past, which Sonic's present day world. In spite of Shadow lived alone in the ARK, Sonic and Silver insisted on him to join them as to live with them in the same house. It took them a long conversation to convince him to live with them. At first, they didn't get along easily, because there's only three of them sharing one house, but with Tails' house beside them and Knuckles' guardian place nearby them as well.

Several weeks of adventures, Sonic, Silver and Shadow started to get along and looked after of themselves, their friendship slowly grew stronger everyday, their relationship ended brotherly. At the end, they had found out that they were truly brothers in vein. They had learnt about their real past and so they lived and kept on living in the present.

Soon, a few months later, Shadow had discovered that Maria was alive in another form, according to Professor Gerald he said. But that was another story.

After that, Shadow and Maria started dating, Silver was still shy about asking Blaze, and Sonic was dating Sally (after all, they'll get married someday, right?). Anyway, Shadow loved Maria very much and so did Maria, but there would be some crack on every relationship, here's the story began about Shadow and Maria…

"Are you sure you want to do this, Shaz?" Silver worriedly asked, looking at Shadow who was holding a lobster.

Shadow tried to make a lobster dinner for Maria, the ironic part is, that Silver was the chef of their house, not himself. Sonic just sat on the couch, playing his video game "House of Dead 2 & 3" (my favorite zombie game), but then he stopped and peaked on Shadow how he cooked the lobster, smirking secretly at him.

On the other hand, Shadow was underestimate of it, "C'mon, how hard can it be?" he snorted. He continued, "It's just putting this sea-scissor-thingy into the hot water pot, and then wait until it's dead."

Silver sighed, "Basically right, but you need to calculate the timing of its boiling." He explained.

Shadow grumbled, "Fine, maybe you could--"

"Maria's coming!" Sonic shouted before Shadow finished his words, as he spotted Maria's image from the window outside.

"—step aside." Shadow finished, pushing Silver on the other side, throwing the lobster backward directly into the pot.

The ebony hedgehog moved Sonic aside, as he's the one to open the door. He thought it was Maria alone, unfortunately, she wasn't alone.

"Hey, Shadow." It was Amy, "Sorry to drop by, I just saw Maria in the shopping center. And I heard she was having a dinner with you, how sweet." She babbled.

"Amy." Shadow growled.

Although Amy would ignore as she walked inside the house, looking for her Sonic, she would never give up on him. "Oh, Sonic, where are you?" she playfully asked.

When Sonic heard that half-sweet, half-dangerous voice, his spines were shivering. "Amy? How did she--" before he could finish, the pink hedgehog had already hugged as tight as she could. To Sonic, her hug was like a deadlock.

Sonic looked at Silver while he was still in deadlock, "Help me." He mouthed.

Silver, on the other hand, chuckling at the sight while he was dealing with the lobster for Shadow, in spite of his cruel words. He and Sonic were his big brothers after all. Shadow was the eldest, because Sonic and Shadow were twins so both were at the same age, and Silver was the youngest.

Anyway, he always loved to tease, especially to his brothers. And now Sonic was in the deadly hug of Amy, it was no big deal, just kept that state for 2 hours, which it was a hell for Sonic. The ivory hedgehog replied with his mouth but no sound, "No."

Sonic sent him a dead glare, a message said, 'You'll be sorry'! or 'You're the worst'

Even though Silver knew what that meant, he still carried on with a smile, and continued his cooking. Amy noticed and greeted, "Hey, Silv."

However, Silver didn't like anyone called his nickname except his brothers and Blaze. "Don't call me Silv."

"Sorry, Silv." Amy replied, completely ignored him. "So, what's for dinner?" she then asked.

"Well, Shadow tried to make a lobster buffet, but I help him though." Silver replied.

"Lobster not gross." Sonic said.

"I meant Silver."

"HEY!" Silver cried as he heard that.

On the other hand, Shadow and Maria were chatting in the kitchen. "Really, Shadow, are you sure you can cook?" Maria asked, using her cute innocent voice.

"Trust me, I really can do this," Shadow assured, "even though this is my first try."

Maria giggled at her boyfriend, "Okay, but I still tell Silver to keep an eye on you. Breakfast and lunch you can make the best, but dinner…." She didn't finish it as she thought Shadow knew what her meant.

"I know." Shadow replied, gave a kiss on Maria's cheeks, which made her blush as rose. "Ah…Maria?"


"Have you, just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about…our future?" he sheepishly asked.

"Shadow, what are you saying?" Maria began confused.

"I'm trying to say that--"

Suddenly, Sonic cut in with a phone in his hand. "Yo, Shadow, it's for you." Sonic cried, swinging the phone.

Although Shadow was mad because his brother interrupted his speech, Maria kissed him and walked into the living room. Sonic then gave Shadow the phone.

When Maria sat on the couch, she saw Sonic was back into his position as he was battling Silver through video game, Amy was just watching Sonic dreamily. It was only a few minutes later, and not Amy started to grow impatient. "Shadow! When the lobster is getting to be ready?"

"Yea, I'm starved." Sonic agreed.

"I do not control the speed of lobster's death." Shadow shouted from the kitchen. "Except for the Chaos."

"You know, I'm going to get myself a snack." Silver said.

"Hey, bring me something." Sonic added.


"Silver." Maria said, lower her voice, more like demanded.

Silver gave up, she'll be a sister-in-law after all, "I'll bring him something." He replied.

When Silver approached the kitchen, he accidentally eavesdropped Shadow's talk into the phone. He slightly opened the door, and tip-toed into the kitchen, without his noticing.

"Of course, I'm interested." Shadow said into the phone.

Silver grabbed an apple and stared at Shadow confusedly. Shadow continued, "I know, but I have family to think about." Shadow replied on the phone.

'Give us to think about what?' Silver thought.

"Look, I'm not saying no." Shadow whispered. Then he strangely raised a wide smile, "Are you kidding? That's what I'm thinking about."

Now Silver was totally confused, he frowned at him which he still didn't notice him. He heard those last words before he walked off the kitchen. "Ok, I'll meet you at Wednesday. Great, ok." Shadow finished.

Sonic saw Silver walked out, but the ivory hedgehog's eyes still absorbed in the kitchen. He took a bite on an apple when Sonic asked him, "Hey, what did you bring me?"

"Wha…Oh! Here." Silver said as he threw him the apple that he bit.

"I'm not gonna eat a fruit with a freakish DNA all over it." Sonic complained.

"So don't." Silver just shrugged, "But ah, Sonic, can I talk to you for a sec?" he then asked.

"No, I almost clear this level!" Sonic replied, controlling the remote of the car.

However, Silver didn't take no for answer, he grasped Sonic's shoulder and pulled. "Oh, just come on!" he demanded while he was pulling.

Silver pulled Sonic into his room, which it was at the end of the corridor. Sonic didn't know what's happening, "What? What's the matter with you?" he asked.

"We've got a problem with Shaz." Silver replied, and he closed the door.

"Well, he isn't a good cook for dinner." Sonic was misunderstood.

Silver groaned, "Not that problem, Sonic. It…it's a woman problem!" he said.

Sonic looked at the ground a moment, and then at Silver, "Shaz has period?" he awkwardly asked.

The ivory hedgehog was completely frustrated by his brother, he half-closed his eyes and stared at him. He grabbed his shoulders, forced him to look at his eyes. "Listen to me, Sonic! I've overheard Shaz talking on phone, and…" he couldn't say it.

"What?" Sonic asked to continue.

"I think he sees another woman."

"See another woman do what?"

Silver slapped his forehead, "I think he's DATING another woman." He made it clear.

Sonic couldn't help but chuckling, "W…What? Shadz can't be dating another woman! He has Maria!" he stated, still chuckling. But when Silver crossed his arms and gave the azure hedgehog a dead serious look on his face, Sonic then realized he wasn't joking at all. "Oh."

"Yea, "oh"." Silver added, still crossing his arms.

"Well, Shaz is not that kind going out and date another woman. He loves Maria."

"Oh, yeah? Then why he talked on the phone and said something "I'm interested" and "that's what I've been thinking about"." Silver added.

"You overhead he said that?" Sonic asked, this time he became serious.

"In hush tone."


"Huusssshhh." Silver explained when he made a shushing sound.

"Oh man…" Sonic looked away Silver and rubbed his forehead. "Look, maybe we misunderstood."

"And maybe we didn't."

"Okay, let's not do anything yet. Let's just…keep an eye on him these days." Sonic suggested. "But don't speak those words to Maria." He added firmly.

"No way." Silver agreed.

Sonic and Silver had made a decision, they chatted before they walked out Silver's room. "Boy, I wonder how Shaz doing with the lobster?" Silver asked, wondering.

"I'm not sure. But probably needs us to clean up A LOT OF messes." Sonic assured him, as they walked downstairs.

To be continued…

There will be three parts of this story. Hope you all continue on watching and looking forward my other fanfictions.