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Sonic, Shadow & Silver

Suite Life in the House

Chapter 3: Suspicious or Mistaken part 3

By Arceus. Conberma

"I can't believe Shaz is cheating on Maria. This is horrible, HORRIBLE!" Silver said as he started to panic.

"Don't worry, I'll think of something."

"NO! Alright, you have gotten us ditching the dates of the girls. AND, you mucked up my perfect boyfriend image to Blaze! You… you mucker!" Silver scoled at his older brother, with a new word.

"…Mucker?" Sonic

"Jerk!" The ivory insisted.

"I still can't believe this…I mean, WHY would Shaz want to date another woman? He loves Maria and he had tried everything to bring her back to life, hadn't he?"

"Yea, he had." Sonic replied as he recalled the memory of Maria's first show up and the chaos that Eggman brought. (Seeing this on my upcoming fanfiction "A Bliss of Bitter and Sweet", return of Maria Robotnik.)

Suddenly two different cries interrupted their conversation, "SOOOONNNNNIIIIICCCC!"


"Oh bugger." Silver groaned, as he recognized the voices were Sally and Blaze.

The chipmunk and the purple cat burst into the room, more like intruding, with angry glares and Tails appeared behind them, eyes of sorry. "Sorry, they scared me."

"Got that." Sonic said, and said to his girlfriend dramatically, "He's just a boy!"

Blaze gave a slap on Sonic's forehead, "Quit being a drama queen, just give us one good reason why you two ditched us on date?" Blaze shouted as her palms were gathering the flames.

"Ahhhh…" Sonic stammered as he knew it wouldn't be easy to convince his little brother's girlfriend, who could burn them with ease and no trace. "You see, the thing is….Silver will tell you the reason."

He did it again, pushing Silver to his front as his shield. "Say what?" Silver squeaked, terrifying.

"Well, you see…" Then Silver explained the whole thing from the beginning till now, about how they began suspect Shadow, his awkward act, and they witnessed Shadow had a date with a woman that afternoon.

After they had finished their explanation, they lowered their heads, ready to embrace the worst. Unexpectedly, they heard a soft tone came from them, Blaze was the first to speak. "Then what happened?"

At first, they were surprised, but they continued. "And then when we were trying to discuss our next plan, you girls busted in." Sonic finished.

"Look, I still find it hard believe that Shadow is cheating on Maria. I mean, it doesn't make sense." Sally insisted.

"Sal, he'll be dating with that scumbag again if we're continuing this conversation." Sonic said, with a bit concern.

"Yea, the only problem is, how do we where is he now?" Blaze made a question.

Suddenly, Tails burst in and reported, knowing that he had heard everything. "He made an appointment with that woman at 'Amigo Restaurant' tonight."

Now they were confused, how did he know about this? They all stared at the two-tailed fox with a frown, "How do you know?"

"I read Shadow's e-mail." Tails replied calmly.

"How did you get his password? Did you hack his e-mail?" Sonic asked curiously.

"No, I didn't hack his e-mail. It just it isn't really THAT hard to figure it out. His password is… 'Password'." Tails replied, trying to hold his laugh.

"What? No way, that's so dumb." Blaze buffed.

"It's a new kind of dumb." Tails added.

While Sonic and Silver were chuckling nervously and went slowly towards their desktops, however, their girlfriends quickly spotted it before they take an action.

"…You're going to change your password?" Sally asked, as in nonchalantly.

"Maybe." Replied the two hedgehogs in unison.

"Brothers." Sally added, and the two-tailed fox and the feline nodded in agreement.

Soon, the sun went down and the evening arrived. While Sonic and Silver had discussed the following plan to their girlfriends, who wanted to help Maria as well, and they made themselves to the Amigo Restaurant. They hid themselves behind the bushes, and Sonic asked everyone.

"Okay, is everyone clear about the big plan?"

"Yes, Blaze is going to flame the whole restaurant, Sally and I are going to run away, and you're going to die." Silver quickly said, not the 'big plan' that Sonic mentioned, still afraid of Shadow's rage, not after what happened the 'last time' they made their elder brother angry.

Sonic said nothing but glaring at his young brother, "I'll take that as a 'yes'." He said.

"Hey, I see him." Sally announced in whisper as she spotted Shadow was approaching to the entrance.

As they watched him entered the restaurant, and so they followed him quietly, not to alert him, Shadow had a small bow-tie on his chest fur, along he bought a bouquet of flower. Fortunately, he was sitting right in front of their hiding spot, a wooden fence just big enough for them to hide. As they expected, the woman appeared in a casual wearing.

"Sorry I'm late." She apologized.

"No, you're right on time." Shadow said.

However, because of the distance, Sonic couldn't hear their conversation clearly, but they were guessing that they were talking about something how to break up with Maria. "Know what they're talking about?" Silver asked.

"No, I can't hear a bit. But probably talking about trying to run away and leave Maria with a broken heart." Sonic guess in grumbled.

But that wasn't the conversation that Sonic guessed, as the woman started the talking, "So, how about it, Shadow? Are we going to do this or not?"

"You know I want to, Rachel."

"Don't worry, trust me. By tomorrow, your girlfriend will have the most romantic wedding proposal that any girls would ask for!" Rachel excitedly said.

Shadow wanted to make a proposal to Maria, his one true love, but he wanted to make it special and the memorable thing of their life. Then, he met this woman, who owned a huge flower shop, also who Shadow had rescued before a car accident. Rachel wanted to thank him as she would offer as many flowers as he requested.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it." Shadow said, and handed her the bouquet of flower, "So here's the samples of her favorite flowers, blue bells, lilies, roses, tulips and daises." He counted them all.

"Well, she is very lucky to have a thoughtful boyfriend and husband." She teased as she put the bouquet aside.

Shadow couldn't help blushed a bit, "Yea, she is the one to me, and I would do anything to make her happy." He said as he grabbed a small box behind his quills. He opened it and it appeared a sapphire ring with words on it, 'To my love, Maria the Hedgehog. I love you, always has and always will.' . He had already imagined the 'yes' look on Maria's face, he could almost see her happy smile reflected on the diamond.

On the other hand, Blaze gasped at the ring when Shadow showed it to the woman. "Oh no, he's ready to make a proposal to that scumbag!"

"We've got to stop him!" Sonic hissed.

"Brilliant, how?" Sally sarcastically asked.

Then, the azure hedgehog saw a waiter deliver a plate of pasta with meatballs, he grabbed one of them. "Watch this." He whispered and soon he threw it directly to Shadow!

"Whoa!" he shouted as he was hit and fell back on his chair.

"Oh my goodness, what happened?" the woman worriedly asked.

"I… I don't know." The waiters helped Shadow to get up on his feet, "I think I was hit by a meatball." He said it with a doubt and confusion. He looked down at himself, he was in a mess. "Urgh, sorry, but excuse me. But I have to go to the restroom to clean up, and then we'll discuss."

"Oh, okay. Don't worry, I can wait." She replied, Shadow went to the direction of the restroom while he looked around of where the meatball could come from.

"Now it's our chance." Silver announced and they nodded.

They all walked out from the fence and sat down the table with Rachel. Her eyes could tell that she was confused, as she asked, "Hello, did I order two hedgehogs, a cat and a chipmunk?"

"Haha, very funny." Sonic faked his laughing. "You see, here's the thing. That black hedgehog you were talking with, Shadow is our big brother."

Then, a shy grin seemed to be appeared on the Rachel's face, "Oh! Well, this is… awkward. See, I really don't think Shadow wants you to know what's going on just yet."

"Yea, well, we DO know what's going on." Sonic simply replied with confirm.

"Not to happy about it, honestly." Silver added.

"Really?" Rachel asked with more confusion, "Wow, I thought you two teenage-hedgehogs would find it rather more exciting."

Sonic and Silver gave each other a look and then at Rachel, "Well, we DON'T!" Silver said, "So, maybe you wouldn't mind be backing off?" he tried to ask with polite.

Now, Rachel burst out chuckle, and then she said, "I don't think so."

"Why not?" Blaze then asked.

"Because I want to repay him. He saved my life."

"So, you could repay him by another way, but not like this!" Sally suggested.

"And frankly, this is Shadow's choice, and I know what is right for him." Rachel claimed.

"Well, how nice for you!" Sonic sarcastically said.

"And you should know that he has a girlfriend!" Silver declared.

"I know! I think this could be great for her, too!" Rachel excitedly said.

Sonic, Silver, Sally and Blaze all shared a look, and nodding to each other for knowing what was the next step, "Look, when I see someone I want, I'll go after him." Rachel said with a confident smile.

"Well, yea?" Sonic stared at her with a wicked smile, "When we see something we don't like," he then grabbed a plate with some pasta on it and so as Silver, he walked beside Rachel and continued, "We do this."

With that, they poured the dishes above her head. Meals and sauces were all over her, and could make a REALLY dirty mess on her expensive dress and shoes.

"And sometimes, we even do this." Blaze said as she and Sally both helped them by using the wine splashed on her face, and Silver added it with a huge creamed-cake to mask her.

Suddenly, Shadow was back from the restroom and he saw the entire thing. "SONIC! SILVER! SALLY! BLAZE! What do you think you're doing!" he yelled furiously and stared at Rachel with worries as he tried to help to wipe the mess off of her.

"Dear Lord, what have you done?" Shadow muttered.

"Shadow, is this how your two brothers behave! Because I don't see that we can go any more further!" she furiously shouted at him.

"Yes!" the two hedgehog brothers cheered by gave each other a high-five.

"Look, Rachel, I'm sure there's some mistakes." Shadow said, trying to ease her anger. But then he got stopped by the daughter of King Acorn.

"Shadow, how could you do this to Maria? Shame on you!" Sally scolded.

"Yea, we couldn't let that scumbag stealing you away from Maria." Blaze said.

"And trying to ruin our family!" Sonic added.

"But don't worry, we handled it." Silver said with comfort.

"We've got your back, big bro!" Sonic said with glee as he playfully patted his back. But his face still stayed motionless.

"You think… that I was DATING that woman!" Shadow hissed, trying to hold his anger.

"And you think…I was DATING him!" Rachel repeated.

Now Sonic, Silver, Sally and Blaze were slowly beginning nervous, Silver stuttered, "Well…um…yea."

Shadow took a deep breath, "Guys…. This 'scumbag'," he sarcastically said, and continued, "Just happens to be an old friend of mine, and she was talking to me about the plan that I'm trying to make a PROPOSAL to Maria by tomorrow! She is the owner of a flower shop and she was going to obtain flowers for me!" Shadow growled.

"Then how do you explain that bouquet of flowers you gave her?" Sally demanded.

Shadow scoffed, "Those are the samples I gave her to make sure she pick it right for tomorrow. These are Maria's favorite flowers!" he explained, with completely frustration.

There was an awkward silence in the air, when the four had finally figured out what was going on, so Shadow wasn't dating another woman instead he was trying to be mysterious to give Maria a propose that she would never forget. But they blew it.

"Well, that was a pleasant." Silver blurted out, Shadow still remained glaring at them.

"Yea, actually we're gonna go!" Sonic made an excuse and ready to dash.

Unfortunately, he and Silver were stopped by Shadow, who pulled the azure and the ivory's shoulders, and then he murmured in their ears in a low tone, "No, you're not. You're going to do something else."

"Right, okay, right now?" Silver asked with a slight whimper.

"Uh-huh." Shadow replied with a few nods, "Rachel, I do hope you will accept this apology."

Then, the two hedgehogs knew what they should do. "Sally, grab that pasta." Sonic asked, pointing at an empty table with some leftovers not so far away.

"Blaze, could you hand me that cake over there?"

When their girlfriends grabbed the leftovers from some tables on their hands, they held still until the two hedgehogs spoke, "Pour them!"

"Pour them! Are you sure?"

"I'm waiting." Shadow said with a limited patience, couldn't wait what would happen next.

"Just do it." The two brothers hissed, wanting desperately to end this quick.

The purple cat and the chipmunk complied as they couldn't bare to look at they were actually pouring leftover upon their boyfriends, who were trying to make up for their big brother's future life. After their girlfriends were done, they walked silently towards another empty table and picked up the dished and instantly poured onto themselves.

Finally, Rachel smiled, even she was in a mess. But watching two of the greatest heroes on Earth having the mess all over their body in front of her, that would be priceless! Then, she laughed, "Okay, Shadow, I think that's enough! I accept your apology."

"Okay, you two can stop now." Shadow merely chuckled.

"Thank you." Silver simply said, the only thing in his mind was to have a nice shower.

"So does this mean you will still apply flowers for the proposal?" Shadow asked with hope.

"Well, I never said I would stop the applying." Rachel replied with a warm smile.

"Looks like we all make mistakes tonight." Sally said sheepishly.

"Indeed we do," Blaze giggled as she wiped the cream off Silver's cheek and licked it, Silver blushed madly when she did that, "and we can't wait for tomorrow."

"I think I can hear the bells." Sally chirpily said. At the end, they all shared with laughter.

The next day, everything was according to the plan. The first step was that Shadow asked Maria out as usual, and at the their favorite spot, the Fountain of Love, it was where they confessed their feelings to each other. Then Sonic and Silver will be prepared the flowers that they obtained from Rachel. Everything was settled except if the result would be as they expected.

When Shadow took Maria next to the fountain, Maria couldn't help her curiosity as she asked, "Shadow, what's the 'special surprise' you talked before?"

"You'll see." Shadow replied with a smile. Then he got a coin from his wallet, "You do remember a legend of this fountain. It said that if you throw a coin and make a sincere wish, then your wish will come true."

"I thought you don't believe this such of thing." Maria giggled as she said.

"Well, sometimes you really need some mystical luck to make your dream come true." Shadow said as he threw the coin into the fountain.

On the other hand, Sally saw it through telescope as she told Sonic with walkie-talkie, "Shadow threw the coin, that's the signal!"

"Got it!" Sonic reached it, he glanced at Silver, "Ready, little bro?"

"I was born ready." Silver replied with a wink.

"Let's do it to it!" Sonic said with his famous quote and their plan began.

Silver used his psychic power to lift the flowers as to make their movements as the wind blew them gracefully, he led them towards Shadow and Maria. At first, Maria was feeling awkward when she saw the sudden amount of flowers flew around her and her boyfriend. When she figured it out, the flowers had already swirled and surrounded them, it was magical, for Maria to think. But on second thought, could this be Shadow's 'special surprise'? She thought.

The next thing she saw is that Shadow knelt before her on one knee, and he leaned out a little box. Maria's eyes were widened when she was a sapphire ring shone before her eyes when Shadow opened it. The color of the ring matched her eyes as she could see her reflect from it. She was stunned as she barely spoke a word, "S…Sh…Shadow.."

"Maria, ever since I met you at the ARK, I've fallen in love with you at the first sight. I nearly made a mistake by misunderstanding the promise I made to you after 50 years. I felt lost without you and I can't live on without you. When you came back in this form, I couldn't be more happier than ever, and I don't want to lose you again. So here's my one question," he said as he stared at her eyes, hope and love revealed in his eyes as he said, "Maria the Hedgehog, my wish is…will you do the honor to be my wife?"

Tears of joy formed into her eyes as she nodded fiercely, "Oh my God…yes, a thousand times YES!" Maria cried of joy as she hugged him lovingly.

Suddenly, a flower crown fell upon her head, and Shadow pulled her closer, "I promise I'll always love you with all my heart, my queen." Shadow promised as he pulled her into a soft, yet passionate kiss. A kiss with full of promises, loving and undying love.

"I know you will." Maria whispered in the kiss.

Shadow smiled widely as this was the best day of his…their life.

Soon, the flower mist started to fade, Shadow stared at the other side of the park, where his brothers helped his proposal. He carried Maria in bridal style and shouted happily at that direction, "She said 'yes'!"

After he did that, Sonic, Silver, Sally and Blaze were out of the bushes and joined the soon-to-get-married couples, "Congratulation, you two!" Sally was the first to say.

"You were behind all of this?" Maria curiously asked.

"Well, mostly Shadow. But it's a long story." Silver replied, not wanting her to know the real story.

"So who will be the best-man and bridesmaid at the wedding?" Sonic asked Shadow with a smirk. Shadow glared at him and gave him a smack behind his head. And everyone laughed at the sight, Shadow didn't care, he had his wish came true, and that to have someone to be by his side who was his one true love and he will always love her and protect her.

The End of 'Suspicious or Mistaken'