Truth Or Dare TMM Style

Yes, Sa-chan and Sky-san, I am kidnapping you.... again.

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Touki pulled out a match and quickly slid it along the wood, thus a flame appearing. She held it over the candle then blew out the match.

"Eto... w-why are we in the dark Touki?"

The black haired girl smiled evilly, "Well Oneechan it makes it much more fun... when the others get here."

"O-Others?" Came the high girlie voice from the red head in the corner.

"Hai Ichigo-san... the others." Touki replied with a creepy voice.


"Eh? Oh... Shirogane fainted... haha."

Retasu frowned, "That's not very funny Imouto."

"Gomen... gomen." She replied lazily, "Oh! There here!"

The young hyper girl bounded up the stairs, minutes later returning with two girls, well one stumbling down the stairs.

"Careful Saba-san, are you okay?"

Ryou looked up, his eyes wide. Retasu was beside him frowning, "Shirogane-san?"

"Iie! Not her!" He yelped.

"Wait... is... Shirogane here?"

"Hai Sky-san!" Touki replied excitedly.

"Oh yes!" Sky replied jumping up.

Saba rolled her eyes then walked down the rest of the way. Touki and Sky ran after her.

"Now why are we here?" The tall alien asked sitffly.

"Pai-chan! Manners!" Retasu cried, walking over to him.

"Gomen ne Retasu." Pai sighed, glancing at her.

"Now minna!" Touki cried, flinging her arms up, "You are here to play... drum roll please Sky-san."

"Oh yeah." Sky muttered, grabbing some drums and doing the drum roll.

"Truth Or Dare TMM Style!" She cried, flinging herself to Pai's feet.

"Oh my... what has she had?" Masaya whispered.

Saba shrugged, "She must have had some sugar or something."

Sky chuckled then sat down, "C'mon minna! Please sit down."

Soon, after everyone had sat down, Sky looked around and smirked.

"Touki... pick someone."

"Okay.... I pick Zakuro! Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." She growled.

"Yes! I have the perfect dare..."

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