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"So... we are back." Touki stated lazily.

Aro threw a look at Touki, "You need to be more cheerful."

"Hai... hai..."

"Anyway!" Kisshu said loudly, "I want to pick Zakuro."

"Darey dare."

Minto blinked, "Darey.. dare?"

"Shut up Blue!" Kisshu muttered, "I dare you to open a can of dog food, using only yourself then eat it."

Zakuro blinked and picked a dog can up then pulled back the metal ring, stuffing her face with the beef. "Done."

Kisshu frowned, "How...?"

"Ryou." Zakuro called, "Truth or Dare?"

"Uh... truth I guess."

"Who is really your beloved?"

"Eheheheh... T...Touki."

The said girl choked on her drink, while Hareta flew around the room throwing meat balls at Ryou.

"Ehm.. Minto!"

"Eto.. dare."

"Go on a date with Zakuro in your swimming suits."

Minto went red and left with Zakuro, for the rest of the chapter.

"Aro, can I pick?"

Everyone turned around and turned to stone, apart from the Vampires. Jane stood there with her arms crossed, her eyes blood red.


"Purple elf and green girl, make out." Jane said, smirking darkly.

Pai twitched at the name and Retasu went beet red.

They slowly leaned towards each other and was soon kissing then making out. Touki pulled up a screen in front of them.

"Carlisle... marry me!" Lizzie cried.

"Um... sure?"

Aro smiled, "Everyone loves me."

"Ichigo! Wear this." Lizzie ordered, holding out the bogey green dress. Ichigo twitched and pulled it on.


"Truth na no da!"

"Kisshu or Pai?"

"Well.. na no da... since Pai Oniichan is taken by Retasu Oneechan... I pick Kisshu Oniichan na no da!"

"Masaya Oniichan?"

"Dare Purin-san."

"Go on a date with one of the Oneechans na no da."

"Um... Berri..." Masaya mumbled, as he left with the bunny/cat girl.

"Minna... play seven minutes in Heaven." An freaky voice murmured from the sky.

They all blinked before quickly joining up in pairs and leaving.

Ichigo went with Kisshu.

Retasu went with Pai.

Purin went with Taruto.

Ryou went with Touki?

Hareta punched Ryou and went with Touki.

Ryou went alone.

Keiichiro went with Leah.

Aro went with Jane.

Shiku went with Jun.

Sa left with Akite.

Sky frowned and left with Jacob.

Lizzie went with Carlisle.

*Seven minutes later*

Everyone came out, with their clothes and hair messed up.

"Well... that was fun." Pai mused, making Retasu's blush deepen.

"Right, Ryou truth or daaaare?" Shiku asked.


"Come in guys!" Shiku called.

Rows of six feet tall Elves with deadly weapons walked in, led by Kisshu, Pai, Shiku and Taruto.

Purin, Keiichiro, Jacob, Leah, Akite, Aro, Jane, Taruto, Carlisle, Kisshu, Edward and Jun all left the room, while the others watched from behind a glass room.

Ryou gulped, his heart thumping against his chest, "P-Please.. spare m-

The blond boy was cut off as a strangled scream came from him. Ten Elves were stabbing him with their arrows, one was ripping his eyes out of his eye sockets and the others were sawing his limbs off or just yanking them from their sockets. The heavy one flipped Ryou over and was jumping up and down on his back, snapping his spine. By the time they were done, only Ryou's leg was left. The Elves nodded and left to fix Ryou up and make him their sex slave.

"That was great!" Shiku gushed, jumping up and down.

"Hai!" Touki couldn't agree more, while Retasu looked a bit pale...

"Right Hareta! Kiss Touki." Shiku giggled.

"Okay." Hareta grinned then kissed Touki on the lips, making her face go slightly red.

"Hug Purin, Taruto!" Hareta ordered.

Taruto went red then gently hugged the hyper mew.

"Eto.. Jun."

"Truth Hareta."

"What do you think of Dawn?"

"Well.. she is beautiful... bu aiii! Shiku you are better!"

"I should hope so."

Jun sighed and hung his head, "Taruto have you ever been called a girl?"

"I don't wish to talk about that."

"Keiichiro do a sonnet for Zakuro." Shiku asked, more like ordered.

"Ah.. okay." He left and came back then showed it to everyone.

Shall I compare thee to an autumn's day?
The leaves fall gently to the ground,
Swiftly floating in elegance you, too, possess.
The gusts of wind make an entrance,
But not as big as you do everyday.
Your eyes flicker as the street lamps follow,
An intense purple, the colour of fall season.
They sparkle like the stars in autumn's cold night,
Twinkling without any fear of attracting attention.
A star, you are, Miss Zakuro.
Finally, you remind me of the moon,
A solemn and silent planet amongst our universe,
It is the last thing I see every night,
Therefore the last thing I think about before slumber kicks in.

"Aww, kawaii!"

"Well.. that is all minna, sorry if I missed any dares out!" Touki cried.