My first VF fic yeah! Hope you guys like it.

Warning: Yaoi, Non-con, Abuse, Angst, Torture.

Disclaimer: Asami, Akihito, and company belongs to Yamane Ayano. All other characters are OC's and belong to me.

Shattered Mirror

A rat scurried across the floor inside the dark, dank room. Its squeaks roused the broken figure chained to its wall. The blood seeping from the figure's wounds was thick and hot. The thick metallic smell mixed with the scent of urine and made him want to gag. They hadn't allowed him to use the bathroom since he'd been kidnapped. Eventually he hadn't been able to hold his bladder anymore, and head been forced to soil his own pants. When his kidnappers had seen this they had laughed and spit on him. One had repeatedly kicked him for it. The bastard had definitely broken some of his ribs. They had beaten him so badly he could hardly move anymore and his jaw was severely swollen from when one of is tormenters had socked him. Apparently he had a smart mouth and had crossed the line by making a disparaging remark about the man's mother. He barely registered the pain in his body anymore and his face had become frozen no longer showing emotion. He hadn't shown any pain at all. Not even earlier that day when they had sliced open his palms with a box cutter. Footsteps outside of the door to his cell caught his attention. The heavy door opened and the lights overhead flickered on filling the once dark room with blinding light. Even though the light hurt his eyes it was a relief after spending so much time in the dark. He lifted his head to see who the footsteps belonged to. In the doorway was the man whose mother he had insulted. The man was huge and burly with deeply tanned skin that was covered with patches of thick coarse hair. He bore a strong resemblance to a gorilla, an observation that had earlier resulted in a few kicks to the head. The gorilla smiled.

"The boss has finally come to see you."

He figured his kidnappers had to have had someone else pulling their strings. They were far too moronic to have set up any kind of scheme on their own. Cheese Wiz could beat these guys in an IQ test. The gorilla stepped out of the way to allow his boss passage. The new figure was impeccably dressed in a black suit that fit his firm hard body perfectly. Cold eyes looked at him in disgust.

"Well well Akihito Takaba."

Akihito listened to the words that flowed from those sensuous lips. Lips he knew so well. They had devoured him so many times before.


Asami smirked at him. Akihito's face, that had been frozen for so long, crumbled and he sobbed in pain.

Akihito thought it was impossible to be in more pain than he already was, but seeing Asami's face made him realize he was wrong. How could Asami do this to him? After what had happened in Hong Kong with Feilong he thought he and Asami had actually progressed into something resembling a relationship. So why this? What had he done wrong? He desperately racked his brain trying to come up with something he'd done that would have angered Asami. But recently all the assignments he'd taken had actually been helpful to Asami. Akihito had actually managed to help incriminate a lot of Asami's rivals in shady business dealings. In reality the only troublesome thing he'd done lately was take a picture of Asami with Akihito's Doraemon towel wrapped around his hips. However, Doraemon didn't warrant torture, and certainly not to this degree. There was nothing, absolutely nothing.

"Why Asami? Just answer me that."

Asami laughed at him.

"You fucking bastard! Tell me! What the fuck did I do wrong?"

Asami shook his finger and tsked at him, which struck Akihito as strange. He didn't see Asami as a finger-shaker or a tsker.

"Such language. You still haven't realized it have you?"

"Realized what?"

"I guess I'll just have to find a way to show you."

Asami came over to where Akihito lay slumped against the wall. Kneeling down he yanked off Akihito's stained pants and soiled underwear. Asami looked at him in disgust.

"You wet yourself? How…pathetic."

"Fuck you."

"No Takaba fuck you."

With that Asami shoved into him. Akihito shrieked in pain. Over and over Asami raped his hole with a brutality Akihito had never before experienced from him. He could barely breathe and hot white sparks were flashing behind his eyes. He could feel little tears opening on his inner walls, and Akihito knew, when Asami pulled out, there would be blood. He prayed over and over that this was all a dream. That he'd wake up next to the real Asami like always. Since Hong Kong Akihito was rarely alone at night, but he didn't mind. It was at night that Asami revealed himself the most, when he held Akihito tightly in his arms, and refused to let go till morning. Akihito looked up at Asami and realized their faces were only inches apart. Looking at his lover's face a thought struck him and shock coursed through his body.

"Oh my god…"

Asami paused in his harsh thrusting to smirk at him.

"So you've finally realized."


Akihito trailed off unable to finish his sentence. He remained mute from shock, even as Asami laughed and slammed back into him.

Akihito was in so much shock that the pain from Asami's sexual torture had dimmed a little. He'd finally figured it out. Why hadn't he realized sooner what he'd done wrong? The pain Akihito held in his heart and body constricted his throat and he sobbed out his words.

"Asami it's not what you think. Please, let me explain."

Asami glared at him. When he finally spoke he practically spat his words.

"You stupid brat!"

The look Asami gave Akihito terrified him. Asami had never looked at him with such anger and hatred. Akihito was so stunned that he didn't even see Asami's curled fist come flying straight towards his temple. The blow landed as Asami made his final thrust. Akihito passed out as Asami's seed spurted hotly inside him.