Dedication - This one is for all the fanfiction writers out there. You might get one review, a hundred or none. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.


NCIS Squad Room.

The room is almost empty except for Special Agent McGee sitting at his desk and staring glumly at his computer monitor. Suddenly from beside him he hears a noise and he looks up to see Abby hanging over the divider between his cubicle and the next.

"Abby! You nearly made me fall off my chair."
"Sorry" she says looking not at all contrite as she walks in front of his desk. "What ya doing?"
"Nothing" he replies trying and failing to look as if nothing is wrong.
"Want to try that again? I know you Tim something has upset you. Tell me. Maybe I can help."
"No, really it's nothing. It's silly. I don't even know why it has upset me."
"I can handle silly" she says with a grin. "Let me see." She walks around his desk, wraps her arms around him and resting her head on his shoulder begins to read what is on the screen.

"A review of Rock Hollow by the Sherlock Holmes Review, the most popular and comprehensive crime book review website." She reads on for a few minutes then walks back around to face him.
"I don't understand Tim. That was a fantastic review. They loved the characters and the plot. They said it was suspenseful and fast paced. A worthy follow up to Deep Six. What more do you want?"
"But what about what they said about Agent Tommy?"
"McGee! That was one line. I can't believe you are letting this upset you so. What is wrong with you? Tell me again why you write."
Tim smiles back at her. "I write to relax, to escape from some of the horrors we see in this job, to distract me from problems and sometimes for no real reason at all except it makes me feel good. You're right of course. It is just one line. Thanks Abs. I feel much better. Wanna go grab something to eat?"
They leave together; Tim feeling comforted to have shared his problem with a friend.