NCIS Squad Room. Late one evening.

"So, tonight is the night. You are going to tell her tonight."
"You promise? No chickening out at the last minute."
"And have you been practicing like I told you? You have to get this exactly right. It's a potentially awkward conversation to have. Maybe even dangerous."
"Of course I've been practicing. I want this to go well. Are you getting cold feet now? It was you who said this can't go on any longer. That I have to say something or things will never change."
"Are you really sure though? She may not take it the way you want her to."
"I am sure Tony. You convinced me. I must say something and tonight's the night."
"Good lu..."
"What are you guys talking about?" Ziva walks into the bullpen.
"Zee-vah! I thought you'd gone home. We really need to borrow those bells of Abby's for your neck."
"You even think that again Tony and I will..."
"You will what Agent David?"
"You do not want to know." She grins at them. "So what are you talking about?" She walks over to her desk and sits down.
"I've just been giving the probie here some advice."
"You would not understand. Secret men's business." He grins his usual infuriating grin at her.
"Oh!" he eyes widen with surprise. "I did not know the two of you were into that kind of thing."
"What are you talking about Ziva?' McGee queries hoping to get her off the issue of what they were talking about.
"Well I know you like office campfires Tony but I never imagined you were the type to sit almost naked around a campfire and share your feelings...unless there was a woman involved." She smiles at him. "Or is this your idea McGee?" The guys just stare at her for a moment until understanding begins to dawn.
"Not that type of secret men's business. It was just...ah..."
"I was helping him out with a little female problem he's got." Ziva chuckles. "What's so funny about that?"
"You giving advice about women. Where do I start?" He glares at her. "Well good luck McGee. I am sure you'll be fine." It's clear by the tone of her voice she's a bit doubtful of this. "Good night."
She leaves and Tony gathers his things together. "Text me and tell me how it goes. Night."
"Night." Tony leaves. After staring at his monitor for a further minute McGee packs up his things and heads out into the night.

A Local Coffeehouse.

Spotting Abby at her usual table he hurries over and gives her a hug before sitting down.
"Thanks for meeting me Abs."
"You did say it was important Timmy."
"Yeah." He finds that for all his practice he doesn't quite know where to begin.
"So what's up?" He just stares at her. "You're starting to scare me. Is something wrong?"
"No, no it's not. It's just that I want to do this properly. I want to get this right so please just wait until I finish okay?"
"We've worked together for awhile now and of course we used to date and I hope you know how I feel about you and you know that will never change and I feel uncomfortable about this but Tony said..."
"What's DiNozzo got to do with this?" Unsure if she wants to know where this is going she can't help herself and interrupts.
"Nothing really except we talked about this and he said I really need to tell you."
"Tell me what Tim?" She smiles at him.
"He said I need to tell you no more often. Like about helping with your home theater last week and the bowling practice the week before."
"But I thought you liked helping me?"
"I do."
"And didn't you help Tony with his system?"
"Yeah but that's not the point."
"Then what is?"
"It's alright. You can tell me."
"And you won't be mad?"
"Tim! I could never be mad with you."
"After you asked me about bowling Tony made a crack about you saying jump and me asking how high. "
"Tony says stuff like that all the time."
"I know but I thought about it and he's right. Sure we're friends as well as colleagues and I do like to help but I think sometimes you take me for granted."
"I've forgotten rule eight?' She smiles at him trying to lighten the mood.
"Precisely." He smiles a small nervous smile.
"Then I am so sorry Tim. I do appreciate it when you help and I'll try to let you know more often." She leans over and hugs him.
"That's all I ask."
"Shall I get us a coffee?"
"That would be great." As she heads to the counter he texts Tony. Told her. Went well.