After months of waiting the night had finally come,

The night that made all children's hearts drum.

Christmas had come in the Kohona Village at last,

And Team 7 was ready for a mighty fun blast.

They stood under the tree with wide eyes gleaming,

All in amazement with drool down their mouths streaming.

Time for presents their sensei announced proudly,

And Team 7 shouted in joy quite loudly.

Ladies first so Sakura open up your gift,

Why she got a coupon for a new face-lift.

Sasuke now, a new sharp knife,

The perfect tool to end your emo life.

Naruto what has you so down?

Ah, another piece of coal has made you frown.

Kakashi what's with you smiling so nice?

Oh dear another issue of Come Come Paradise…

Dear what a sad holiday this has been,

But Sasuke what is with the evil grin?

Where has Sakura wondered off too?

Oh Sasuke what did you do?

Sasuke where have you gone now,

Ah, I see now I shouldn't have a cow.

You just in the closet with Naruto playing a game

Dear god this game is not for children what ashame.

Put your clothes on both of you this minute,

Don't argue there is no way you can win it.

Out of my house Christmas I canceled this year,

Canceled until I get these images out of my head, oh dear.