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Chapter 1, go go go gooo~! ^o^

Was it fate?


"Argh, there's no way!" Mikan, the brunette. Bubbly and super optimistic. It seems that she's lost her homework for Jinno-sensei's maths class...whoa. She's going to be in big trouble!! Mikan, Mikan, Mikan... -sigh-

Well....Mikan Sakura isn't your typical "little girl" Oh yes. Definitely. And as officially, her fate was about to change. Now, and forever.

"I found it..!!!! Yesssss! " The brunette jumped in joy. She went and rushed to her bag, grabbed the piece of paper and ran out the door.

The sound of her shoes echoed throughout the corridor as she ran. "I'm going to be lat-umph!" Mikan bumped into a certain black haired boy. And fell flatly on her bottom. Mikan pouted, "Natsume..? You're late too?"

"Hn." And Natsume just kept walking slowly, and cooly with his hands in his pockets. "Wai-Natsume! Wait for me!" The brunette ran and caught up with Natsume.

They both entered into Class B only to find so much noise ring in and out through their ears.

Mikan covered her ears with her palms. "H-hey! Everyone... why are you all so loud...?!" Nonoko and Anna went up to Mikan. It looked like they wanted to tell Mikan something...

"Mikan-chan! Did you hear..? A new student is transferring into the academy!" The pink haired girl and the girl with the slightly light blue-ish colored hair said in chorus.

The brunette's eyes widened. Eh..? At this time of year..? Thats weird..Mikan quirked her eyebrow and continued alking to her seat.

Natsume, who was also at his seat, was being informed by the same thing. It was just too odd to transferr a student at this time of year. Because it's exam week, right?


The door flew open and who stood there was Mochu. Huffing and puffing, obviously out of breath. The class stopped their gossips and turned to Mochu. He looked like he wanted to say something, too.

"Everyone...! I saw the new kid around the corner..." Mochu informed still trying to catch his breath.

"Ehh...?! Soo? What'd he look like..?!" One of the kids blurted out.

Mochu paused for a moment.

"White....hair. Cold face and eyes...."

"Ehh....White hair..?!"


Everyone stayed silent. And the atmosphere became dull, everyones heads were filled of images and you guessed it, alright. They were predictions of what his appearance would look like. Especially with..."white hair."

"Ahh..." Koko said. Everyone still had their faces shocked as images flowed into their mind and didn't seem to notice Koko. "I just thought of something....'Cold face and eyes' was Mochu said.."

Suddenly it hit them. Everyone turned their heads to the certain raven haired boy sitting at the back of the room , reading his MMORPG manga. Natsume slowly removed his manga from his face and stared at the students.

"What." A totally dark aura emerged from Natsume which immediately gave shivers to their spines.

The class quickly shifted their faces and thanked the heavens that there was a nullification girl in the room.

"Class..?" A certain (gay) teacher popped his head into the room. "Hello minna-san!"

The class groaned. Of course, he'd come in wearing a girly costume.

Narumi- sensei grinned and moon-walked into the class room. I'm too cool, I'm too cool..hehe. Koko sweatdropped all the way from across the room.

"Okay, now. We'll be having a new classmate with us ...come in, Hitsugaya-kun!" The gaily obsessed teacher welcomed

Step step

The girls blushed deep scarlet as their eyes widened,

Step step

The boys melted into a decay of jealousy,

"Everyone, this is Hitsugaya Toshiro. He has recently come from Karakura town." Narumi smiled. Toshiro stepped up to the front of the class boredly.

"Wahhh! He's so-so..!"



"Weird hair, man."

"Hey. Sensei why is he here any way?" Sumire asked, who was twirling her permed hair with her finger, with glittery eyes and obviously blushing.

Narumi grinned. "I tend to want to pick things up."

The mysterious white hared Hitsugaya smirked. "Tch. How hobo of you." And at that, Hitsugaya cooly put his hands in his pockets and walked down the classroom to the nearest empty seat.

He's just like Natsume.....Everyone thought in chorus.

But he stopped his feet. He stopped his feet and stared widely at a certain brunette. His eyes widened.

"It's you-!"

Mikan tilted her head slightly and was confused. Me..?

Hitsugaya shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. He proceeded to the nearest seat. Which was of course, the desk next to Mikans.

-Toshiro's P.O.V-

Great. Just great. First, I'm forced to go to an academy which is so strange. Damn you Matsumoto!

But who the heck is that girl? She's so..fimiliar?

I turned my head to look at her, her eyes were already gazing upon me. "Ah, Toshiro-kun! How did you get that hair style..?" the girl smiled brightly.

Ah, geez. She just met me and she's already calling me formally?....."It's Hitsugaya-san to you." I quickly informed her icily. I didn't want her to say anymore than that. She nodded and turned to talk to the raven haired dude sitting next her. I'm sure, he's named "Natsume Hyuuga" I heard him all over the place when I transfered here.

But, it's not that....I can't really think about that right now. It's that girl. That brunette. Right there, just a few inches from me.

She's too fimiliar. And maybe she might just start to triger the memories.....the memories that I lost.

-Normal P.O.V-

Koko gazed at the white haired boy strangely. It was weird. It seems that Koko couldn't even once read his mind. This hasn't ever happened to him before, it was just too unatural.

Natsume, was also staring at the new student strangely. He had been attemting to burn his shorts a little when he had confronted Mikan, but it didn't work. It was just like ice. An ice too cold to even comprehend with Natsume's fire.

Just who is this guy?

.:To be continued:.

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