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Was it fate?


"Dun dun dunnnn." Koko said dramatically.

"So, you're saying that you could only see Mikan in Hitsugaya's mind?" The purple eyed girl said. She's known as the "ice queen" .

"Uh-huh. Don't mention this to anyone, okay?" Koko said. Of course he had to tell somebody about what he saw, and he made the best choice. Not Natsume, because, obviously he would get really mad. Not any of Hitsugaya's fan girls, because, obviously, they would get really mad at Mikan. No one but the one and only Hotaru Imai. She was the best friend of Mikan, but then again, she's close to the best friend of Natsume too -Ruka Nogi.

"Interesting..." Hotaru murmured. There's really something about that guy with the silver hair.

"Oh! And also...I heard this from someone's mind the other day...." Koko broke down into a whisper during the last few words of his scentence. He didn't want anyone to hear, because what he was about to say is super duper top secret.

"What?" Hotaru asked, showing the least bit of curiosity. Well, Hotaru thought that what Koko was going to say wasn't all that big.

Oh but it was.

"Hitsugaya dropped his I.D the other day and....there seemed to be no birthdate on it." Koko whispered, looking around if anyone was nearby, curious to see if anyone heard. Fortunately, they were the only ones in the classroom.

"Eh?" Hotaru's eyes widened, and for the first time in weeks she was suprised.

The formally known "ice queen" smirked a little. "Even more interesting..."

Oh yes. You guessed it.

Hotaru Imai was going to investigate this "Hitsugaya Toshiro"

..until she finds an answer.

-Natsume's point of view-

Tch. I really have to stop thinking about what happened yesterday, if Koko reads my mind while I'm thinking about what happened, he'll surely laugh-

"So, you're saying that you could only see Mikan in Hitsugaya's mind?"

My eyes widened.


Is this a joke? No. It can't be. It's late after classes....they must've thought no one would be around.

I stopped infront of the slightly opened door of our class room. That sounded like Imai just now. So this is how she knows all my secrets, right? Or not.

I kept listening and dug my nose into their conversation. I had to listen, it was about Mikan after all.

"Hitsugaya dropped his I.D the other day and....there seemed to be no birthdate on it." I barely heard it, but good thing I have good ears.

So I was right.

He isn't even an alice user.

Nothing at all like that.

"Even more interesting..." I heard Hotaru say.

At that, I walked away, and I had one thing in mind.

I was going to find Mikan.

Mikan, Sakura tree

Mikan was there, reading the book "I so love my Best Friend".She was getting interested, but she didn't understand why the best friend in the story was a boy, and not a girl. Mikan thought that it would be kinda like her and Hotaru, but I guess she thought wrong.

Oh yes.

It was a love story. :)

"..and so, he hugged her and whispered the words, "I love you"..." Mikan muttered, reading her book outloud.

"Mikan." The brunette heard someone say. She turned around, and suprisingly, it was Natsume!

"N-Natsume! Why are you here?" Mikan asked, obviously startled.

"Hn." Natsume simply replied, and sat down next to her. Mikan shrugged her shoulders and just continued reading. He peeked at what she was reading..it was "I so love my best friend" . Inside, he chuckled a little, it was so typical of Mikan to pick a book like that.

For a moment he thought if he and her were in a situation like "I so love my best friend" , he'd definitely want to be the best friend. Being loved by Mikan, accepting his feelings for her, that would surely make him happier than ever.

"So..." Mikan started to say, as she put her book on her lap. "How was your day?" She asked, attempting to break the silence between them. Mikan didn't really know why Natsume was here, so she thought she'd make a conversation instead of asking.

"....." Natsume just stared at her.

"Hmm...if you won't tell me, then I'll tell you about my day!" Mikan smiled. As always, she was excited. "Well...today..." She continued. And suprisingly, Natsume was interested in listening. It was just really fascinating for him, this one girl in front of him is always able to draw his attention. It was quite amazing, actually. It seemed like Mikan was the only girl that could make Natsume feel so fascinated.

"...then Toshiro-kun and me.." Mikan started to say.

Eh? What's this?

Natsume's eyes were wide open by now. "You and Hitsugaya?" He interrupted her long-morning-afternoon story.

"Yeah! He may seem really quiet...but he's quite talkative." Mikan stated.

"You were...talking to him?" Suddenly Natsume's voice became harsh and hoarse. This reminded him of the conversation he overheard about Toshiro and his weird mind filled with Mikan and no birthdate on hi I.D.

"Eh? Yes....why?" Mikan was a bit startled at Natsume's sudden change of tone.

Natsume stood up. And Mikan followed, it was like he wanted her to stand up too, so she did.

"Did he do anything to you?"


"Stay away from him then. " Natsume demanded.

"Eh? Why?!" Mikan protested, angered a little. "..what's up with you today, Natsume? So much questions..it's not like you-"

Then she felt his arms around her.

"You should. Or next time, you might not be here talking to me in one piece. He's dangerous. So don't." Natsume whispered in her ear. It tickled her a little, but despite that, she was wondering why he was warning her about Toshiro. Mikan was sure he wasn't dangerous at all.

Natsume walked away, now satisfied about telling her to stay away from him.

But one more thing he should know.

He left a blushing Mikan, dazzled by him, standing there...

trying to calm her heart, trying to believe that what happened just now was all but a dream.

Even though it wasn't.

It was real.

Toshiro, by a classroom window.

-Toshiro's point of view-

What was that just now? Mikan and Natsume embracing? No way..

that can't be.

Natsume walked away already. Was it just a friend hug?

Wait a second. Why am I caring so much? It's not like it's any of my buisness. I looked once more, and Mikan was there, still standing. I always watch her here, by the window when she reads. She was holding onto her cheeks as if she was flustered. Wait--! Is she flustered? Does this mean that she has feelings for him?!

Ugh! Dammit! Why do I even care...? How is it that Mikan is making me this way? This one girl. Her.

At that moment..what was it? When my heart had a sudden loud "thump", to be honest...it stung a little.

I sat on the desk, resting my forehead on my two human hands, looking down. I was drowning into my thoughts, confused.

What is it? Anger? No. Jealousy?

There was one question I didn't know. Infact, the only question I didn't have an answer to. When I'm with Mikan, or whenever I see her, the same question always appears.

"What is this feeling?"

.:To be continued:.

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