Ring of Memories

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters and information do not belong to this author. They belong to J.K. Rowling. So don't sue me… please…

"What's this?" Draco wondered to himself while picking up a strange-looking ring with gleaming green emerald eyes as the setting.  "What a strange thing…" he said to himself while slipping it on.  A sudden surge of bitter hatred and sour love filled him.

Young little Snape walked down the hallways gloomily, his thick black hair flowing back as he gained speed.  Tears started to fall down his face in rivers as he gripped his books tightly to his chest and ran through the corridors of Hogwarts.

Draco suddenly ran down the hallway with tears stinging his eyes for some reason.  Crabbe and Goyle followed him, wondering what on earth got into him.

"It's unfair!  UNFAIR!" Severus stumbled through the corridors, hitting the wall angrily while he clumsily made his way through it.  Scratches and bruises formed onto his sallow skin.  "I hate them!  I hate them all!" he screamed in rage.

Draco found a lump in his throat as he started to hit the walls madly while he ran through the corridors.

Severus made his way out of the castle and onto the Hogwarts grounds.

Draco ran madly out of the castle, tears flowing freely down his eyes.  He was running towards a huge misshapen tree.  Its branches were like elephants' trunks, all curled up and rough.  A panic went through him.

The little boy ran across the short grass, blinded by his tears, he came in front of a fairly large tree with strangely shaped branches that curled inwards and outwards in different directions.

Severus ran towards it, not hearing voices shouting for him, screaming for him to stop.

HELP! He tried to say but the lump in his throat prevented him to do so.  Blurred words swooshed through his mind, flooding him with unfamiliar memories but strangely familiar faces.  He didn't hear the cries of his peers for him to stop.  He didn't hear the commands of the teachers.  He didn't hear the quick footsteps that ran towards him.  One thing was for sure, he was headed for the Whomping Willow.

Severus ran up to the tree with full force.  He tripped over a large root and stumbled to the ground.  The earth heaved with the rage and anger that had awakened its rest.  The branches started to flail out in all directions.

Severus knelt on the ground, unconscious of the reality and danger he was in.  The branches tore out madly and finally, a long branch snatched Severus up by the back of his shirt and threw him high into the air.  Severus got his consciousness back together and realized he was going to die.  He started screaming for help while the humongous tree tossed him back and forth in its branches.  Suddenly, the tree threw him towards the cliff.  Severus closed his eyes as his heart thumped and pumped with fear.

A boy with messy black hair and round glasses suddenly leapt at Draco, knocking him over before a huge branch tore at him.  The branches wailed about, twisting its branches and grabbing out for the intruder.  Draco was saved.

The black-haired boy fell towards the cliff.  The end… good… Severus thought bitterly.  There was a good thing to death, there was no pain, no sorrow, no anger, no hate.  He wouldn't remember anything.  He'd just be in between oblivion and eternal darkness.  Good… he thought again as the wind blew swiftly through his thick black hair.

Suddenly, a body leapt up at him, grabbing his waist, bringing him to the ground safely.  A boy about the same age of Severus stood up and adjusted his round glasses.  A grin was on his face, a satisfied grin.  He brushed himself off and smiled at Severus.

"P—Potter?!" Draco stuttered breathlessly.  He quickly lost his voice again and was held down by Crabbe, Goyle, Snape and Lupin.  Draco twitched and struggled in their arms as the vision continued.

"How dare you?!" Severus snarled wildly at James Potter.  He glared angrily at the pretty girl that stood behind him.  "I owe you my life, maybe, but you owe me something much greater." He hissed and turned on his heel, wiping his face angrily.

"Malfoy!  Hold still!" Snape snarled while grasping the boy's twitching hand.  He saw the ring and pulled it off Draco's finger and hid it in his pocket.

Draco breathed in and his muscles relaxed.  He fell unconscious.

"Harry," Dumbledore smiled.  "Thank you for saving young Draco.  It sort of reminds me of an incident involving…"

"Sir…" Snape intervened.

"Oh, good afternoon Professor Snape." Dumbledore smiled.

"Malfoy will be all right now." Snape nodded.  He cast a quick glance at Harry and turned and left.

"Anyway Harry, go on back to your classes… the excitement is over." Dumbledore took off his glasses and started wiping them with a large yellow handkerchief.  "30 points to Gryffindor, by the way!"

"I can't believe this…" Severus Snape sighed to himself while toying with the curiously shaped ring in his hands.  "All these years…" he squeezed the ring tightly, hatefully.

He stared at the dulled silver of the ring and the bright emerald eyes then quietly slipped it on in the confinement of the dungeon.  A shiver went through his body.

He clearly saw the face of his heart's desire above his own.  The woman's eyes closed and she leaned closer to him.  A sweet tingle of touching flesh coursed through his veins.

"Lily…" Severus Snape mumbled as the vision blurred and blanked out.


Author's Note: It's a good one… sort of anyway… Well, it came to me when I got this necklace and I was staring at the T.V. and then this movie comes in and this person had these flashbacks and then I got to my laptop and made this… lame story… hope you liked it!