It was two in the morning at the new bar just down the road from NCIS headquarters, Ziva David sat on the barstool, very drunk.

She picked up her cell phone, pressing speed dial 2, a very familiar name came onto the screen; Gibbs.

She smiled, swaying on the stool, "Hello sexy"

Gibbs checked his caller id a few times, then put it back to his ear, "Ziva?"

She nodded, "Yes it is me, where are you?"

He was still in shock, "Did you just call me sexy?"

She nodded again although he couldn't see her, "Yes I did indeed, cause you are very sexy Jethro, very very sexy. Where are you?"

"I'm on my way, where are you? Are you drunk?"

She grinned, "I'm at the new bar, errrm on Walnut Street"

"Are you drunk?"

She giggled, "Yep, but I love you so that's okay"

"Your just saying that because you're drunk Zee"

She shook her head, "Nope I love you"

"Okay, I love you too"

He walked into the bar, and grabbed her as she almost fell off the stool, and she landed in his arms, "Hello sexy"

The man behind her seemed to be trying to get her, and she turned to him, "Don't touch me or my boyfriend will kick your ass"

Gibbs pulled her away from the creep, he liked the sound of him being her boyfriend but she was drunk

He lifted her up, as she leant into him, and carried her out to the car and drove her home to his, and got her into bed, as he went to leave she pulled him back, "Stay with me, please?"

He nodded and got in beside her, spooning her from behind.

They did love each other but when they wouldn't know anything till they woke in the morning and were both sober.