After Brian exploded into Justin's mouth (and Justin sat back up), Brian kissed Justin's lips gently. Then he asked, "So you feel like going to Babylon for a drink, a dance, and a fuck before we head home?"

Justin smiled. He became blissfully happy every time Brian said that word ("home"). Since Brian had bought that four-story Victorian (with two cherry trees out front) for them, "home" had taken on a completely new meaning. Justin drawled, "Sure." Brian smiled (a little) and turned right (instead of left), heading back toward Liberty Avenue.

Jacob finally found the body he wanted to inhabit (for the night). With light brown hair and large sea green eyes, the man was gorgeous. He also had a broad, perfectly muscled chest and kind, compassionate eyes, to which he knew William would have a strong positive reaction.

Ben was angry. Angrier than he'd ever been. And sad. So sad. He and Michael had broken up shortly after Brian and Justin's party. Ben had seen the bitterness, anger, and deep jealousy in Michael's eyes when Brian had said that he loved Justin, and Ben had lost all patience. He knew that Michael still held a torch for Brian, but, somehow, he'd convinced himself that soon Michael would forget all about Brian. That someday, he would be enough for Michael. But after their big blow out following the party, Ben was less sure.

It had all started with Michael's whining. "I can't believe Brian actually bought that little twat a house…and that he said…" Michael couldn't even finish that sentence, that thought. It was incomprehensible. He shook his head and continued, "The little asshole cheated on Brian! CHEATED on BRIAN. The hottest guy to ever walk into Babylon!"

Ben flinched at that. Unable to keep the hurt and annoyance out of his voice, he hissed, "And me? What am I? A troll?"

Michael looked at his boyfriend for the first time since before Brian had made his "little announcement." "What?"

Ben pressed, "You just said that Brian was the hottest guy to ever walk into Babylon. So I'm asking you, what does that make me?"

"Oh Ben…I didn't mean…"

Ben turned away, cutting him off, "Whatever." Then he swung back around. "So what if Brian told a party full of people that he loves his boyfriend? So what if he bought them a house? What's it to you?"

Michael was suddenly scared. Ben had never called him on his feelings for Brian before. Not directly. He stammered, "I…um…"

Ben snapped, "That's right. Nothing. Brian doesn't love you like that. He'll never love you like that! In fact, if I understand Brian, and, after everything you've told me and what I've seen, I think I do, I'm almost absolutely certain that Brian will never love anyone like he loves Justin. So you need to fucking deal with it!"

Michael's eyes widened (Ben hardly ever swore) and started to fill with tears (Michael didn't want to believe Ben was right). What he should have been more concerned about (rather than whether or not Ben was right) was whether Ben was about to dump him. Which, of course, he was. Ben sighed and shook his head once more. "Michael, you need to get over Brian. When you do, give me a call." Then he strode out of Michael's apartment and slammed the door. Michael just blinked. What had just happened?

So now, the next night, Ben was at Babylon. Drinking and watching men dance. He couldn't trick, though he wanted to, but just being around sweaty half-naked bodies undulating to the thumpa, thumpa, thumpa of the music, somehow, made him feel better. Then Ben caught the eye of the gorgeous man with light brown hair and sea green eyes who had caught Jacob's attention, the man who'd been Justin's savior earlier that night, though neither Ben nor Jacob knew that, the man named Kyran. Kyran was at Babylon looking for a trick, a hot body to help him forget blond hair, crystal-blue eyes, and a shy smile. When Kyran's eyes lighted on Ben, he knew he'd found the perfect distraction. And from what he could tell, that man needed someone to distract him just as badly. Kyran smiled and sauntered up to the man.

"Hi. You look lonesome. Need some company?"

Ben raked his eyes over the man's beautiful body (which he could see very clearly because his shirt was still off, from removing it at the diner, ruined as it was by hot coffee, though Ben didn't know that, and his jeans were very tight). But then he sighed and shook his head. He confessed (into the man's ear, as the music was quite loud in the club), "As much as I do need company, I can't."


"I'm…I'm positive."

Kyran shrugged. "So? We'll use condoms."

Ben shivered, a delicious shiver, as he let himself imagine, for a second, that he could take the man up on his offer. Then he replied solemnly, "No. I couldn't let you take that risk."

"It's mine to take. I want you. You're so hot. The hottest guy here."

Ben swallowed hard. God, he so needed to hear that. In that moment, he couldn't help but take what this beautiful man was so freely offering. That's how Kyran and Ben ended up in the backroom. Right next to Brian and Justin, who'd had a drink and a dance and were now indulging in a fuck. At the moment, Brian and Justin were oblivious to Kyran and Ben, and Ben was oblivious to Brian and Justin, for he was pressed against the wall, eyes shut tight, as Kyran plunged his huge cock inside Ben, over and over. Ben didn't often bottom, but tonight he needed to feel a deep connection to someone (to someone who wasn't Michael). He needed to feel wanted and taken. And Kyran (Ben and Kyran had introduced themselves before Kyran had thrust his tongue into Ben's mouth and then his cock into Ben's ass) was giving him everything he needed and then some. Ben had never, never, felt so possessed, so desired. Kyran was licking and sucking on his neck and caressing Ben's ass and hips as he fucked him. Of course, Ben had no idea that this overwhelming desire and need to own Ben's body was inspired by Justin, who was currently writhing against Brian as Brian thrust into him. Ben had no idea that he was only a peripheral cause of Kyran's desperate moans and grunts. But even if Ben had known, he wouldn't have been disappointed. He wouldn't have felt he had the right to be. He was using Kyran to forget about Michael, after all.

Jacob didn't know what either Ben or Kyran was thinking. The only thing on his mind was the glorious night of fucking he and William would have in Kyran and Ben's bodies. They were so beautiful, and they fit together so well. They were perfect!

TBC…(later tonight, I hope)

A/N: Ben and Michael's separation is only temporary. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm just using Ben for his hotness. I don't generally write Ben/Mikey, so please forgive any mistakes I make.