Dirge: YO! You all have read my song-fic 'Teardrops on my Telescope', right? YOU SHOULD HAVE! That song-y thingy inspired me to write a BUNCH of things like that! ZaDR, ZaGR, ZaTR, and songs just from their POV, you name it, I have it! AWESOME, RIGHT? This is just, like, the intro or… something. I dunno. I might not be able to update often though, cuz of skool and that I'm marrying Dib soon.

Dib: What?

Dirge: You didn't know?

Dib: When the heck did I propose to you?

Dirge: You haven't… yet.

Dib: Yet?

Dirge: I AM IN CONTROL OF THESE STORIES! I can MAKE you. Falls into bout of demonic laughter

Dib: looks scared

Dirge: Anyway, I'm gonna put up the first one and put Teardrops on my Telescope on it as well today. WHOO!

Dib: If you have any songs that you think she should rewrite, send her ideas in reviews and stuff, and if she uses it, she'll dedicate it to you and tell people to read your stuff. If you want her to. She looks at all her readers profiles and read their stories, cuz she's weird like that.

Dirge: Right on, Dibby. That's why I love you! Glomps him

Dib: AGH!