Drifting aimlessly through space was the aft section of a spaceship, the ship was quite badly damaged and had seen better days but now it was drifting, far away from home and far from its creators civilisation of humanity. Despite this the ship still housed two life forms: one was an AI, an artificial intelligence who had been in sleep mode for many weeks now, accompanying her was her protector, the so called "saviour of Humanity" John 117, the Master Chief.

The Chief and his companion had been drifting for many weeks now, after detonating the ark, a powerful weapon built by his ancestors to stop an alien race known as the flood, and saving the known universe. The Chief and Cortana were sleeping peacefully. The ship, 'Forward unto Dawn', had been ripped in half following the explosion at the ark and only one half had made it through the portal back to earth, this half contained the Chief's other companion, an alien known as the Arbiter who had since returned to his home planet. Humanity had built several memorials to the Chief, believing him to be dead, not knowing he drifted silently through the stars.

It was here that the new chapter begins and the Chief will learn that there are far more terrifying things out in the stars than just the Flood.

Stirring in his sleep the Chief was dreaming. He dreamt of Earth and how humanity had endured thanks to him. He had no regrets leaving it, for that's what he had been trained to think: do what must be done, and he had done that. The cryo-pod he was in prevented him from awakening and kept him in blissful slumber. Meanwhile, outside in the cold space, another ship was approaching. This ship was most definitely not human and contained many strange life forms. The ship's scanners began to scan the 'Forward unto Dawn' for life signs. They picked up one, and a signal resonating from the ship's CPU, the aliens who scanned it conversed with one another speaking in a language quite peculiar to that the Chief was used to.

The time that was spent scanning the ship had allowed Cortana to be awoken. She peered through the ship to view the spacecraft and realised this wasn't covenant troops, or the flood. By being in such a poor condition neither she, nor the ship, were to put up much resistance so it was no problem for these strange aliens to get access through the airlocks. By activating a strange cloaking device the three aliens began to scour the ship for the life form and AI. Cortana on the other hand had awoken the Chief, quickly asserting herself and gaining access to his helmet she filled him in on what was happening. They were in poor gravity, which meant that the Chief's movement was slower than usual and meant he was more vulnerable. However as long as he shot first he would win. The aliens, on the other hand, had found the Chief's cryo-pod. However no life form was located, instead they found an empty space with an empty gun rack. The Chief watched silently from behind some crates as the aliens used high tech equipment built into their strange helmets to scan the records of the pod until they found what they were looking for: a file on John 117, the last surviving Spartan. Decrypting and translating it into their own language the aliens scanned the data file. Reading it with interest as they read about his military campaign against the covenant, the flood, and how the Chief was the final surviving super soldier and all he was capable of doing.

The Chief, deciding that now was the time to act, began to creep up behind the alien. However, instead of firing off a round, he thought it to be simpler to knock the alien out like he had done to so many before. He crept closer. The alien was still unaware of his presence. Readying the butt of his assault rifle he struck. He made perfect contact with the alien but it was unaffected. Startled, the Chief leapt back in amazement as this alien turned around revealing a physique to rival any Brute or even any Hunter he had seen before. Dreads and strange armour covered this being and it wasn't long before the Chief found himself face down on the metallic floor of the 'Forward unto Dawn', before he blacked out.

The Chief awoke feeling lighter. He looked around before realising his armour had been removed. Sitting up he found himself in a room with no-one else around before noticing his armour on the far side of the table he was opposite, not hesitating he picked it up and put it on before noticing something was different. It was clean, shiny, and felt like it had been reinforced with something. Not stopping to admire the detail the Chief located a door and snuck out. In the next room he found various computers and other non-human mechanics which appeared strange to him. Looking around the room he saw two of the aliens standing around some kind of virtual screen. Popping up from the screen was Cortana. Not stopping to think the Chief ran in to attempt to liberate his comrade from the aliens, but being in his armour on metallic flooring the aliens quickly picked him up before turning around. The Chief attempted to throw a punch with his right hand at the creature which was easily blocked before he was knocked across the floor skidding to a halt at the base of one of the computer terminals. Then one of the aliens raised its hand as if to say "stop", then it placed its hands upon its mask and removed it. The Chief was shocked, standing before him was one of the most extra-ordinary aliens he had seen before, built like a human but far stronger with peculiar skin. The alien had dreads and a weird jaw which reminded him of the Elites on his previous encounter, it was then he heard Cortana speak.

"Chief," she said, "It's alright, they aren't hostile. They saved us from drifting and they were allowing me access to their mainframe so I could persuade you."

"Persuade me to do what?" asked the Chief standing tall to face his alien adversary.

"Help them." replied Cortana softly

The Chief was bemused. Why would they, a strong race, need his help? They could have killed him then and there. He thought about this for a second, although his fight was over, he was still a Spartan and he was meant to be called to duty whenever he was needed.

"What do they need me for?" he asked.

"To fight a race of creatures they have been battling for many thousands of years." replied Cortana.

"And what exactly is it I'll be fighting?"

"I'm not sure, they won't allow me access until you have proven yourself, all they gave me is the name of the race in their language."

"Which is?"

"Translated to our tongue? Xenomorph. I'm cross referencing it with military records from the 'Dawn', we may have run into them before. The 'Dawn' wasn't always a military ship. During its early years it was a cargo vessel used by a company called Weyland-Yutani"

The Chief stood there staring at these creatures, before he finally spoke:

"Alright. I'm in."