Chapter 7 - Predators don't leave plasma bur...oh wait they do

As The Chief sat in the Phantom drop ship with his newly configured armour he thought to himself, how did he get into all of this?. It was not that long ago that he was a simple Petty Officer on the planet Reach before it was besieged by the Covenant. As he looked across at his two companions on this mission, The Arbiter and the former Arena Champion Rhil Vahg, he thought that they were once his enemies, enemies who had killed his once friends and many Spartan Super-Soldiers on Reach, not to mention countless UNSC soldiers and human civilians on planets which had fallen victim to the Covenant in the years before the glassing of Reach and the discovery of the Halo Rings. He heard a knocking on the inside of his helmet

"I know what you're thinking" said Cortana interrupting his thought process "but now is not the time to visit the past, these new foes present a clear danger to the galaxy, as an A.I I would want to study them, but as an A.I with human emotions and thoughts...I want them gone before they can harm anyone"

The Chief thought to himself that she was right, these new threats these, Xenomorphs and Xenopredators, they were much more of a threat to humanity now, and The Elites he was fighting with had already helped save humanity from The Prophet of Truth and his Brute army. The Arbiter had even escaped the collapsing Ark with him, there was no need for him to hold this grudge with them, he may not have been able to forgive the Elites for their mass murder of humans during the war, but he could at least suppress it for the greater good, for now.

"Bearing 763 on Quadrant Wharg" Shouted an Elite Pilot from the control room of the Phantom, "We are almost at the Pyramid"

The Arbiter took his weapons, he wielded his Energy blade, which had served him well as he cut through the Flood infested High Charity and Ark Facility. Examining his blade he saw the Chief facing the floor. "Demon, you should not be disheartened, The Predators decieved you for their own game, they have no honour and gain pleasure in deception much like the Prophets"

"Pah" cut in Rhil Vahg "The Demon is a fool for being easily deceived" Rhil Vahg continued to examine his dual blades which seemed to put out a strange blue/purple aura and his plasma rifle which gave off a similar effect

The Chief noticed Rhil Vahgs glowing weaponry and turned to The Arbiter who seemed to know what he was going to say. "Rhil Vahgs weaponry are his own, he spent many years during conflict altering his weapons and adding new power sources in from planets which The Covenant took over, his blades use an experiments mineral which outputs an almost limitless amount of power, allowing
him to wield them almost indefinitely and giving them more power than a normal energy sword, the aura makes the blade more potent and have more cutting ability, he only wields them in dire situations or heavy combat missions, and in a fight with a normal energy sword his ones would easily slice through it"

The Chief looked over at his Arena nemesis as he inspected the inner workings of his altered plasma rifle, The Arbiter continued talking "His plasma rifle too has also been tweaked. It uses the power of three normal plasma rifles and can potentially burn though walls, although it has not been fully tested in a combat environment, but we anticipate it has more power than the basic xenopredator shoulder mounted cannon which only the young or un-proven of their race wear"

"30 second till drop" shouted back the Elite Pilot

"This is it Chief" said Cortana "I hope you're ready"

The Chief stood up "Time to End this fight" he said confidently

"Wait what is...ARRRHG" they heard from the command room of the Phantom, they suddenly felt the Phantom begin to plummet

Three Predators looked on from the trees in the Jungle as one of them put away his shoulder mounted Cannon and watched as his prey fell from the sky and crashed into the Jungle below. Showing no contempt for it, he looked at his two subordinates and beckoned them to follow as they would stalk any survivors into the pyramid and they would become part of the Xenomorph hunt.

Climbing from the wreckage The Chief, The Arbiter and Rhil Vahg searched for the pilots, but realised that they were the surivivors of this crash, The Arbiter inspected the wreckage of the Phantom. "This was no accident" he proclaimed "These burns are from Shoulder mounted cannons carried by the xenopredators"

Rhil Vahg quickly drew both his blades and began to looks around where he stood "COME OUT YOU COWARDS!" He yelled at the top of his voice "FACE ME, I'LL CUT YOU DOWN WHERE YOU STAND!"

Cortana interrupted "that's not going to work, they are hunters, even if the prey becomes aware, they will just keep stalking you until they feel like they can get the most satisfaction out of the kill"

Rhil Vahg looked over at The Chief and withdrew his blades "hmph, pathetic cowards" he commented as he walked away

"Judging from your data the Pyramid can't be more than a few hundred meters away" Said Cortana

"Yes" replied The Arbiter "It is in a crater a 500 meters to the west"

"Then West is Where we head" Said Rhil Vahg angrily storming into the jungle followed by The Arbiter

"Hurry Demon, we cannot waste time" he said as he disappeared into the jungle

The Chief stood for a moment thinking to himself, to which Cortana interrupted again

"Don't worry, they would want you to face the foe they wanted you to face, you'll make it to that pyramid then you can finish this with them and these xenomorphs, maybe before it even starts this time" she added cheerfully.

The Chief looked into the jungle into the trees before heading out into the deep bushes to the pyramid, he seemed fully aware of the three Predators who were watching him from the trees where he was looking. One of them had his eyes fixed on the Chiefs visor, before he left towards the pyramid, almost like he was trying to stare down his prey. The Predator was thinking about how The Elites had, rather than kill The Chief, allow him to live and worse for the Predators, upgraded his armour. The Predator opened up a sub-routine on his wrist computer and scanned the Chiefs armour after he had left. Based on power outlets and visual data, not to mention the new weapon systems which the Elites had installed onto his previous armour, The Predators computer now rated the Chiefs armour as being a Class 10, going by Fore-runner measurements.

The Predator sent this data back to the control ship and awaited instruction, shortly after sending this new data on The Chief to his ship a new message arrived, it read "This New development will certainly be a problem for the initial plan, his new armour class of 10 exceeds anything we had planned for him. However he must be allowed into the Pyramid along with his companions, no matter how strong they are eventually they will become overwhelmed by the Xenomorphs superior numbers and viciousness, you are to stalk them and eliminate any Xenomorph which gets in your way, once they are dead you are to continue with your primary task, Capture the Queen and freeze her for transport to the Spartans Homeworld, where we may finally begin our hunting rites after almost a millenia of searching"

The three Predators understood their goals and new exactly what they were doing, unlike the hunters who would usually be tasked with hunting the xenomorphs in the pyramids, these hunters were far more trained and equipped, they were not the "New Blood" whom would need to hunt the Xenomorphs to prove their worth, these were some of the Predator Elite, they had survived countless encounters with many different species and had taken trophies from well over 1000 different enemy species from accross the galaxy, including the Dinosaurs of Earth, The former Great Water Serpents of Neptune, and The former Sky Demons of the Planet known as Harvest, before humanity had colonised it.

The Three Predator Elite, donned their active camoflague and headed off into the jungle, stalking their weary but still unaware prey to their fates.

Sorry its taken me so long to start writing again, i've had alot to deal with, hopefully you've enjoyed my story so far and are still reading it. My next chapter will be more exciting than this, this is just a little something extra to try and please everyone. Enjoy and promise Chapter 8, coming soon.