Title: Remove All Doubt

Author: Stormy1x2

Pairing: Recca/Yanagi/Mikegame

Challenge: 10_themes LJ community, table 2, #1Greed.

Word Count: 481

Notes: Based on the anime, not the manga, so please, manga fans – don't lecture me on manga canon. Xie xie ni.

Summary: Recca's an idiot. Mikigame seems to care despite that.

Tis better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

"You really are completely hopeless, aren't you?"

"S-shut up." Recca tried to sound dangerous. He really did. But his growl ended on a whimper as his stomach cramped and heaved. His fist, raised threateningly just seconds before, wrapped around his middle instead, and he moaned piteously. "Ooooooohh...."

"You idiot." Mikigame was suddenly by his side, reaching down to pull him up. Despite his harsh tone, his grip was gentle. "I told you your eyes were bigger than your stomach."

"Heh....you know me, Tokiya," Recca chuckled weakly as they continued their way towards home, staggering slightly as a particularly vicious cramp made him double over again. "Since when can I resist a challenge?"

"This was not a worthy challenge, Recca," Mikigame snapped. "This was an exercise in gluttony."

"I won, didn't I?"

Mikigame rolled his eyes, hauling him upright again. "Yes, congratulations. You've given yourself a case of indigestion from hell just for the honor of having your caricature put on the ice cream shop's wall of fame. Such an honor will live on forever, I'm sure."

"Hee... at least I'm not the only one suffering." Despite the pain churning away in his gut, Recca gave a self-satisfied smile. "Domon's gonna be feeling just as bad."

"And I'm sure Fuuko will be giving him an earful as well," Mikigame said flatly. "I really, really hope Yanagi-chan hasn't returned home from visiting her parents yet. She'll take one look and want to heal you right away. As far as I'm concerned, you should deal with this the old-fashioned way, as punishment for your stupid behaviour."

"You're being mean, now," Recca whined. "Why did you come get me if you're just gonna bitch at me all the way home?" He stumbled; Mikigame's arm tightened around his shoulders, keeping him upright.

"Because you would have collapsed two feet outside the shop's front doors. With your luck, another madogu user would appear and put you out of your misery."

Recca grinned at the other boy. "Saaa.... you were worried about me, weren't you?" He nudged him. "Ha! I knew you cared!"


"You care, you care!"

"......You're obviously feeling better. Getting yourself home should be easy." Mikigame dropped his arm and stepped away.

Recca 'eeped as he tilted and fell forward. Sharp pain exploded through him at the sudden movement, and his control slipped. On his knees, he leaned forward and threw up the partially-digested remains of the Super-Amazing Double Chocolate Sunday Surprise. He was surprised to feel cool fingers pulling his hair back as his traitorous body staged a revolt. Amidst the gagging, he managed another weak chuckle. "H-heh...see... you care."

".....Moron." But the hands didn't move away.

Recca decided not to push his luck.


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