Title: Patience is a (Learned)Virtue

Author: Stormy1x2

Pairing: Recca/Yanagi/Mikagame

Challenge: 10_themes LJ community, table 2, #9Joy.

Word Count: approx 825

Notes: Based on the anime, not the manga, so please, manga fans – don't lecture me on manga canon. Xie xie ni.

Summary: Recca is an idiot. Mikagame takes great joy in informing him of this fact as they wait for Yanagi.

Patience is a (Learned) Virtue

Mikagame had long ago determined that Recca was in fact an idiot. The time had come for him to upgrade that particular status to Moron Supreme, and he let him know this decision after kicking him into the wall of the waiting room. He then sat down on Recca's back, making sure the fire master's face was neatly wedged within the bits of plaster and broken tiles. "You do realize you're being ridiculous."

"M'n't!" came a muffled curse. Mikagame moved his hand and Recca lifted his face off the destroyed floor. "I'm just worried!"

"There has been no reason given for you to start acting as stupidly as you have," Mikagame informed him calmly. "Yanagi-chan was well within her rights to stand up for herself."

"She threw me through the screen door!"

Mikagame gave a faint smile at the memory. "It was a well-executed maneuver. Her aim was perfect – you slid right to the end of the path into the gate and didn't touch a single flower lining the way. She's been practicing."

"She's supposed to take it easy!"

"'Take it easy' does not mean she is to remain immobile." Mikagame glared down at the hot-tempered boy. "She did not require your assistance in walking to the bathroom. Nor did she require you to attack the mailman for daring to touch her arm when he handed her a package."

"That package could'a been heavy," Recca groused. "An' he was bein' too familiar with her."

"....He was her COUSIN."

"Whatever." Recca shifted uncomfortably. "Can you please move now, Tokiya? There's a brick pushing against places I'd rather it didn't."

"Yanagi-chan told me make you 'sit' and 'stay'," Mikagame said with gleeful sort of relish. "I am following the orders of our princess to make sure you don't threaten bodily harm to the medical staff."

"I just wanted to go with her!"

"It's a general check-up and Yanagi-chan said she wanted to go by herself, since they wouldn't allow us both." Mikagame swatted Recca's head.

Recca growled. "...I am going to kill you, you know."

"I sincerely doubt you are capable of such a feat." Mikagame smacked him again, permitting himself a small smile at the yelp emerging from Recca. "Besides, if you did manage to kill me, who would pay for these repairs? The hospital will be sending us the bill, you know, and you have no money to speak of." Recca grumbled something but went still, as though giving in. Mikagame had no intention of lowering his guard, regardless.

"Hanabishi-san? Mikagame-san?" A flustered looking nurse had poked her head into the waiting room and was staring at the destroyed room with wide eyes. "Umm... Yanagi-chan's appointment is over, and she's on her way down now."

"Thank you," Mikagame said, nodding curtly at her. The nurse took one last look at the gorgeous young man with long hair sitting on another good-looking man amidst the rubble of what used to be the south wall of the waiting room, and scurried away.

A few minutes later, Recca started fidgeting again. "....Now can I get up?"

"I don't know.' Mikagame raised his head and looked towards the doorway again, a brief smile appearing on his face as Yanagi walked into the room. "What do you think, Yanagi-chan?"

"He can get up if he's ready to stop being an idiot," she said, smiling.

Recca yelped again. "Princess!"

Tokiya stood up, and stepped over the rubble, making sure to plant his foot squarely on Recca's back in passing. At her side, he reached for her hand and squeezed it gently. "Well?"

She laughed and nodded. "Just like I predicted." She looked back over to Recca who was slowly getting up, muttering angrily about smug, long-haired bastards. "Recca, you're going to be the father of a bouncing baby girl!"

Recca froze, his eyes darting towards his princess in a horrified yet hopeful look. "Really?"

She nodded, still smiling. "Yes."

"A girl?"


"WHAA-HOOOOOO!" Recca flung himself over and wrapped his arms around Yanagi. His moves were lightening fast but his touch was kitten soft as he kissed her gently. Then he reached over, grabbed a handful of Mikagame's hair and yanked his head down to give him a bruising kiss, hard and forceful. "We're gonna have a baby girl!"

Mikagame rolled his eyes, but nodded indulgently as Recca began dancing in place, chattering out names he wanted to consider, and began herding them towards the exit, trading half-amused, half-suffering looks with Yanagi.

Recca was an idiot, but he was their idiot.


Done fast and furious just to get another one done. 4 more to go!