Yeah I know, this isn't a story I have on my page as an upcoming one (again xD) but I had a dream last week and I had to make it into a story. Enjoy this, I enjoy writing this one. If it feels a little rushed its because Sasuke is being rushed in this first chapter. I plan for this to slow down and be quite long as a fic and a lot funnier than it begins. It will get a lot more romantic and funny, and exciting as the deeper plot somes into play! For now though, take it away Sasuke...

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The streets were busy that morning, people were rushing round, weaving in and out of each other on the streets like bees. There was a certain noise it seemed to bring, the sound of morning hustle and bustle, a loud buzzing mumbling noise, voices, unimportant conversations, arguments, car horns and the rumbling of engines. The streets were like this every morning, rush hour brought a whir of human kinetics, brains programmed into getting up, going out and working. Then at night the city slowly emptied out and the people changed, they became hopeless, dark and lost. Giving way to crime, drinking and a multitude of other unforgiving habits. It was a strange place.

Living outside of the city centre and never going out in the mornings, one man found it all rather loud and annoying. Frowning at his opinion amusedly when he considered his circumstances, he could only cope with one loud and annoying presence in his life, a whole place full of it was too much. When he'd woken up on this day to a phone ringing in his ear and was told to get out of bed and leave his apartment, he wasn't happy. He'd spent the whole night awake again, trying to think of new story plots and after failing to gain inspiration he'd managed to get two hours of sleep, if that. Waking up to hear his annoying stalker's voice down the phone and having to walk through crowds of people he didn't wish to acknowledge had put him in an even worse mood that he'd gone to bed in. He thought it was probably the reason his partner had not said goodbye this morning, he knew himself that he had a murderous presence about him when he was pissed and tired, though it bothered him slightly that he'd woken up alone. The only thing that gave him any happiness lately was his-


He turned around tiredly and blinked a few times before he recognised the pink blur as Sakura Haruno, walking towards him, looking for more accustomed to the morning rush than he.

"Hi." He said meekly as he was pulled into a hug.

"Wow, another late night?" She asked, looking at his puffy eyes and dishevelled manner with concern. Sasuke was known for his strong-looking, passive neat qualities, it was easy to tell from his creased, thrown-together outfit and messy hair that he wasn't his usual self.

"Yeah…" He answered, staring at the grey pavement boredly. "I'm still stuck for ideas y'know…" He shrugged, feeling his back ache at the movement - he had to stop falling asleep at his desk…

"Aww, sorry to hear that," Sakura replied, patting his shoulder apologetically "You never know, inspiration comes and goes, you'll think of something soon. Maybe being here in the city will help boost ideas, why are you out here anyway? Its unlike you."

"I know." He sighed "Karin rang me this morning…"

"Wow, no wonder you don't look happy."

Sasuke smirked before continuing. "Yeah, she was going on about some 'really important' thing I'd better get down there for, saying it was an emergency. That was after she'd stopped flirting with me, so at first I thought it couldn't have been too serious…though she sounded like she was telling the truth so I decided to go."

"Woah, wonder what that's all about?" Sakura pondered aloud.

"Beats me." Sasuke answered, then changed the subject to avoid thinking about Karin any more, he already had a headache. "How's Lee?"

"As enthusiastic as always." Sakura smiled, rolling her eyes. "He had to go into work early this morning, that's why I'm not with him. How's N-"

Sasuke jumped as his phone vibrated in his pocket, startling Sakura, who laughed as he tiredly fished around for it.

"Sorry Sakura, one sec…hello?"

"Hey handsome! When are you getting your delightful ass down here hm?"

"Karin…" He sighed and Sakura gave him a sympathetic look.

"That's right! Aww say my name again, it sounds so much nicer in your beautiful voice!"

"What do you want now?"

"I want a lot of things Sasuke…"

"Get to the point."

He heard a heavy sight and some grumbling before her tone became serious. "How far away are you, it's really important that you get here as quickly as possible."

Sasuke, was not in the mood for this… "I'll be there soon, don't ring me again or ill change my number…again…" He hung up and glared at nothing in particular out of anger, wondering just how many times he'd had to change his number to avoid Karin's phone calls.

"Never gives up does she." Sakura commented, more of a statement than a question. "Well I'll let you get going, you have places to go."

"Yeah." He agreed in an indignant tone, embracing the girl again.

"Well, I'm off, see you soon!" She smiled before beginning to leave, turning again with an afterthought "Hey, you could always write about a guy with the world's most annoying stalker!"

"Heh, yeah." He managed a smile meekly as she called goodbye and walked away again. He knew that idea was never likely to happen, people would probably read it (hey, it was Soujo Beat heaven) but he wouldn't write it…

Sasuke Uchiha was a popular manga artist, his books had been top sellers ever since he started drawing and making story plots at the age of eight, started publishing at eighteen and now at the age of twenty-five he was extremely successful. After his latest series had came to its end three months ago he'd been trying to begin another, though he wasn't having much luck. The series he'd recently finished had been so popular he'd put all his thought and energy into it, wanting to make sure it was the best he'd ever written, and he was finding it hard to better his best…

At first he'd tried straying into other genres, but he only ever got to the basic plot outline and character sketch stage before he deemed the ideas not worth the effort. Sure they were good ideas but they just weren't 'Uchiha worthy', he wanted something amazing that would blow people away, even more so that his last series of books. Unfortunately inspiration just wasn't being friendly with him at the moment and he was having a hard time thinking of anything, the past three months he'd practically become nocturnal because he spent this whole night at his desk desperately trying to gain ideas. People told him to stop being hard on himself, especially seeing as it hadn't been that long since his last story, but he was Sasuke, so naturally he was having none of it. He couldn't have a break, he wouldn't go easy on himself, he was always pushing his ability to its maximum, the fact it just wasn't going well at the moment was making him feel more and more pathetic, even if it was only three months.

The raven haired man kicked a stray cola can, watching as it scattered across the ground, before he strolled into a large publishing company building, making straight for the coffee machine at the end of the corridor. He wasn't normally one for coffee, but he'd tried drinking it to keep himself awake longer and started craving the caffeine ever since. His guilty pleasure was Starbucks…he was normally a heath freak and wouldn't put a lot of sugar, caffeine and fat into his body. Since he'd tried a Starbuck's latte one morning however after a long painful night of no ideas, he was hooked. Uchihas nonetheless, were known for their amazing self control and so he limited himself and tried to avoid the place at all costs.

I'd kill for a fucking cappuccino now though… He thought bitterly as he sipped the bitter mediocre substance that had dribbled from the coffee machine, walking to the lift and pressing the button for the twenty third floor. Once alone and inside he began taking deep breaths, calming himself before the lift reached its destination, preparing for the mother of all annoying creatures. He was rarely known to lose it, but Karin had this amazing ability to crack his stoic shell, grab his last nerve and tie it in knots. All the while commenting on his 'amazing ass' or 'sexy lips'… He braced himself as the lift doors opened, rolling his eyes at his own twisted imagination as Beethoven's 5th symphony began to play in his head.

As he'd predicted, the bored red head's eyes snapped to him the second the doors opened…fuck, it was like she'd smelt him coming or something! He briefly imagined a leopard jumping onto its prey. His eye twitched involuntarily.

"Sasuke-kuuuuun!" She sang, springing up off her chair and leaning over the reception desk. "How nice to see you! Did you come alone?! Did you have a fight with your boyfriend?!"

"No Karin I did not-"

"Poor you! He wasn't good enough anyway, I'd be so much better for you Sasuke-Kun! You look frustrated…still going through a dry spell?"

His hand began shaking and he counted to ten mentally. "He's still my boyfriend." He said through gritted teeth. Ignoring the 'dry spell' comment, she had at first insisted that she was talking about the fact he wasn't inking manga at the moment, though he knew that it was really innuendo, as was most things she said to him…

"Ahh damn what a shame…OH! New idea! Ever thought about a threesome!? Seriously I don't mind, if you ever wanted to try, we could have an orgy!"

Counting wasn't working any more, he put his coffee onto the desk to avoid spilling it, folding his arms to stop them shaking. "One day I'm going to strangle you." He muttered, not bothering to keep his thoughts to himself.

"Oooooh Sasuke I didn't know you were into that! I bet it's a dominance thing huh? Well you can dominate me any time honey! I've heard strangling can really heighten the feeling of an orgas-"

"Karin!" Sasuke snapped, his patience cracking. "Why did you drag me out here so early in the damn morning!"

A glazed look appeared in the woman's eyes as she leant her head in her hands. "Sasuke-Kun, you're so sexy when you get angry."

"Karin." He growled, giving her a look that plainly said 'tell me or die'. He saw a small flash of fear in her eyes as she sat back down in her desk chair.

"Okay okay, well I got a call this morning from some guy, said he was from an adoption agency, his name was Mr Akimichi. He wants to speak to you about a baby."

Sasuke blinked at Karin, hoping if he closed his eyes long enough and opened them , he might wake up nice and rested in his bed at home. When he opened them and found the perverted woman still sat there he flinched, the image of himself sleeping soundly, bursting like a balloon. Falling backwards into a chair and rubbing his temples, he grumbled.

"What the fuck are you on about…" He really hoped this wasn't some cruel twisted plan to trick him into adopting a baby with her or something because this I Karin and it wouldn't surprise him.

"Don't worry," Karin reassured sarcastically as if reading Sasuke's mind. "This is serious…and you'd better resolve it soon, I've had this brat crying all morning."

"Resolve what? What are you on about!?"

"You remember Haku and Zabuza?"

Sasuke hushed, lifted his head and looked at her curiously, nodding. Haku and Zabuza had been friends of Naruto's and he'd gotten to know them quite well himself. They had died unfortunately a couple of weeks ago after having their first baby. Sasuke tensed as he remembered the news of their death. They had been cops, and after travelling to the scene of a well organised crime they had been killed, it turned out it had been a set-up all along. The Akatsuki were behind it - the worlds more dangerous and hard-to-catch crime organisation. After infiltrating the police centre they had sent the news of the 'hostage situation' to Haku and Zabuza's car, of course there was no hostage and they had been killed the moment they appeared on the location. Haku hadn't even meant to be working again, but had been at the station when they had got the call and she insisted she had to help. The reason it made Sasuke so tense was the fact his own brother was a member of Akatsuki. The new parents death had been caused by his brothers hands.

"What about them?" Sasuke whispered, trying to sound unaffected, Karin thankfully understood this was a touchy subject for him and straightened up in her chair.

"They had a baby, before they died, and after their deaths apparently there was some deliberation as to who the child should go to. Their own parents had already passed away, Haku was an only child and Zabuza's brother is still a missing person. They have very little relatives and the ones they do have are not suitable for parenthood…it's been decided you are the only one suitable to look after the kid now." She explained.

Sasuke, with his head still locked in his hands, was trying to digest this new information. He was having a hard time with it too…it had to be a dream, or a joke, he half expected someone to jump out from behind a door and shout 'You've Been Punked!' Though…remembering the news on the day of his friends death…

If it was a joke then it was a pretty sick one.

"Karin…" He began, not quite sure what to make of it all, but she interrupted him.

"Don't freak out okay, I get it, you probably don't even believe me, but seriously if you want proof come here."

He looked up as he heard the woman's seat creak and found she was stood, she grabbed something and began walking towards the opening in the curved desk. After a second Sasuke noticed she had wheeled out a pram from around the side. How had he not noticed that before? Well…he was tired, angry and high on coffee, that was why.

"Is that…?"

"Yeah, it's their kid, the adoption company was having some sort of problem this morning and asked me to look after it for an hour while they sorted stuff out. Their due back soon to discuss things with you, I don't really know much else about anything." Karin explained, rocking the pram gently, it was one of those where the carriage was laid back, with four large wheels and a frilly cover, Sasuke couldn't see the baby from where he was. "You gonna stare all day or you gonna come look?"

He rose from the chair, slowly making his way over, feeling awkward and confused. He glanced at Karin momentarily as he came to a standstill beside her and then cast his eyes down to the pram. His expression couldn't help but soften at what he saw.

Inside the pram was no doubt the child of Haku and Zabuza, it was small and delicate looking, with a lot of soft black shiny hair. It was nestled in white blankets and as Sasuke's shadow covered the infant it opened its eyelids to reveal large chocolate coloured eyes. It peered at him innocently and began to stir.

"Ah jeez, I hope she doesn't start crying again…" Karin grumbled.

"It's a 'she'?" Sasuke asked, still staring at the child, slightly entranced by how small and helpless it looked.

"Yeah, though nobody is sure if she's got a name yet. Apparently she was born when the parents were away somewhere and they stayed there for a month to recover before they came home, Haku had been so ill after the birth they hadn't named her yet because they wanted to wait for her to recover and decide on it together. When they got back they were still trying to choose a name…but they died before they got the chance to pick one."

Sasuke's hands clenched on the reception desk in anger. His brother had done this…his brother had killed this baby girls parents and left her defenceless before she'd even been named. Every time he looked at this child, it was going to remind him of that. It made him feel sick.

"Sasuke, you wanna sit down? You don't look so good." Karin asked, moving to touch him but he flinched, stepping away from her and the pram, tearing his eyes away from the child.

"I can't…I can't do this." He whispered, staring blankly at the floor. He wasn't ready for this, not right now.

The phone rang loudly and Karin tore her attention away from the distressed looking Uchiha to answer.

"Oh, Mr Akimichi…yes he's here…okay, yes I have the room free for the meeting…okay..goodbye." She hung up and turned to Sasuke, who was sat back in the chair with his head hung. "Mr Akimichis here, he's going to talk with you in the meeting room there." She told him, motioning towards a door to his right. Sasuke didn't bother looking, things were moving all too quickly for him, this all still felt like a long realistic twisted game. He sat there silently for another minute before the lift 'dinged' open and out walked a large friendly looking man with auburn hair.

"Nice to see you Mr Uchiha." The man said kindly, shaking the raven's hand before letting Karin open the doors to the meeting room. Sasuke stayed stony through it all, feeling he was being dragged into something far out of his depth, his inner panic rose more when they turned to him, waiting for him to follow into the room, Karin holding the pram of an infant he was being pushed into fathering.

"I'm sorry." He said awkwardly. "I can't adopt, I'm not the right person for the job, I'm not ready."

He partly believed this, though it was an excuse to cover the guilt slowly rising in his stomach. He knew the baby girl was alone now and needed parents but was he really the only choice? He was not really the nurturing type, he spent nights awake and was at his work desk most of the day, he was finding his job hard as it was without a baby in his life. He just wasn't ready to be a father. A small sad feeling arose in his chest and he pushed it away stubbornly, looking up from the carpeted floor where he was now stood when Mr Akimichi spoke to him.

"I understand this seems a little sudden, but I promise you, when we go into this room we are just going to discuss the situation, reach an understanding about things, I won't push you into any decision, you have my word."

Sasuke opened his mouth to argue again but realised the man was being fair with him, he couldn't really refuse to even talk with the guy, so he slowly made his way forward into the room, hearing Karin wheeling in the pram behind him. They came to a stop at a small rectangular table and he took a seat adjacent to Mr Akimichi, trying to ignore the pram as it came to a halt beside him. Karin nodded to them both before she left and Sasuke began to feel slightly hot as he was now about to dive into something he wasn't ready for.

"My name is Choza Akamichi, I'm from Konoha adoption agency and I'm here to talk to you about the infant next to you there." Mr Akimichi began, Sasuke listened silently, not feeling like engaging into conversation. "Karin may already have explained some things to you but I will give you a little more information, if you'd like?"

Sasuke nodded, he didn't really have much of a choice, the man was being slow with things as he'd promised and he didn't feel like he was being forced to agree, but it was his own pride was stopping him from refusing to hear any more and leaving the room.

"Around four weeks ago this child was born in Mongolia, Haku and Zabuza Momochi had travelled there to visit Haku's late mother, who was sadly in a bad condition of health at the time. Whilst there, Haku contracted a virus and was severely ill, she was hospitalised for three weeks before being allowed home again. Their child, who is lying beside you now in that pram, was due to be named and introduced to their friends and small family but before they had the chance, they passed away. You must already know about the incident."

"Yes I know." Sasuke said, a little too harshly, he didn't want to discuss the matter of their death.

"I understand, I won't go into detail, you don't need it. After their passing, Haku's mother passed away also, this meant their baby could not go to her, she was too ill anyway to look after a child. We took the baby with the intention of finding relatives of the parents to look after her from now on. We soon realised how little family they had, Zabuza's one brother, who is still missing did not have any children, and as you already know Haku was alone." The man sighed, looking up from the table to Sasuke's blank face before continuing with a small smile. "This led us to examine any friends the couple had, there were there work friends, though they had only known them for a few years and most were single, worked long hours or had already large families and commitments. Then we found your name, you work mostly from home, are in a serious well paid successful job and a long term stable relationship. We decided you were the most suitable to look after a chi-"

"I am not suitable." Sasuke cut in firmly, eyes flickering to the small noises coming from the pram before they shot sharply back to the wooden table.

"It's fine to be nervous." Choza nodded understandingly.

"I'm not nervous." Sasuke insisted, straying away from the real reason, standing to leave. "Find somebody else."

"Sasuke, please listen, for five more minutes, that's all." Choza asked, Sasuke paused, fiddling with a coat button as he bit his lip. Five minutes, he supposed, would not hurt him. He was cruel natured at times but he couldn't just walk out on this man, besides that small niggling feeling inside of him had a weak tie on his willpower and he wasn't sure he really could have walked out with it still there. He sat back down tensely and nodded for the large man to continue.

"Sasuke, I know your situation, I know this is the last thing you probably want and need at this moment, I was originally going to speak to your partner, but I changed my mind because I know this would be more of a decision and effect on you. If I had asked your partner he probably would have agreed and put a strain on your relationship. You would be the hardest to convince, which is why I come to you first."

Sasuke had guessed as much, if he were honest, Haku and Zabuza had been his partners friends more than his, he had only known since the start of his relationship a year ago.

"As well as this, the baby is similar to you." Choza added after a slight pause, smiling as Sasuke looked up from the table with a frown. "Forgive me Sasuke, for bringing up memories I'm sure you aren't fond of, but the baby is a victim to the cruelties of humanity, just as you were. Born, loved for a short time, then its parents were taken away for no justifiable reason. It is now alone, confused and has no family."

Sasuke bit his lip again and looked across to the opposite wall, concentrating on a painting of a large field full of sunflowers.

"You are somebody who knows how the child feels, who knows what will happen if she is allowed to grown up without somebody understanding. You are the one who can help her feel she is not alone." He paused, Sasuke did not look away from the bright painting, the hot feeling in his stomach rising.

"Also, she is somebody who can help you."

The raven closed his eyes on the flowery scene, basking his sight in the darkness on the underside of his eyelids.

"I know I have no idea of your feelings and life, I come from a large and loving family. So I'll spare you the attempt at empathy and talk about the things I do understand. I know a family are a support system, sharing your memories, experiences, good and bad. They are there for you, they love you , trust you and they are connected to us through blood for all our lives. This is how I see my family. Recently I know you found somebody who you can share these feelings with, but you are yet to be given the love of a family, no matter how hard your lover tries."

"Family is nothing." Sasuke spat bitterly, eyes still in their dark embrace, he was strong but he had a weak past, and each time it became a subject, each time his solitude was threatened he retreated into his darkness. He liked the dark, despite his horrid memories. Darkness was quiet, it did not seek understanding or attention from him, it merely surrounded him and kept him held there without reason. However Choza's words were passing through into his dark surroundings and knocking into him with each syllable, the same way his lovers had, he was vulnerable and he knew he had to get out of this room soon, he counted the seconds quietly in his head.

"For you, family became something you cannot trust in, without trust there is no bond, no bond and there cannot be love. Your bond was severed some time ago, this infant is the key to a new one, one which you control with somebody you love. You have started a bond yourself, this child could solidify it for life, if that is what you've wanted. Everybody deserves a chance for a family Sasuke, only you are stopping yourself from taking that chance." Choza explained, his words having the effect of a hurricane on Sasuke's dark haven, he was clinging to his stable willpower tightly but this harmless man was blowing him father and father away from it. He began to feel hotter, clenching his fists as he fought with the real reasons now being touched upon, he tried to keep his barriers in place inside him, tried to fix the burning leak seeping through him. Memories were barley ghosting through his mind, his imagination showing him flashes of things he didn't want to see.

Flash. "Fine!" His lover shouts, grabbing a coat and leaving their house. Sasuke is left alone again.

Flash. Years later he is on his knees at the door as a teenage girl with long dark hair and chocolate eyes grabs her bag and brushed past him. He begs her not to leave, she slams the door in his face.

Flash. He is sat round a table, his partner and daughter with him, laughing happily, he feels out of the picture, a door opens, a gun is shot and he is left with the dead bodies of his only family, again.

He stood, his barriers could not be broken, he was not giving anybody a chance, it was dangerous. He stood and marched towards the door, ignoring the small crying noises coming from the pram behind him and blocking out Mr Akimichi's requests for him to stay. His hand was on the cool metal handle of the door before one word reached his ears and smashed into his stoic defences.


He froze at the door, paralysed by the name that had been spoken in a question.

"It's Itachi isn't it?" Choza had whispered and at Sasuke's involuntary pause he realised he was right. Quickly he elaborated, knowing he didn't have much time, Sasuke needed to hear what he had to say. "You are not your brother, Sasuke - "

"I am the brother of a killer!" Sasuke shouted, his hand trembling as it clutched the handle. "How can I suitable for a family!? My brother destroyed one and he can do it again!"

"Sasuke!" Choza said sharply, standing as the door opened. "You're right."

The Uchiha paused again, eyes widening as he heard those words, not expecting them. Why would somebody who was trying to give him a family, agree to that?

"You're right." Choza said again. "He does have the power to destroy your family again. The fact he has done it once is more than enough proof." He walked to the pram and turned it round. "Come here Sasuke, please, this is my final attempt, please give me the chance to try."

The door was open, he was there, staring out into a cool, empty reception, freedom was staring him in the eye. Next the door was closing and he was turning, almost hypnotically he was making his way towards the pram, feeling lost and small. Soon he was right next to is beside Mr Akimichi, though he did not look inside, he stared at the frilly covering silently.

"Thank you Sasuke." Choza whispered, breathing a sigh of relief, he could see Sasuke was breaking, he was glad he was being given one last chance, he did not want to hurt the man anymore. "I'm only one man, and here I am faced with the task of getting through to another that I do not understand. It's not easy, but perhaps because I do not know you, I am at an advantage because I can speak my honest truthful thoughts without fear of damaging a relationship between us. What I see when I look at this child is you."

The statement was said so suddenly is startled Sasuke and in his small moment of surprise he looked up and saw the baby in the pram. He hated what he saw, he hated the fact Choza was right, the minute he locked eyes with the child he saw himself. He saw vulnerability, confusion, upset and loneliness.

"I see an innocent human being that has been captured by the inescapable loneliness before they even know it has happened. I can see your partner in her eyes too, alone before she understands she is. Sasuke, when I saw you walking to that door, I caught sight of this girls future. I saw her becoming bitter, quiet, ignoring other children because they aren't like her, isolating herself because nobody understands her peril. I saw her going to sleep confused and waking up after nightmares, living her life wondering why it is the way it is, not sure what she can do, feeling helpless and weak. Does that person sound familiar?"

Sasuke was mesmerised, staring at the tiny hand that was being stretched out at him, without knowing it his own hand rose, and small pink fingers grabbed onto one of his. He could see her future too, it was the same as his had been.

"What is probably the most ironic similarity…your brother, will have caused her future the same way he caused yours. This is why I brought her to you Sasuke, you know exactly what your brother has done to her because you know it yourself. You are looking at yourself Sasuke, you saved yourself by finding someone alike to you. Please tell me, you will give her someone alike, please say you will save her too, because-" Choza paused, wondering if his next few words would have been too much, though they would be his last, he had to try with everything he had. "Sasuke, I said you weren't your brother, but if you walk out of this room now, you are doing the same thing to this child that he did to you. If you leave now, you become your brother."

The statement was said so bluntly and softly it had an immense effect on Sasuke. His barriers smashed completely and such heat overtook him he wondered if the room was on fire. He felt somebody steady him, not even knowing he had stumbled. He was drowning, falling thickly under the burning water, struggling to breathe, losing sight of its surface.

His finger slipping out of the child's was what broke him from his hypnotic trance. He gasped as cool air struck his forehead and he realised his skin was clammy, his breathing coming in sharp pants. He stopped the behaviour immediately, wiping his face with his sleeves, he rose shakily, embarrassedly muttered a few words to Mr Akimichi and turned to leave the room.

He had made his decision the minute Karin had shown him the baby, he just hadn't known it.

"Sasuke?" Karin muttered, looking up from a magazine as he billowed out of the room, as she was ignored she repeated his name, noticing the lack of pram she asked if he'd decided against adoption. She received "Shut up, Karin." As the answer and sighed, she would never get through to him.

Sasuke was not in the mood for talking to anybody other than the person he was now searching for. He strode up the carpeted corridor, looking into open doors where cleaners were cleaning bedrooms and tidying meeting rooms. Each time he was disappointed, until he heard Karin's voice calling from the end of the corridor.

"He's in the bathrooms!"

He switched course, turning left sharply and travelling down a more shaded corridor, ignoring the small fluttering feeling in his chest. The person he was looking for often told him he'd been looking for him his whole life, to which Sasuke would roll his eyes. He wondered if it were true somewhere deep inside. He'd saw the man once by chance when he came to the building publish his first book and at first ignored him. It happened each time he came to the building, he'd pass the man, feel something odd when their eyes met and ignore him. He decided the man was someone threatening to his defensive shield and began glaring at him when he passed. In return he received a few glares until he received a confrontation. The man had cornered him and angrily asked what Sasuke had against him. It was then Sasuke realised the burning in his stomach he got when he saw him was not hatred but attraction and in a moment of giddiness decided upon a new goal. Love was never something Sasuke had wanted or looked for but annoying and chasing after the blonde idiot had been simply too much fun. Twisting the man's orientation had been even more fun and before he knew it he'd captured his prize, whether he wanted it or not, because after that the annoying presence hadn't left him alone for a second.

Striding into the men's bathroom he glanced round, at first thinking it was empty and reminding himself to kill Karin, until a mop of blonde hair curiously poked out from one of the stalls. Naruto grinned widely and opened his mouth to speak but Sasuke walked over and put his finger to the man's lips before he had the chance. Naruto frowned questioningly but kept quiet as Sasuke took the mop from his hands and dragged him to the centre of the bathroom. Sasuke caught sight of himself in the large mirrors covering the walls and bit his lip at his nervous looking reflection. To match the look, the fluttering in his chest grew and he masked it by frowning very seriously at the clueless looking man in front of him. He cleared his throat, fearing if he spoke straight away his sentence would come out as a small squeak. That wouldn't do, he needed this to be a firm statement, plus, Sasuke Uchiha did not 'squeak'.

"Naruto." He began, pausing when the blonde hummed a 'what?', shaking his head as he heard his lovers voice and all traces of nervousness melted away. The blonde had that effect on him. He spoke again, more steadily this time, though he could not help the small smile that snuck onto his pale face as he revealed his decision.

"Naruto, we're having a baby."

Naruto: LOLWHAT?!

No really, how will Naruto react? Find out by reading the next chapter. Seriously, it will get a lot funnier than this and more romantic and more citrussy and gaspworthy and get the picture. Please please review, otherwise I cannot improve my writing, and if you want to ask a question pm me :) Please review if you favourite and check my page for news and other stories both upcoming and complete, take part in my poll too and I wll love you all forever :D