prompt: zinc (it's used in American pennies, among a million other things)

word count: 258

Lucky Penny

"Oh, look, Andy! A penny!"

"Well done. Don't spend it all at once, then."

"No, it's good luck! And look, it's an American penny! That must be extra good luck: they're rare."

"They're not rare. There's millions of 'em in America."

"But we're not in America."

"I know we're not. But something can't be rare if there's millions of it somewhere, can it?"

"I don't know. I guess not. But there's not millions of them round here, anyway."


"Just the one, right now."


"You keep it, Andy. It'll bring you good luck."

"Oh, right, great. Thanks. So I'll just put this in my pocket, shall I, and in five minutes' time Ridley Scott's going to walk down the street, there, walk up to me and say, 'Oi, you, you're perfect for my new film!'?"

"I don't know about that. But who knows, you might meet the woman of your dreams or something."

"All right. You're on. I put this American penny in my pocket, and by the end of the day I will have met the perfect woman."

"I said you might. I didn't say you would."

"But I'm still taking it on your word, though, aren't I? I don't want to get all my hopes up only to get them all smashed to bits when I don't meet a Brazilian supermodel."

"Well then, if you don't meet a Brazilian supermodel, I'll buy you dinner."

"I guess I can't really go wrong, then; either a supermodel or a free meal."

"See? It's bringing you luck already."