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Naruto's Kagome

Behind his Mask

Actors/Actress: Kagome and Tobi

If there was one thing that Tobi liked about Kagome-chan, it would be the way she treated him. She wouldn't hit him over the head if he was acting way beyond silly or getting on her nerves. She would calmly tell him to stop, or she'll join the fun. Kagome-chan was full of love and tender, and he didn't know how she came into the Akatsuki.

If there was one thing that Tobi didn't like about Kagome-chan, it would be the piercing gaze into his only visible hole in his mask, above his left eye. Sometimes when Kagome-chan doesn't think Tobi isn't looking, she'll gaze into it, deeply, trying to see who Tobi is. Sometimes it makes him uncomfortable and Tobi doesn't like being uncomfortable, it makes him feel like he did something wrong, but Tobi is a good boy.

I wanted to try something new. I know it's short, but the next one I'm planning is going to be good. It's going to be called Bath Time

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