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The Prophesy

"But that's just unacceptable! I'm sorry, headmaster, but I refuse to accept this girl into any of my classes."

"That's out of the question, Severus. While she is here, she is to be treated as any of the other students. Goodness knows she's been through enough, just to be treated like an outcast here."


"That's final, Professor Snape."

"Professor Dumbledore, will she be able to take the classes?"

"Yes, Minerva. However odd it sounds, Hogwarts is so charged with magic that even Muggles pick up some of it. Now the child is 16, and will take sixth year classes with whatever house she's sorted into, but will more than likely never surpass the wizarding level of a first year, if that, and will of course, be exempt from the final exams. Does anyone have any more intelligent questions?"

"Professor Dumbledore, sir? Will this girl be takin' care o' Magical Creatures?"

"Yes, but do try to have some, er, gentle creatures while she's here. Along the lines of Puffskein, Augerys, Jobberknolls, Unicorns, and, if possible, a Mooncalf. Do try not to frighten the girl."

"Dumbledore, sir?"

"Yes, Professor Flitwick?"

"What's the girls name, and where is she from?"

"The girl is an American muggle named Adina Lexie Damita. Questions directly to the girl about her, er, special circumstances will be strictly forbidden. I'll address the students before she arrives."


"Students! Before the feast I have a special announcement. As you have undoubtedly noticed, we have had many visitors the past few years, and this year we will have another. But she will be very different. She arrives tomorrow, so I want you all to be on your best behavior. The girl is an American by the name of Adina Damita. She's in sixth year, and will be sorted privately in my office. Questions directly to her about her past are strictly forbidden, the punishment is my choice, not to the head of your house. That is all."


Three people sat in the corner of the Hogwarts library, reading books on spell reversal. At least one of them was reading. And at least two of them were not covered in vines. There was a boy, a girl, and what looked like a tall redheaded walking vine. The boy was reading, and the girl was prodding the vines.

"Really, Ron. It was quite stupid of you to try a spell your brothers gave you, especially since you'd never heard it before."

"Hermione---," the boy spoke up.

"Oh, all right. But still he really ---"

"I know, alright! What do you want me to do about it now? It's to late!"

"You can say that again."

"If you had just sprouted vines, I wouldn't be lecturing, I'd---"

"Be rolling on the floor laughing? At least I'm trying to help!"

"Doesn't look like it to me. All you're doing is poking me!"

"Be still! I'm making sure there aren't any spiders. That's what the spell was for, you know. To call spiders to you. No doubt your brothers said it was to keep them away, or something like that. But since you managed to break your wand again who knows what might've happened."

The boy with vines all over him suddenly went completely white, even the dark green vines faded from his fright. He even lost the ability to argue with the girl at the thought of spiders rushing towards him from every direction.

"Both of you SHUT UP!!! I'm still trying to research reversal spells, but if you're to busy to help, I'll just leave you to whatever Malfoy has to say tomorrow when he sees you."


'Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. This is crazy! There's no such thing as witches and wizards are there? At least not that kind. There's Wicca, of course, but that's not what they're talking about. What were those little things packing all my stuff? And who sent them? Oh, I wish I wasn't alone. Why do I have to go to England anyway? Why can't I just stay here? Where is my family? Why won't anyone tell me what's going on? Who bought these tickets? And why did I get on the first bus anyway? I should have just stayed there. Everyone will be mad when I get back; I didn't leave a note or anything, not that a note would've helped. This is a very weird travel plan too. First a bus to Chicago, Then a train to Indianapolis, then a plane to Liverpool, then another train to London, then a train at platform---Oh, no! There's that creepy guy again! He's been on every train, plane, and bus I have all week. I hope he doesn't come over here. Oh, good. He's going into the dining car. But now I'm all alone again. I wish that big black dog would come back. He was really sweet. I wonder who he belongs to. Maybe if I go out of my compartment, I'll see him. Oh, good, there he is! Uh-oh, he's walking toward the creepy guy! Just my luck! I found a friend and he's with the creepy stalker-guy. Well, at least they didn't see me out...' "Can I help you?"

" Well, I was wondering if you'd watch my dog. He's not allowed in the dining car and I saw you playing with him earlier. His name is Snuffles"

"Um, OK." 'Maybe he's not as creepy as he seems. But really! Snuffles?!?'


The tall redhead who had just entered the dining car sat down at a corner table, without getting anything to eat. He pulled out a pen and paper and started to write.

Dear Dumbledore,

I'm on the train to London. The girl didn't seem to like me, so I'm in the car next to her. I left Sirius with her though. He's in the form of Snuffles, and she thinks she's dog sitting while I have diner. I trust Harry, Ron, and Hermione will be at the station to meet her. Gotta go. I must tell Sirius that I'm leaving. I know she'll take care of him then, and the three will have an excuse to talk to her at the station.

See you soon,
Bill Weasley

The old man finished reading the letter and called the three students into his office. He explained to them the importance of their job, and sent them to find muggle clothes and get to London. When they had gone, he pulled a small bowl, filled with some sort of shining, swirling liquid, from a cabinet next to his desk. It was called a pensieve and the liquid was really his thoughts and memories, drawn out of his mind. Every so often, he relived the memories he had forgotten, or was too young to remember when they happened. This was one of those times.

He leaned over the bowl, His long white hair and beard falling into it, and the room gave a great lurch. The man fell into the bowl.

When the room righted itself, he stood up. It was the same room, but it was very different. The pictures on the walls were gone, and the desk was almost mid-evil in style. Overall, it just felt 'newer'. But the man was uninterested in all of this. His gaze was fixed on three people by the fireside, a man and a woman sat on either side of another woman who was lying on the floor, unconscious. The first woman, wearing long robes of dark blue, said ", There's nothing more I can do, Headmaster. She will die before morning."

"I understand, Nurse Potts."

"Should I go, sir?"

"No, she may wake again. You should be here then."

"If you insist, sir."

Suddenly, the unconscious woman started convulsing, and the headmaster and nurse grabbed her shoulders to keep her from going into the fire or the furniture. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around wildly, though not seeing the room she was in. It was as if she was looking at something else. In a high, unnatural voice, she cried, " When the muggle girl's family is killed by the Dark Lord, She'll gain knowledge of our magical world. If not protected, she'll join his forces, and he'll be unstoppable!" her voice growing higher and louder as her premonition grew more serious and deadly.

Exhausted by her efforts, she fell back to the ground. After two tries, she managed to say something else. "Professor Baggins, please take care of my son. His name is Albus. Albus Dumbledore."

She turned her sad, worried brown eyes to Madame Potts, who had picked the infant up from a chair, the firelight dancing in his large blue eyes. The woman was still looking at her son when she took her last breath.


Harry, Ron and Hermione had only been at the station for an hour when the right train pulled up. "Wow. Bill made it out that it would be almost afternoon when it got here," said Ron, who was now vine-less and spider-free.

"Maybe the train went faster than usual," said Harry, standing up, as Ron had.

"Sit down you two. We don't even know what she looks like. We'll just have to wait till we see Sirius."

"Snuffles," Harry reminded her.

"I knew that."

"Hey! I see Sirius! I mean Snuffles!" exclaimed Ron ", I still can't believe my stupid brother left those two alone."

"Ron," Hermione lectured ", Bill said the girl didn't like or trust him. There's no way she would have followed him, even when she couldn't find the platform on her own."

"How is she going to get on the platform? I mean I'm still kinda ignorant about a lot of the wizarding world, but I'm fairly sure muggles can't get to platform 9 3/4. Right?"

"I never thought about that! Hermione, how will she?"

"Flitwick gave me a charm that I could put on the wall so it'll allow one non-magical person to pass through. But we have to be careful that she's the one muggle. If there is anyone leaning on the wall or something like that, they'll fall through and she won't be able to come."

"We'll take care of anyone leaning on the wall when you're ready."

"Thanks Ron. Even though you'd have to whether you volunteered or not. But one of you will have to go through and keep them off it inside, and to prove to her there really is something behind the wall."

"Ron should go through, as I'm more used to muggles than him."

"Ok, but how ---"

"You guys we'll have to worry about this later. We've got to get her first."

"Oh! I forgot."

She told the boys to get food for Sirius and then meet her here, by the bench where they were sitting. She was going to go talk to the girl.

The average-height, brown-eyed Hermione walked toward 'Snuffles'. When she got there, she bent down and said "Hi Snuffles! Did you have a good trip?"

'Snuffles' immediately turned and went to a girl who was struggling with a trunk, that was obviously too heavy for her to handle herself. Hermione took note of the other girls long purple hair and bright blue eyes. "Hi. I'm Hermione Granger. Are you the one who took care of Snuffles when Bill ran off?"

The girl turned, and Hermione was stuck by how sad and worried her eyes were. Even though she had an air of nonchalance, her eyes gave it all away. Hermione's first thought was how much she was reminded of Draco Malfoy, a blonde gray-eyed Slytherin at Hogwarts, also Harry and Ron's worst enemy.
There had always been a rivalry between Slytherin and Griffindor, when she and her friends were. The other two houses, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, were against Slytherin, but not as much as Griffindor.

Pushing Malfoy from her mind, she approached the girl and held out her hand. The other girl shook it and said ", Yeah, I did. What happened to the guy, Bill did you say?"

"I dunno. Got a call from him saying that he left my dog with a girl on the train and that he'd be back soon."

"Oh. Well I'm Adina Damita, by the way."

Good, Hermione thought to herself. I found the right girl. All by myself! Well, Sirius helped. "Um, do you need help with that," noticing the trunk was still where it started.

"Well, I would if I had the slightest clue where I was going," Adina laughed.

"Oh," Hermione was shocked. She had assumed the new girl would already know about Hogwarts, only needing help getting through the barrier. "Are you going to Hogwarts?"

"I don't know. All I know is that my trunk is to heavy and there are no trolleys like at the last station and that I've lost my cat."

"Ok then, I have a friend who will help carry the trunk, and another who will take the dog while I go see about the cat. Ok?"

"I guess. I'm certainly better off with you lot than I was before."

Hermione turned to where the boys were waiting by the bench. "Harry! Ron! Comere!"

Harry scanned the crowd looking for the girls and then pushed Ron over to them. Ron was still having trouble coping in the muggle world.

When they got over there, Hermione told them what to do. Harry, before taking Sirius to eat, introduced himself. Ron followed his lead, and turned to Hermione. Who was gone. Uh-oh, he thought. Alone in a muggle world with a muggle You-Know-Who was trying to kidnap. Just my luck.

"Well, are you ready to carry this thing, or not?" Adina's voice interrupted his thought.

"Oh. Um, yeah." He said, picking up one end.

She picked up the other and he took one step before she suddenly dropped her end, causing him to trip and almost fall. "What the-"

"How do you know what platform?" she asked, giving him a skeptical look.

"Umm...Hermione said you were going to Hogwarts. There's only one platform that goes there. 9 3/4. " He said, thinking as fast as he could.

Knowing full well Hermione said nothing about Hogwarts to the boys, she gave in anyway and picked up the trunk again. They passed Platform 9 and stopped before reaching the next one. Ron put down his end and Adina followed suit. She was tired and she sat on it, looking up at him. She was worried now, after really looking at him for the first time, because he looked an awful lot like the creepy Bill-guy that was following her. She wanted to know exactly what was going on and now she had someone to answer her questions. "What are we doing now?"

He looked down at her and noticed that even though she acted confident, her eyes were worried. She reminded him of Malfoy. "We're waiting for Harry and Hermione."

"Ok. Where's my platform?"

He paused for a second, then answered, "Hermione will tell you."

"Hermione will tell you what?" Hermione asked, walking up just in time to hear the last part.

She handed Adina a small carrying case that held a cute, but angry yellowish kitten. He'll get along fine with Crookshanks she thought, before asking Ron again what she would tell Adina.

He answered this time, and she faltered "Oh. Well, it's, er, well, umm----"


Harry led Snuffles behind a row of cars where he changed back into Sirius. "Harry. I'm starved!"

"I figured you would be, so I got some snacks. You'll have to wait till we get to Hogwarts to have a real meal."

"Oh, well. Snacks are good."

"So what does she know?" Harry asked, obviously talking about Adina.

"Nothing, really. She doesn't even know her family is dead. She was told by the house elves-she caught them packing her things- that she was going to live with witches and wizards, but she's skeptical.'

"That's understandable. When I got my first letter, I thought someone was playing a grand joke on me."

"Oh! And she believes in all the magical creatures most muggles have discredited since the Middle Ages."

"She'll get on great with Hagrid, but that's not much to go into Hogwarts knowing. Especially being a sixth year."

" I know. I'm done so I'll change back. We must get her on the Hogwarts express."

"Oh gosh! I forgot it leaves soon and we've got to convince her to walk through a solid steel wall yet! And we left her with Ron!"

Harry and Snuffles walked up just in time to see Hermione give box or something to Adina. And to hear her struggle with the answer to Ron's question.

'Uh-oh.' He thought 'Now comes the hard part.' "It's kind of a secret door. The school- that's Hogwarts- is really private and we don't want just anybody to show up. That's why you had to go through all this to get here. Your parents signed you up about a month ago-they were under orders not to tell you anything-and we're here to see if you got here ok. So far you've passed. I remember this one time, we had to pick up someone who had practically gone into hysterics, it was a wonder they weren't still wondering around in their first station. It was awful. Anyways, you last, uh, 'initiation' is to get onto the platform. It's on the other side of this wall."

"Right. This wall is solid metal. You can't just walk through it."

"You're wrong," said Hermione, catching on. "There is a way and to prove it Ron'll go first. Don't blink or you might miss it." They all turned to Ron expectantly, but he was staring at the ground.

Ron was getting very confused. He didn't have a clue what his two best friends were going on about, so he had interested himself in a bug crawling around his feet. But apparently, they had all decided it was his turn to talk because they were all looking at him. "What?" he said.

"Honestly, Ron. If you're quite finished staring at that bug, you can go through the wall now," Hermione was the first to answer.

Adina snorted, openly believing Ron couldn't just walk through it. Ron was indignant at her doubt. So he told Snuffles to follow him and strode up to it. He looked back at them as he disappeared through it.

Adina almost choked from surprise when he was gone. She was usually pretty good at figuring out magic tricks, but this was too much. Her first thought was that maybe what those elf things had told her about wizards and magic was true. Her second thought was that if he could do it, so could she. "How'd he do that?" she asked, hoping for a hint or something.

"Magic" Harry said lightly. He turned and pretended to pick up an end of her trunk, while really putting a muggle-repelling charm on it. He just hoped it would work.

While Adina was picking up her cat, Hermione put the difficult charm on the wall. She prayed that she had done it correct, and Adina, with a spark of determination in her eyes, strode, as Ron had, up to and through the barrier. Hermione and Harry both let out sighs of relief before removing the muggle-repelling charm-they didn't want Adina being repelled from all her stuff, no did they? -they picked up her trunk and followed her.