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Once they had found out that there were vacancies by the sign on the office door, the group got together and decided that the rooms should be put into Hermione's name, as she wasn't exactly high-status in the Wizarding World. Both Potter and Weasley were too well recognized to be of any use. So Hermione got together fifty galleons, which was most of the money that they had altogether, made a wish that that would be much more than enough to pay, and set off.

She stepped up to the porch and cringed slightly when she saw that the hallway and the inside of the office were also bright pink. The hallway was open to the outside, and led down to three doors. One on either side of the hall, and one in the middle. The one in the middle was the office, and it was standing open. The vacancy sign hung above it. Hermione stepped in, and saw a large, round, balding man wearing the same color pink robes. He looked up from his book and smiled as she stepped up to the counter. "Hello! Welcome to Dogtrot's Inn. Can I help you?" He said, a bit too eager.

"Um, yeah...How much is it per night?"

"Only fourteen galleons."

"Blimey...all right. I'll take two rooms."

"Two rooms? Why d'you want two?"

"There's four of us. The others are waiting outside. Please, can I have two rooms?"

"Oh, yes of course. It's not often that I get rented out by one party." He smiled even bigger as he pulled a clipboard from under the counter. "Just fill this out please, and you pay up front."

Hermione nodded as she took the forms and grabbed a quill from the counter.

Name: Hermione Granger

Number of room occupants: Two in each

Length of Stay: One night

Type of Payment: Cash

Vehicle: Brooms

She handed the form back to the man, and he read over it. "That'll be twenty eight galleons." She put her hand in her robe pockets and pulled out only a few at a time. She didn't want him to know how much she had, for some reason.

He watched the pile on the counter grow, until it reached twenty eight. He whisked them away, and handed her two large, brass keys. They were each inscribed with a number on the handle. I and II. She pocketed them, and went out as quick as she could.

She went out to where the others were waiting, on the front porch. She smiled weakly. "Good news and bad news. Which d'you want first?"

They all three said bad, so Hermione started with good. "The good news is that I got two rooms, for only fourteen galleons apiece. The bad news is...I think everything in there is going to be pink. The whole office was, even the man who was in there." They all wrinkled their noses, but picked up their packs and moved to the doors.

She handed one key to the boys, and then looked at the number on hers and Ginny's. They had II, and incidentally, the boys had I. They went into their respective rooms, and braced themselves.

The shock of the pink was actually not as bad as they had feared. In the guest rooms, only the walls were painted the same hideous color. The floors were plain hardwood, and the furniture was all shades of browns and greens, which happened to clash with the magenta. They all four wrinkled their noses, and turned to face the other two.

Sighing heavily, they went in, depositing their things in un-ceremonial heaps at their respective doors.

Upstairs, Draco found himself surrounded by ghostly flowers. The skylights were letting in just enough moon light that made the velvety petals look like they were glowing. There was a small, two person bench all the way at the far wall, and there were all sorts of things one would expect to find in a garden. The only things it was actually missing was dirt and bugs. Draco decided that he licked this sort of garden very much more than the ones back at home, or at school.

Downstairs, Adina was now investigating the odd kitchen appliances. There were no refrigerators, microwaves, or toasters, but she did recognize a countertop stove. Opening cabinet after cabinet, however, proved her searches futile, as all the boxes and cans had the first instruction as 1. Take your wand and... So as she had no wand, she was out of luck.
AS he sat in his chair, trying to catch at least three hours of sleep before going back out on patrol, the tall red-head was awoken by a burning sensation on his lower left arm. Groggily, he looked down at it, and saw that the Dark Mark that his master had so lovingly branded him with was glowing an angry red. Eyes widening, he apparated as quickly as he could to the newest hide-out, which they called "Cuscowilla". His master sat in his new throne, surrounded by his large, pet snake, Nagini, and two dead Death Eaters.

His master was sitting stiffer than he had thought was humanly possible, which were his thoughts as he bent to kiss the hem of the Dark Lords robe. Opposite what he had feared upon waking, Percy Weasley was actually the first Death Eater to arrive. He could hear fain 'pops' as the others apparated in, none of which being lucky enough to appear directly in the correct room, as he had.

The new hide-out was much more spacious than the old muggle-built homes they used to use. It had three floors, and five different bedrooms. It had five bathrooms, two kitchens and two larger rooms, in the middle of the bottom two floors. The Dark Lord uses these as meeting rooms, or, on occasion, as a dinner room for his most loyal followers. But as large as it was, only the Dark Lord, Nagini, and Wormtail stayed there.

It was Lucius who had come across it at first, and he who had preformed the color-charms on it. The Color Charms were a very complex series of spell, designed to make it perfectly visible to all who looked at it, but make it be the colors that the viewer disliked the most, making them want to stay away. When Percy looked at it, the roof was black, the stone-work a dirty grey, and the siding, railings, and everything else was a cerulean blue, Percy's least favorite color.

As he came back out of his daydream, Percy saw that there was only three empty spaces in the circle. Two went to the dead men still lying on the floor, and the third...

Voldemort stood, and began to speak, but was interrupted by the final member of the circle, the one to fill the third void. The Death Eater in question threw open both of the double doors leading into the room from the patio, even though it's own figure was slight. Moving slowly, they made sure that the hood of their robes completely covered their face, even though the others had put theirs down.

The anger emanating from the Dark Lord was palpable, but the figure was not daunted in the least. Moving slowly, they walked across the entire circle before coming to their own place, directly across from where Voldemort himself stood. Once there, they drew themselves up to their full height, and threw back their hood with magic that came right out of their hands.

Even Lucius was shocked. The woman that stood in front of them was somehow staring them all down at the same time. Her white-blonde hair tumbled in thick, curling waves from where she had it piled on top of her head, and her eyes were fixed solely on Voldemort. Her eyes were what struck Lucius and Percy the most. The pupils were so dilated they gave the effect of the actual color of the iris being black, but if one looked close enough, one could see a very thin band of the strangest color silver any human has ever laid eyes on. She wasn't quite gorgeous, noted Lucius, but she commanded attention in the same way. Percy was utterly transfixed by the electric cracklings around her perfectly manicured inch-long talons. They were talons, he decided, not fingernails. For the she they were all looking at was none other than the first veela ever born, fathered by Salazar Slytherin himself, hundreds of years ago.

"Ahhh, Sssuette. Now, we may begin." There was a horrid glint in the deep red of the Dark Lord's eyes, and he laughed, chilling the stone hearts of his followers.

Near on a hundred miles away, in a horribly ugly little magenta cabin, in an equally ugly room with magenta walls, under a thick, dark brown comforter, Harry Potter awoke with a start. He was panting heavily, sweat running down the side of his face in rivulets. He had both of his hands clapped over the scar on his forehead, and his eyes were squinched shut in pain.

After a moment, it subsided, and he dropped one of his hands. He was in the process of attempting to breath normally again, when he heard, inside his head, a horrible, evil, high-pitched laugh, the kind that made his blood run cold and his muscles seize up. Voldemort. At this awful sound, his scar began throbbing again, ever worse than before. He gritted his teeth, but as the laughter kept up, he heard a woman laughing along with him, and the pain grew so great that he let out a single, strangled cry. As soon as the moan left his lips, however, all the voices in his head stopped.

Across the room, he heard quick movement, and very soon Ron was at his side, eyes wide in fright, lit wand shaking in his hands. "Harry? Wassamatter?"

"My scar. It hurt so bad just then. And there was laughing....Voldemort." He broke of as Ron shuddered so bad his already broken wand went out. "A flash of his dream came back then, and he related it to Ron, who was trying to re attach his wand with spell-o-tape, in the dark."There was a room, in a house somewhere, and it was full of death eaters. They were all standing around in a circle. I think they may have been having a meeting or something. And then..." As Harry struggled to remember, Ron fixed his wand, and this time lit some of the candles that were sitting around.

The flickering light seemed to jog Harry's memory a bit more, and he scooted further to the edge to relay more information. "Yes, it was a meeting, and they were all waiting for the last person to arrive. They finally did, and they scared everyone, except Voldemort, of course." Here, poor Ron shuddered again. "They got in the circle, threw back their hood, and...Why, it was just a young girl. She was pretty, and I think she may have been a veela. But partway turned into that horrid bird thing, you know how they do when they get mad..." Ron nodded, and Harry went on. "And the others had their hoods down to...Ron!" Harry suddenly yelled. "Ron, I saw who some of them were! I can tell Dumbledore! Quick, get me a piece of parchment."

Ron practically jumped to comply, and soon Harry was scribbling descriptions, and in some cases, names, of the ones in the circle. He was muttering to himself as he went, and Ron could catch most of it in the quiet room. "Right next to him was Wormtail, of course, Lucius on the other side, and the next two were twins with brown hair, and the veela-girl, and then there was..." Here, Harry faltered, dropping the quill. 'Red hair,' he thought...'saw him from the side, but familiar...the only ones I know with red hair are the Weasleys...no glasses, but I'm sure it was...but it couldn't be...Percy.' Harry swallowed, and looked sideways at Ron.

Ron noticed the odd gaze, and said, "What?"


'Rap! Rap! Rap!'

Rap! Rap! Rap!' Hermione rolled over. There was a nasty woodpecker rapping at the trees again. She hated this dream. Then, there was a loud bump, then a curse in a voice she recognized. A few seconds later, the door opened. Odd, she thought. That never happened in this dream before. She rolled over to see who was there. The bedroom door was open, and the lights in the living room were ablaze. Wanting desperately to go back to sleep, Hermione walked out to see who was here. Ginny stood in the doorway, talking in low tones to Ron, who was talking animatedly, too quickly for Hermione to understand in her still-half-asleep state.

The two girls, now both awake, went with Ron back to where Harry was still sitting on his bed. After a quick explanation, it was apparent that Harry had had another one of his dreams. Ron explained to both the girls about the parchment with the names and descriptions, and Harry related his dream. At the end, however, Harry asked if he could talk to Hermione...alone. Ginny agreed, and Ron, rather reluctantly, followed her out into the other room.

"'Mione...I saw someone in my dream...it can't have been true...I just *couldn't* say it in front of those two, but...Oh, 'Mione, the last person in my dream was...Percy Weasley." Harry finally managed to voice this fact, and he looked up at Hermione's face. She had gone white, and her jaw had dropped.

"Harry! Are...Are you sure?" She sputtered. Harry just nodded. "Oh, how can we tell them? Will they believe us? Oh, this is *awful*!" She sat down hard on the foot of the bed. "He's got to be under a curse, right? Imperious maybe?" She was talking very fast now, and her voice was becoming shrill. "I wish Dumbledore or Sirius were here. Or Professor Lupin. They'd know what to do." She hung her head sadly.

"Wonder what they're talking about in there?" Ginny asked, innocently, after a few moments.

"Talking." Ron muttered darkly. He couldn't figure out what it could be that would make his girlfriend and his best friend lock themselves in a bed room together, after kicking him out. And to top it all off, he was in a bloody *pink* room.

"What's up Ron? You're all bad mood-y."

"Nothing. It's...nothing." Ginny just gave him that certain look that only members of the female gender can give properly. "Really, nothing. It's just that Harry and Hermione seem...close. You know?" Ginny thought back over the last few days. There was no extra closeness that she could see. Except for one or two times, like when Ron had detention last week, and right when they were leaving Hogwarts when Harry was convincing her to go, and that time in the common room way back near the beginning of the year. But now it was almost time for the first snow fall, and here they were traipsing about the country, looking for two run-away students. Even if there was a closeness happening, this was certainly not the time for it.

"Not that I've noticed. Ron, it's common knowledge that you're in love with her, and Harry isn't going to do anything to get in the way of that. He's your best friend. He'd do anything for you!" Ginny's voice dropped to a more soothing level. "They're just good friends, that's all.
"I hope you're right." Ron hung his head. He knew Hermione loved him, and he knew he loved her, and he knew that Harry was his best friend and her good friend, but he still had worries.

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