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Her Eyes

He'd never really seen eyes like hers. Sure, that was easy for him to say since he thought of his own as mud puddles in some sort of twisted dark vortex but still, her eyes were special. They weren't just one color, they were the perfect mix of green and blue, to make this incredible teal. It really is incredibly rare to see someone from Suna with eyes that are anything but light brown. That's one of the reasons why she's so exquisite.

Sure, you never really expect someone like Shikamaru to be noticing this stuff, all these details about such a troublesome woman. However, when you're a shinobi your life depends on analyzing the small things. Your opponents' characteristics, abilities, weaknesses, all in a matter of seconds if necessary.

That's why he's so good at his job. He's an observer. He usually strays from all the commotion just to watch and enjoy the show, maybe make a few predictions as to what will happen but usually just to see how it'll all unfold. It's also a reason as to why he's so lazy. He knows how the situation could turn out in the end and he usually reasons that whatever task can be completed without his help.

It always amazes him how whenever she's truly happy her eyes change from a darker teal to a greener, livelier shade of teal, even just for a minute or two. How when she's angry at him for some reason or another they narrow into little slits and begin to cloud over, turning to a thunderous-looking blueish green. How whenever she's sad her eyes seem to transform to a dark, almost ocean-like, shade of blue.

She wasn't like all the other girls he'd known. Sure, plain blue eyes can be cute, green eyes could be pretty, violet eyes like Hinata and Neji's were downright rare, and brown eyes could have someone thinking about chocolate for days. However, her eyes were extraordinary. He took them as if they were works of art done by someone as famous as Picasso or Michaelangelo.

Every time he looked into her eyes he noticed something new or saw them in completely different ways. For instance, just the past week he noticed that he eyes seem to have this glint to them whenever she's cooking up some mischievous plot. He'd noticed how, in just the right light, you can see she has the faintest of speckles of light blue in them.

So, when he says to her that he could look into her eyes all day, every day he isn't just saying it to make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. When he says that every morning he wants to open his eyes and be able to look into hers, he means it. And when he says that the last thing he wants to see before he falls asleep is her, then he's damn well sure of it.

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