This is a new story from Leopardstorm (me). It is about what would happen to the warrior cats if we humans stage nuclear war.

The outcome is that God and Heaven punish the humans by reincarnating them as animals, and cats become humans. I have seen many 'Warriors Turn To Twolegs' fics, but they all seem to be humourous and parodies. I want to make one that was quite serious while still having elements of humour in it.

This will be fun…*rubs hands together in anticipation*

This is from the POV of the UK Prime Minister

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Prologue – UN Meeting

It was a blustery day in Geneva, as I stepped out of my private car and headed for the UN HQ. Today had a feel of something bad about to happen, but I ignored it as my iPhone bleeped again to announce that I was late for the UN summit. This was important, as we would be discussing the tragic events of the Afghan War, the ever-going war on climate-change and the current economic situation that had bogged down my government ever since we got into power at the last election.

The heating was blaring out warmth as I stepped into the large building. I stepped up to the reception and rang the bell. The clock on the side of the wall was ticking away out of sync, showing completely the wrong time and date. I looked down at my watch: 15:32, 14th December 2012.

"Können Ich hilfe, Herr?" the receptionist asked, sucking a strawberry lollipop in annoying fashion.

"Ja, bin ich der Kanzler von Großbrittanien, hier für der Besprechen," I spoke in a 'foreign' voice, using the little German I knew.

„Ein Augenblinken..."the receptionist looked down presumably a list as she looked back and forth at my pass and her clipboard.

"Danke," she went back to sucking her lollipop. I shrugged and moved forward with my briefcase swinging in my hand. I made my way to the conference hall where each leader was being checked for any security-breaching objects. Something we really couldn't afford now, since at the last meeting, the major world leaders were threatening all out war.

After the checks, I took my place at the seat saying: Großbrittanien/Great Britain. The leather seats felt cold and uncomfortable as I settled down to boot up my laptop to take notes. More leaders were filling the huge room as the time was nearing 16:00. I noticed with a pang of worry that the Japanese, American and French leaders were staring at each other coldly. No more threats, please! I begged silently.

My translator had sat down next to me. I merely nodded and continued to type up the forms I had to fill in for the government reports on the 20th. Too much work…

Before I knew it, the meeting had begun. I looked down the minutes: first up for discussion was…nuclear war programmes…oh no…

"We need to convince the countries against us that nuclear weaponry is not the way forward," the US President started as he stood up to address the rest of us. "But, if necessary, America will force them to see-"

"What do you mean, America?" the French President spat. "We arre zery capable of tackling ze antagonistess…"

"そして、私たち、私たちを忘れないでください。以上の皆さんが私たちは彼らをよりよく整理されます!" chanted the Japanese leader, his translator sweating buckets as he told everybody what he said: "And us, don't forget us. We will sort them out better than you ever will!"

The three leaders were standing up looking at each other in howling rage.

"We zhall zhow you what ze French is capab-le of!" the French President bellowed as he stormed out of the room.

The Japanese leader used just simple sign language to get his point across as he left through the other door.

"Now, on to our next part of the agenda…" the American President continued calmly, as though nothing had happened and we were having Christmas dinner.

Christmas….Christmas…if that was what I thought it was, we won't see Christmas. As hard as I tried, I couldn't tune in to the rest of the meeting, the Japanese and French's threats running round my head. It was war.

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