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Man, I got this idea in the bathroom!! It refused to go away, so I just write it now. Actually I have one angst fic in progress, but since I really dislike angst I can't develop it into anything really "angsty" or sort. Here's my second fic, one-shot, humor/parody. It's gonna be funny ^__^ *grins sheepishly* OOC-ness abound!! This is one of Cherie's craziest works! So unpredicted! MWAHAHAHAH!!! Disclaimers: I don't own anyone here, except for my own name. I do not own Harlem Beat either. And I'm sorry if you don't like something here. Gomen nasai. I have never ever meant to offend anybody. Oh, who's the main pairing, you asked? Tee-hee. It's a secret...Or actually the main pairing does NOT exist at all...

Oh, then again, it's not one-shot. It's two-shots, or it's divided into parts.


Chapter One : Preparations For The Ball


"Anime Talent Show? What the hell is THAT?!" Recca growled, reading the flyer he just got.

"A talent show?" Domon answered dumbly.

"Yes, I know that, baka! What does 'Anime' have to do with a talent show?" The firecaster asked again.

Fuuko scratched her head, confused. "Beats me. Let's ask the planner for this whole thing."

"Who?" asked Yanagi.

"'s written down here. Cherie...Takahachi."

"Cherie Takahachi?"

"Yeah. We can find her in the world of Harlem Beat." Fuuko continued reading the small text.

Recca grabbed the flyer from Fuuko's hand, "What's a Harlem Beat?"

"Recca-niichan! You don't know Harlem Beat?! It's a super manga by Yuriko Nishiyama-sensei! A really funny and kawaii and sugoi manga!!" Koganei piped in.

"Oh...I see..."

"But our own series is better, though." The little 13-year-old grinned.


"Let's see...Three Men's hoop in Shibuya..." The wind wielder read, "Or at the Johnan High School basketball club."

They were already in the world of Harlem Beat, transported by Kagehoushi's special Ekkai ball. Now, the Hokage and the rest of the Flame of Recca cast were wandering, trying to find Cherie Takahachi. They searched almost everywhere, but they couldn't find anyone.

"Over there." Mikagami pointed to a small basketball field. Half a basketball field, actually.

"You're right, Mi-chan! That's the Three Men's Hoop!" Fuuko jumped happily and hopped to the small field.

The field was crowded with people. There was so much noise there. From the loud music that was playing until the cheers from the spectators. Fuuko slipped in successfully and tried to find the person they were looking for.

"Wahoo!! Sawamuraaaa!!! C'mon!!! You can do it!!!" A girl with brownish hair yelled cheerfully.

There was a game going on. There were two groups, each consisted of three. A dark-skinned boy with his hair up straight threw the ball towards a blue- green-haired weirdo.

"Let's go! Alley-oop!"

"Naruse! Kosuke! You can stop them!" The girl yelled again.

*Now where is this Takahachi girl?* Fuuko asked to herself. *Maybe I should ask that yelling weirdo.*

She approached the jumping girl quickly, "Excuse me, do you happen to know where Cherie Takahachi is?" Fuuko asked.

The girl turned to face the Fuujin wielder. "Cherie Takahachi? Oh! You must be Fuuko Kirisawa! Yes, I am Cherie...pleased to meet you, Fuuko- san!" She grinned happily.

"You're Cherie? Oh! How lucky I am! C'mon, Cherie!! Follow me!" Fuuko's face brightened. She grabbed Cherie's arm and dragged her out of the crowd.

Cherie struggled to free herself, screaming, "Hey! Where the hell are you taking me to?! That game isn't finished!! Heeeeyyy!!!"


"I you want to ask me about this talent show?" Cherie sipped her apple juice.

"Yes, Cherie-san..."

"Please call me Cherie, Yanagi-san."

Yanagi nodded and continued, "Okay, Cherie. What is this all about?"

"Well, basically it's just a normal talent show, only it's just for you anime characters. You can put up a dance, a play, a puppet show, anything! Under one condition, you must have at least fifteen main characters of your anime show participating." Cherie explained, sipping some more of her juice.

Koganei bobbed his head up and down, "Oh, we get it...Thanks a lot, Cherie- neechan!"

"Glad I can help. Oh, by the way, can I have you autographs? Please?"


Fuuko was standing in front of all the Flame of Recca cast, screaming and torturing their ears.

"Now! We must put up a good show for the audience! One question...what show? A play? A musical? A puppet show? A dance? Any comments would be gladly welcomed!!"

Joker raised his hand quickly, waving. "Me! Me! I have a suggestion!!!"

Fuuko pointed to the Taishaku Kaiten master, "Joker!"

"What about a tribute to Joker?! Odokemono Hiroji?!" Joker grinned happily.

Neon sighed, sweatdropping. "I'd rather put up a tribute to turtles."

"Turtles are a lot better than you." Mikagami said.

Joker felt like tons of stones and rocks fell down from the sky and landed on his head.

Yanagi raised her hand shortly after that, blushing a little. "Fuuko, I have a suggestion..."

"Yes, Yanagi!"

"What about a play?"


Domon eyed Yanagi suspiciously. ", you didn't mean the play of Reccaman, right...?"

The healer quickly corrected Domon's stupid guess. She, "No! Not Reccaman! That's my own work, and I do not want anybody else to see it. I'm too embarrassed..." Yanagi blushed cutely.

Recca pounded her shoulder proudly, "Ah, come on, hime! There's nothing to be ashamed of! Reccaman is always good!!"

"Anyways," The brown haired girl continued, "What I meant was a play of a classic fairytale, like...Cinderella or something like that."

Fuuko appeared dumbstruck. "Cinderella?"

"How romantic!" Neon smiled, starting to get all starry-eyed.

The wind wielder shrugged her shoulders. "It's up to you. I'm outta here. I don't believe in fairytales. Don't worry, if you need my help, just call me, okay, Yanagi? I'm warning you guys, I don't want to be the Cinderella or something sissy like that..."

"What about the stage manager?" Yanagi offered.

"That'll do."

Mikagami raised his hand too, "Yanagi-san, I also do not think that I should take any role in the show. I will still support the play, as long as I'm free of roles."

The healer started to shoot her puppy dog eyes. "Why? Is it because you think my idea is lame??? Well, well, it's okay, I'm not pushing you to do anything, it's just, it's just..." she cracked into sobs.

Recca quickly grabbed her shoulder, trying to calm her down. "Hime! Don't cry!" He said it over and over again. "Mikagami! Look what you did!!"

"Gomen, Yanagi-san, but I prefer taking a neutral role. I'm volunteering to be the stage manager too." said Mikagami.

All of the sudden Yanagi stopped sobbing and her tears vanished. She smiled happily, "Okay! So everybody, be in the Uruha Mansion tomorrow at 9 am sharp! We'll divide the roles and discussed the rest! Okay, we're dismissed!!"


[uruha mansion == 8.57 am]

"Oh, Fuuko! I'm so excited!" Yanagi chirped happily.

Fuuko shrugged, "Yeah, yeah...okay, right now the ones missing are...Kurei, Mikoto, Mokuren..." She checked and rechecked her clipboard. "Yup. Only the three of them."

Her cell phone rang. Beep-beep-shoop-shoop-scooby-doo-bee-doo-whap-beep- beep-BOOM!

"Weird tune..." Recca sweatdropped.

"None of your business. I like it," Fuuko drew her tongue out, "Hello, Fuuko Kirisawa speaking!"

"Hey, chick, Mikoto here. I and Mokuren can't go. Have some important business to do." The caller answered.

"What? But you have to come!" Fuuko pouted.

"We ain't any important characters. Besides, in the later volumes of the manga, that Anzai would probably kill us. Talk to ya later. Ciao!" The queen of poisons hung up.

"Hey...chotto matte!! Damn!!" Fuuko cursed. "That *bitch*!!"

Yanagi approached the cursing purple haired girl, "Who was that, Fuuko?"

"Mikoto. She and Mokuren can't come. Oh well, it's not like we need them or anything. It's so much better without perverts." Fuuko shrugged, and checked her clipboard once again, "Now where is Kurei?"

"He called me earlier. He said he has some errands to run...something like that. We can just start without him." answered Mikagami, checking a box of...stuff.

Fuuko nodded, "Okay, everybody!! Come and gather right here!!"

"Let's divide the roles first," suggested Yanagi.

Everyone agreed. Yanagi wanted to be the story-teller, even though Recca was a bit disappointed she couldn't be the princess. Yanagi couldn't find any fitting dominant roles for Recca, so she made him the coachman. Recca himself was pretty pissed with this role, but couldn't say anything, afraid to hurt his hime's feelings.

The Cinderella was Neon, and the lady was perfectly fine having this as a role. She could do all the cleaning and washing perfectly—as she was a maid—and she was even happier to find out whom became the prince. Kurei, still nowhere to be found, had been granted the role of the prince. Neon was so happy; she was jumping and shouting things that should never be mentioned here.

Raiha became the Prime Minister, or in another way the prince's advisor. Aki and Miki became Cinderella's stepsisters. They were happy in a way, but sad in another because the stepsisters were supposed to act rude towards the Cinderella, Neon. Their sisterly love for Neon had not changed one bit, obviously.

Weirdly, Mikoto and Mokuren showed up. They said their "business" was getting sort of boring, so Mikoto was granted the role of the evil stepmother. Fuuko kept making snippy remarks that Mikoto suits that role perfectly.

Fuuko was feeling very satisfied with the roles when Mikagami said that the cast consisted too many bad guys. So she put Kagehoushi as the fairy godmother. Koganei became the escorting guy (sorry, I don't know what it's called) while Domon was one of the castle guards. For the animals they decided to use Ganko's dolls and stuffed animals.

The whole team looked very satisfied, except for the sobbing Joker who didn't get a role. "Why?!! Why must the bad luck always come to me?! Why can't it visit Raiha-han or Kurei-han instead of me?!" (author: boy, I love making fun of joker. he's just too funny!)

Well, actually it wasn't *only* Joker, Domon and Recca also complained to the stage managers. "I mean, we're Hokage, and Hokage guys are the most important characters of the show! I don't want to be just some stupid horse coachman!"

The purple-haired manager elbowed the silver-haired one, thinking he could answer better. Sure he could. He said, "Just look at you guys. You want a gorilla with Mohawk hairdo be the prince? Or you think a sea-monkey's better? Get real, Hanabishi."


Mikagami was turning on the lightings when Fuuko muttered, "Ooh boy, this is not good. Not good at all," while checking her clipboard.

"What is it?" asked Mikagami.

"We only have one week until the last rehearsal, and Kurei hasn't showed up till now! Has he informed you?" Fuuko asked anxiously.

Mikagami shrugged, "Negative. Perhaps you should ask one of the Uruha. They should know."

The wind wielder approached Neon quickly. "Hey, Neon-san, do you know where Kurei is?"

Neon shook her head nervously, "I'm afraid not...Kurei-sama just told us a few days ago that he had some important business, and we must not bother or disturb him. Oh, is it going to be all right? I mean, what if he doesn't show up? We'll have to look for another prince, and while I'm perfectly satisfied with him being the prince, I don't know if the new one suits me...You know, some people, freaks me out. Like Mokuren, or..."

A very irritating rasta-braided guy dropped himself on Neon's shoulders quickly.

"...Joker." Neon continued, shuddering in disgust. "Eew! Get away from me!" She tried to free herself to no avail.

"Hey, Fuuko-haaaaaaannn......?" Joker grinned at the sweatdropping girl.

"What?" There was nothing that could describe the tone in Fuuko's voice except for suspicion and distrust.

"If Kurei-han doesn't show up, that'll leave the prince position open, right?"

Fuuko thought for a while... "Er...I think so..."

Neon rolled her eyes, "Girl, that is *not* one wise thing to say to a sheepishly, slyly, grinning Joker." She remarked.

"Well…if it's empty, then *anyone* can fill it, right?"


"Take that as a yes. And if *anyone* can fill it...that means *I* can also fill the empty space, riiiiighhhhtt?"

Neon cut in quickly, "Definitely not."

"Oh, and who are you to judge, Neon-han? Fuuko-han is the stage manager here, sorry Neon-han, not you." Joker drew her tongue out. "...So, Fuuko- han! How is it? Am I good enough—oh stupid question, of course I am good enough—I mean, are you sure Kurei-han isn't showing up, you know I feel some pity for him at least-"

"Shuddup, Joker. Kurei-sama IS showing up and you know it." Neon ended Joker's talk.

"Blech! I bet you my trademark shades he ain't showin' up!" Joker dared.

"Mi-chan, what do you think? You think Kurei's coming?" Fuuko hopped to Mikagami.

Mikagami glanced at his watch, "Well, this is Saturday, and if by Tuesday he doesn't show up... We'll have to look for another prince just in case. Case closed; you three shut up and just begin today's rehearsal."


Meanwhile, Raiha volunteered to take care of the costumes. When Miki and Aki walked by a rack of clothes, they took a peek and shuddered with disgust.

Miki quickly walked to Raiha, who was sleeping, snoring a little, on the couch.

"RAIHA-SAN!" She yelled.

Raiha snapped awake, pretty pissed. But as a gentleman as he always was, he asked softly... "I suppose you need my help, Miki-san? What is it?"

"Who told you to design such goofy costumes?!" Miki demanded angrily.

"I'm sorry?"

"Yeah, she's right. Goofy, y'know? Who designed them?" Aki nodded.

"The top one designer of Kokom corporation?"

"What?! I thought YOU designed it!" Miki was so angry.

"Oh, I can't... I barely have an eye for fashion..."

"I can see that." Aki remarked sarcastically. "Wearing sassy ninja dresses all the time, it should be really obvious, ne?"

"Not dresses! This is a ninja's ultimate uniform!" Raiha kept persistent, hands in fists.

"Ultimate uniform, eh? Okay, so you do look so darn sexy in those, but..." Miki grinned.

"We demand new costumes!" Aki raised her left arm, screaming.

"New costumes? Uh...uh...I dunno... I mean, if I return the designs to the designer, y'know, he's gonna be pretty pissed...and, and...y'know, he's all big, strong, almighty, Mori Kouran's top personal designer... Well, I mean, so far Mori-sama actually *loves* his designs...if I do so, he might think I'm criticizing his sense of fashion and everything, and you know I really don't want that to happen, so..." Raiha tried to explain his best, but he did not realize he was actually making things worse.

"Yeah Raiha-san, and you're telling me you're afraid of the BIG, STRONG, ALMIGHTY guy?" teased Aki.

The purple haired ninja shrugged, "Yes, and no. Whatever. I'm not returning those designs."

"This is ridiculous!" snarled Miki harshly. She and Aki quickly grabbed Fuuko's hand. "Fuuko-san, Fuuko-san!! Raiha-san doesn't want to redesign the costumes! They're terrible!!"

Fuuko sweatdropped, and looked at the costumes. Her eyes popped when she saw a white, dress, with big letters written with permanent marker. "THIS IS CINDERELLA'S NIGHT BALL GOWN" Then, it had marker-drawn laces and accessories, including ribbons and buttons.

"That is pathetic, isn't it? Oh, and Raiha. I'd rather wear night, pink bunny slippers than those 'glass' ones. Too terrifying." said Neon from behind.

"Uh...okay...I'll try to do something..." Raiha grabbed the clothes rack and disappeared.


[tuesday's rehearsal]

Fuuko played with her pencil anxiously. "Kurei's not showing up, is he?"

Neon sighed, "Maybe he forgot. Call him again!"

"Can't. His cell's turned off." said Mikagami, "Need to find another prince."

"I think Kurei's scared, y'know? He thought he might get some sudden stage fright or something... I mean, that is possible, even for Kurei, right? Or probably he couldn't memorize his lines... Kurei's still human. He has fears, just like us. But I think his fear right now is pretty pathetic-" Recca murmured to Yanagi, who was sweatdropping.


"-Oh hime, I know he's a coward sometimes-" Recca continued, oblivious to the fact that there was Neon beside him.

"I'm sorry, Recca, just *what* did you call Kurei-sama?"

Recca waved Neon away, "Coward, pathetic..."



"After that."

"Pretty pathetic."


" *Pretty* *Pathetic* !!" Recca was annoyed by Neon, "Can't you just hear it right?"

Neon was...unreadable. She had smoke coming out of her ears, veins popped, and fists ready... Oh boy, Recca was in *great* danger.

"Why you..."

[The rest of the scene is censored by the wise author.]

"We have no time to fight, Neon. The show is the day after tomorrow. We'll have our last rehearsal Thursday morning." reprimanded Mikagami matter-of-factly.

Neon stopped beating the poor crap out of Recca, thinking, "Oh dear, you're right! Ooh! Ooh!"

"Ooh okay I'll be the prince!!" Joker threw his arms in the air.

Fuuko was dumbfounded. "What?"

"I'll be the prince! I know from the looks you guys gave me; you want me to be the prince. But you had no courage to admit that I'm much better than now I'll give up my best pride to you all by taking the role! Only for my dearest darling...Neon-han..." Joker grinned.

Neon was so sick of Joker, you can tell by the disgusted look on her face. "No way."

"Yes way."

"No way."

"Yes way."

"No way!"

"Yes way."



And Mikagami was very annoyed. "Okay, just take it like this. Everybody who hasn't got a role, memorize the prince's lines so you'll be ready when needed."



[last rehearsal]

"Hey Mi-chan! You got the lights done?" asked Fuuko from behind the scenery set.


"What about the scenery?"

"What do you think?"

"Nice! You made these?"

"No. Domon did."


"Can't believe the big gorilla."

"Okay, everything is done...except for..." She glared at a certain purple haired ninja. "Costumes?"

Raiha had a very weird look on his face, but you can tell it's not a good one. One that consisted: nervousness, uneasiness, fear...

"See for yourself."

So the wind wielder did. She went to the dressing room and opened the door. Her jaw fell to the floor.


The scenery placed in front of her was nothing of goodness. It was hell. Nothing new in the clothes stacks, same ol' bad clothes they saw the other day. Why hell? Because it was worse than the ones they saw the other day. The ones in front of Fuuko were ripped and torn, all messed up. Because of that, it was hell.


"Well, Fuuko-san, see...I...I told Mr. Kimoto, the designer, to change the costumes' designs... as I told you, he was big and everything, I think he got offended in one way and then he ripped, tore, messed up the whole set of costumes...I was afraid he would do more damage if I let him do that for the next seconds, so I just pulled the costumes out of his hand, and...RIPPP!! Just like that! That's how the main gown got a big whole in the waist..." answered Raiha slowly and unsure.

Veins in Fuuko's head popped. "YOU......"

"Gomen nasai, Fuuko-sama! Please forgive the poor li'l Raiha-chan!!" pleaded Raiha, shooting Fuuko with puppy dog eyes.

Fuuko inhaled a very deep breath, "Okay...control your own self, Fuuko..."

"Yeah, get a grip." smirked Mikagami sarcastically.

"Mi-chan! Well, since you're here, don't just stand there! Do something!!" Veins popped again.

"Like what?"

"I don't know!! Just, just, do *SOMETHING*!!"

"Bye," He walked away and left. "Oh, I feel bad about not telling you this. Prepare yourselves, Neon is coming this way. And, yeah, hurry up, okay? The rehearsal's about to start. You too, Raiha."

And you can guess Neon's reaction. She was very angry. No more specific descriptions. Just imagine an erupting volcano. There ya go!


"Kurei is really not showing up, is he?" commented Recca matter-of-factly.

Neon was a very persistent lady, just to let you know. "He is going to show up and shut the hell up!"

"We don't have all day, Neon! If he doesn't show up in the next two hours we're going to get a replacement!" said Fuuko. She was actually having fun, torturing Neon, considering what she did to her an hour ago. "Ironic, isn't it?"

Joker grinned cheerfully, "Ooh boy!! Ooh!! Ooh!!"

[two hours passed]

"Dammit, where is he?!" growled Neon impatiently.

"We'll need a new prince. But, who?" asked Yanagi to herself. "Mikagami- sempai?"



"The escorting guy, Yanagi-neechan! I'm YOUR prince, not Neon-neechan's!" Koganei grinned.

"Eh, Raiha-san?"

"No, Yanagi-san, I don't think I can do it in this kind of situation..." Raiha was referring to band-aids and bandages all over his body, courtesy of Neon.



"I take that back. Joker-san?"

"Well...okay!" Joker grinned happily, showing his fangs.

Neon quickly snarled, "NO! Never!!"

"Let's just draw the names, shall we?" offered Yanagi. She had a few pieces of paper and a pen in her hands.


[note: words in and are italicized]

Joker eyed the cup suspiciously. "Shake that thing, Neon-han!"

"Wait a minute; I gotta make sure it's okay." Neon checked the small cup for any tricks. "Free of tricks."

"Of course it is! What does that suppose to mean?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Shake it!"

"Just wait, okay?!"

Neon shook the cup, closing the hole with her palm. She drew out a small piece of paper rolled, "Here it is..."

Joker snatched it away from Neon's hand, "Lemme see that! Ooh! Ooh!! Ooh!!!"

"Who is it?" Yanagi asked. She stole a glance at the paper, reading it quickly. "Oh Kami-sama! Kami-sama!!"

Recca stared at his princess, "Hime, you all right?"




She fainted, eyes shocked in horror.


Fuuko read the small paper in Joker's hand. Joker was staring blankly into nothingness.

"Oh my God."

"What? Who is it, Fuuko?!" asked Recca quickly.

"It''s...Mori Kouran..."


"WHAAAATTTTT??!?!??!??!?!!" shrieked Neon in pure terror. "Who put his name in there?!!"

"I did," admitted Domon. "You told me to write everybody's names. So I did! It's not my fault!"

Neon was unreadable. She could only mutter... "I'd rather die with my Requiem..."

While the rasta-braided guy was pissed. "Draw again! And this time, draw *my* name!"

"Can't!! Mori's name is out so Mori it shall be!!" protested Recca vehemently.

Neon stood up, leaving.

"Neon! Where are you going?"

"I quit."

"You can't quit!!"



Neon shot a killing glare to Fuuko, "Just kick your butt ass goodbye! I'm outta here! Let me be the costume designer instead!"

Miki and Aki stared at each other, nodding, and then they stood up and threw pom-poms... "Yay! If oneesama quits, we quit too! Go Neon- neechan!!"

Raiha also said, "Yes, Fuuko-san, I'm sorry but because of my injuries I can't participate, well I could, but since Mori-sama is the prince now I'm afraid I'll have to quit too..."

Fuuko just stood there, paralyzed.

"Oh, no."


Author's Insane Notes:

That was something! Whew! Forgive my bad grammars, please. Oh, in case you dunno, Harlem Beat does exist. It's sugoi!! I love Sawamura-chan!! I love Kiriko-san! I love Kobayashi-kun! Wheee!! Yuriko Nishiyama-sensei is so great! Oh, and thanks for people who read my first fic. Thanks for the reviews, but if you want me to answer, send it privately to . Review this fic, okay??? Be a GOOD reader, so read AND review. Don't be a bad reader, reviewing before reading. Any of you guys have the mp3 file of RK's OP/ED theme songs? Please send it to me!!