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Chapter Three: Cinder-Yanagi and The Ball!!


Fuuko was reading the narrator's script when something struck her mind.  She turned to face Mikagami beside her, fixing the lightings.

"Hey, Mi-chan?" she asked.


"What do you think if I change the names, y'know?  Like, from Cinderella to Cinder-Yanagi, and from the normal 'prince' to Prince Kouran of the Kokom country...something like that...from the usual narrator to the very-pretty-and-beautiful-and-lovely-sweet narrator...just to make some fun parody.  What d'ya think, ne, Mi-chan?" She grinned.

"Whatever.  Just don't ruin the whole play.  You narrate from the booth up there." Mikagami answered, checking the spotlights.

"And what about you?"

"I'll take care of the lightings." He said.  "The play's about to start.  Hurry up."

Fuuko sighed.  "Hai, hai..."


The purple haired girl tapped the microphone twice, making sure it was on. 

"Ladies and gentlemen..." Her voice rang through the whole auditorium.  "We, from the Flame of Recca cast, are going to present you with a wonderful drama of two, it's not Romeo and Juliet.  It's...Cinder-Yanagi!"

She leaned backwards and rested her head on the chair.  Ganko was sitting beside her, watching the play excitedly.  The cast was showing an opening dance, colorful lights covering them.  Yanagi twirled around in her beautiful white dress, followed by Raiha and Joker cursing behind her.

Fuuko lifted her feet to the desk.  The dance sequence would take about seven minutes, so Fuuko had some time to rest.  She wiggled her feet, and...

"Fuuko-neechan!  Watch out!" Ganko screamed.

CRASH!  Fuuko didn't see the blue mug before.  The chocolate inside was spilled all over the desk.  Ganko quickly took the microphone into safety, while Fuuko trying to save the rest.

"Dammit!" She cursed.  The narrator's script from Yanagi was now ruined.  The tint from the pen she used faded; black ink was spread all over it.  She couldn't read it anymore…now what should she do?

Ganko ran to a small wall cupboard, and got out a roll of tissue.  Fuuko took about one meter of tissue, and wiped off the chocolate.  The puppet master wiped the chocolate with some wet tissue.  They cleaned the desk in about five minutes.  Fuuko set the microphone down, heaving a sigh of relief.  She eyed the dance.  It was about to finish.  She had to narrate...but without the script…that meant she had to do it on her own.

She positioned herself in front of the mouth, "Yeah, there we go…an opening dance!  Okay, ladies and gents…let the play begin!"

Down backstage, Mikagami pressed the button to pull the curtains.  He already set the background, a green, grassy prairie. 

'Okay…' Fuuko thought.  'Here goes nothing…'

She took a deep breath, and winked at Ganko.  "Once upon a time, in a far, faraway land, there lived a little girl named Yanagi Sakoshita..."

Yanagi entered the scene, twirling around in a green dress cheerfully.

"Her mother had died some few years ago…and now her father had got her a step…" Fuuko was not very sure to call Kukai a stepmother… "…parent.  And also two step…" Sisters?  No.  "..siblings."

Kukai in a goofy dress entered the scene.  His two 'daughters' followed him full of grace.  Joker in his pink dress was still covering his eyes.  He wore a lacy pink hat, its pink laces covering the eyes.  Raiha looked very pissed.  His lips made a knot, his green orbs showing annoyance.  His long green dress flowed behind him.  Joker could hear Raiha muttering "I hate green" again and again. 

Joker whispered, "You actually attract gay guys with green.  Sexy." He grinned.

Raiha glared at him, "That's why I hate it."

They walked pass Yanagi, giving evil glares to the poor Cinder-Yanagi, then exited the scene.  A short while after that, Cinder-Yanagi exited the scene too, giggling softly.

Mikagami dropped the next background in place.  It was a kitchen.  The stone wall made it look like a dungeon.  Then he played the background music…

Backstage, Yanagi was quickly changing.  Neon handed her a brown, dirty-looking dress and an old apron.  The Fukyo Waon wielder squished some gel to Yanagi's hair, scrubbing it all over her brown mane.  She took a white ribbon and tied Yanagi's hair into a low ponytail.

Neon had already prepared a pair of dirty slippers and a broomstick to match.  She quickly put some brown blush on Yanagi's cheeks, and pushed her to the stage.

"Hurry up!"


Meanwhile, the evil step-Kukai and his two evil Raiha and Joker entered the scene, yelling.

"Cinder-Yanagiiii!" yelled Joker hard.  His lungs had some great abilities, and one of them was to scream on a higher pitch than Mariah Carey. 

"Cinder-Yanagi!  Where are you?!" Kukai yelled.  He turned his head around, looking for the Cinder-Yanagi.  His black, long wig moved too.  He quickly fixed it.

Backstage, Saicho giggled.  Evil step-Buddha priest was flinching at the curls of his wig.  Yanagi quickly entered the scene, bringing along her broomstick.

"Yes, okaa-sama?" She asked.

Joker grinned mischievously, pointing at the floor with his purple-nailed finger.  "Clean the floor!  Can't you see it's dirty?  Such an idiot."

Fuuko had to agree that Joker was doing a good job.

"But I had cleaned it three times!" protested Yanagi.

Kukai smiled his Buddha-priest-kind-of-smile.  He grabbed his madougu and slapped Yanagi with it.  "When you're told to clean it, CLEAN IT!  Baka.  Let's go girls, we don't want to be late for the party." He added, "Ho-ho-ho…"

Ganko sweatdropped.

"Make sure you don't miss one spot." said Raiha, looking very girly.  His purple mane was tucked in a neat ponytail with one of Neon's lacy green ribbons.  Fuuko knew he looked a lot like a girl.  Even Mikagami would lose.

Cinder-Yanagi sighed, and brushed the broomstick against the floor.  She grabbed a pail near her, and started to clean the floor with a dirty old cloth.  She dipped the cloth in the water for a few seconds and lifted it up to drain it. 

"Aaargh!" Cinder-Yanagi yelped. She pushed the pail, and the water was spilled all over the stage's floor.

"What is it?" Fuuko asked hesitantly.  She whispered to a microphone that was connected to the earphones on the cast's ears.

Yanagi whispered, shaking, "Fish…Goldfish inside…who put it there??"

Two goldfish was moving on the stage floor, obviously suffering.  Yanagi flinched.  She didn't like fish that much.  Cinder-Yanagi quickly put the fish inside the pail, and threw the pail to the audience. 

"Yanagi!  You can't do that…" said Fuuko.

"I-I…I-I…gomen nasai…"

"Daijobu.  Okay, now, next scene.  Mi-chan, you got the background ready?" answered Fuuko a bit hesitantly.

Mikagami whispered to his microphone, "Yeah.  Who put the fish in there?"

"Must be one of the little kids…" commented Raiha from backstage.  He had exited the scene, and now peeking from behind the curtains.  "Was it you, Ganko-chan?"

Ganko shook her head, and whispered to Fuuko's microphone, "No.  I hate fish."

"It was me," said Koganei from backstage.  He was trying to put a blonde wig on, to no avail. 

Neon sighed desperately.  She grabbed a witch's hat and pulled the rubber band from the hat to Koganei's jaw, keeping the wig still.  And then she added some pinky blush on his cheeks and some PINK lipstick on his lips.

"AAAWWW!  No lipstick!  No lipstick!" He tried to release himself from Neon's grip.

Neon sweatdropped.  She hit Koganei's head to keep him steady, and started adding the lipstick.  "Just shut up.  You'll look pretty," She winked.

"AARRRGGGHHH!!!  What, what the *shit* is this?!!?  Why am I looking like a bitch?!  Damn…I look a lot lot like Ganko…" Koganei cursed loudly.

Neon hit him again, "That's not a good thing to say, young man!  Mind your manners."


Outside, Raiha and Joker grinned together, "Yay!  A ball, mom?" Joker asked cheerfully.

Kukai smiled, "Yes…wear your best gowns, girls…"

Raiha stared at Joker, "Best gown?"

Joker nodded happily, "Uh-huh!  Bestest gown!  I have this one, this, this purple one!  With laces all over and pretty ribbons!"

The purple haired ninja played along, "Wow!  I have this, this, great orange one!!  It has one biiiig bow in the middle!  And, and, and…it has this-this kind of frilly stuff!!  The frilly stuff's green!  Isn't it beautiful?  Then, I also have matching pink shoes…"

Kukai smiled again, "And I have a white, long one…I bet I'll look sexy in it!"

Massive sweatdrop.


"So Cinder-Yanagi cried, and cried.  Suddenly, she saw some big cloud of dust…and voila!  A fairy god-Koganei appeared!" narrated Fuuko.

Koganei blasted through the curtains and made a "sudden" appearance.  "Fairy God-Koganei?  What the hell is that?" he muttered under his breath.

He heard the audience snickering.  Even Mikagami smirked.  Recca, backstage, watching from the monitor, was laughing too hard.  Domon could only stare at the screen.  Ganko giggled uncontrollably, choking Kondo to death.  Yanagi stared at Koganei, while Neon grinned proudly at her work.

"Eh…" Koganei walked a few steps, but tripped because of his long pink frilly dress.  "Ouch!"

Yanagi hurried to help the fallen fairy god-Koganei, "Are you alright?" When Yanagi got a better look at the younger boy, she couldn't help but giggle softly.

Kaoru Koganei was dressed in a long, frilly, pink dress with white laces.  On top of his head was an enormous pink ribbon, and he was holding a pink wand.  His face was white, too much compact powder.  His cheeks were red, too much blush.  His eyes seemed even bigger with the red eye shadow.  His lips was very, very shocking red.  Yup, you guessed it, too much lipstick.

"Aw!  Dammit!  Anyways, I am here to help you, Cinder-Yanagi-neechan!" He said, waving his wand.

Yanagi sweatdropped.

"Really, er…"

"I'm your fairy god…fairy god…er…fairy god-boyfriend!  Yea, that's it!" He grinned happily, "Fairy god-boyfriend!"

Backstage, Recca fumed, very angry.  He already wrote Nadare's letter, just when Neon grabbed him and dressed him up.

Yanagi sweatdropped again, "Well, my fairy god-boyfriend…can you really help me?"

Koganei grinned again, and waved his wand a few times.  "Simple!  I'm a perfect fairy god-boyfriend!  Abracadabra!" He piped happily.

"Now, I heard that you wanted to go to a ball, ne?  Ah, aw, but you cannot go with that sort of dress!   All right!  I will grant you a new, beautiful dress!!  Ba-bee-doop-shoo-bee-doo-whap-tham-tham!" Koganei waved his wand again.

Fuuko frowned, "That sounds like my cell's tone."

"I heard that Koganei-niichan liked it a lot," said Ganko.

"I like it too," Fuuko grinned.

Back at the stage, fogs appeared out of the fog-machines (what are they called?  I dunno), colorful ones.  Once they had disheveled, a dress fell to Yanagi's arms.

"Wear that, Yanagi-neechan!  You'll look great!" Koganei grinned, showing his fangs.

Ganko giggled, "They're not supposed to just fall out of nowhere!"

Yanagi sweatdropped, staring at the gown in her hands.

"Wear it!" said Koganei impatiently.

Yanagi sweatdropped again, "Er…my fairy god-Kaoru-chan, I can't change in here…"

Koganei blushed, grinning sheepishly, "Ahaha…yes, gomen, gomen, Yanagi-neechan…" He tried to find a way for Yanagi to change… "Why don't you go inside and change while I take care of the rest?"


Yanagi slipped in behind the curtains in the corners.  She saw Recca, cursing hard.

"That damn Koganei!!!  He made hime look stupid!!  Sick ASSHOLE!"

Neon hit him on the head.  She handed him his costume…a black suit with a black bowtie and pants.

"Wow, Neon-san, they're great!" said Yanagi happily, "But I don't think they wear suits and tuxes there."

The red-haired lady shrugged, "Nah, I don't care.  I can't find everything in a day, you know.  Hey, Kagehoushi!" She called.

Kagerou popped her head from the dressing room.  "Yes, Neon?"

"Are you done?  Your scene starts in a minute," answered Neon, glancing at the wall clock.  "You got your hat?"

The immortal woman nodded.  She walked out of the dressing room, wearing blue pants.  She also wore a white, long sleeved shirt; a red tie, underneath a matching blue vest.  Kagerou lifted her black hair and tucked it underneath a blue hat for coaches.  She looked perfect, except for her big earrings on one ear.

Neon sighed, "I think you should take that off."

"Oh, right." Kagerou quickly removed her earrings.  "How do I look?"

Yanagi smiled with glee, "You look wonderful, Kagerou-san!"

Kagerou smiled, "Arigatou, Yanagi-chan.  Okay then, here goes nothing…" She slipped out.

Neon turned her head back to Recca, "Now, back to you!  Act important!  And—ARRRGHHH!!" She screamed, frustrated.

Mikagami--who was taking care of the lightings--smirked.

"What the hell is with your stupid hair?!  I spent like three bottles of gel, just to make it look neat!  Now it's pointing out again!  Damn it!  Should I use some stupid tweezers just to hold that idiot's hair back?!"

Neon yelled angrily.

Recca snorted.  He stuck out a tongue to tease her, "You should leave it the way it is, Neon.  Just face it.  My hair looks much better than yours."

Neon pointed a finger accusingly, "Well, at least my hair is BEAUTIFUL!!  And damn you, there ain't no stupid prime minister with hair sticking and pointing out everywhere!"

Recca ran his fingers through his hair proudly.  "It's beautiful like this."

Mikagami smirked again.  "You should listen to him, Neon.  His hair is just as stubborn as he is."

Neon glared at the water wielder, and pointed her index finger at him.  "Oh!  So you think you have pretty hair, eh?!  Well, sureeee…silver would be nice…but it's NOT silver!  HEH!  It's gray!!  And wow, Mikagami, you already have GRAY hair in your age??  And it's UGLY too!  It's sticky and gooey and-"

The ensui wielder fumed, but he kept his cool.  "Let's see how YOUR ugly red hair will react, towards my Tsurara Mai."

They argued a bit more, when Yanagi was putting on her glass slippers Neon prepared.  The healer saw the curtains move a bit, obviously some stick was messing it up.  She summed it up as Koganei's wand, so she popped her head, but the audience couldn't see her head. 

"What is it, Kaoru-chan?" she mouthed.

Koganei was still waving his wand.  He mouthed, "Fog.  Fog.  Fog."

"Oh!" Yanagi turned her head to face the arguing Mikagami and Neon and Recca.  "Wait."

"Mikagami-sempai!  Kaoru-chan needs the fog, now!" She informed.

The silver haired guy snapped out of their argument, and nodded.  He pushed some buttons on the control panel, and fogs appeared, covering the stage.

Koganei heaved a sigh of relief.  He waved his pretty pink wand again, "Voila!  A horse-cart thingamajig stuffs something!  Yanagi-neechan!  You can come out now!"

Yanagi stepped back at the stage, and gaped.  "That isn't really a horse-cart…" she whispered.

It wasn't indeed.  It was a red wagon, tied to the back of a bicycle.  Kagerou was sitting on the bicycle's seating pad, sweatdropping.

Koganei grinned cheerfully, "Well what do ya know?  It ain't a horse-cart!  Well, it's a bike-wagonny-cart!  It's beautiful too!" He jumped happily.  Then he took a closer look at the chestnut haired girl.  "Wow, Yanagi-neechan!  You are beautiful!"

Backstage, Raiha lifted an eyebrow.  He tightened his ponytail's ribbon, saying, "Hey Joker, look.  Someone is actually more stupid than you."

"Really?" asked Joker, grinning.  "Well, I'll have to teach him a lesson…later.  Hihihihiiiii…"


Mori Kouran was at the dressing room, still smiling mischievously at his reflection. "I am beautiful."

Recca smacked his head a thousand times on the wall.  "Goddamit, moron, can you hurry up!??!"

"No." One of the buttons of his shirt fell to the floor, unable to cover his big belly.  "Aw.  I need a new shirt.  Servant, get one for me." Mori said.

The flamecaster threw him a very killing glare.  "Shit you!  NO!  Now go outside!  AND NEVER!!  I REPEAT, NEVER!  NEVER TOUCH MY HIME!!" The finger.

Mori Kouran stuck his tongue, "Bastard." And then he put on his shoes, only to find out Recca had filled them with animal's poop (rating changes!  pg-13 now!).

Recca grinned.  *Now he doesn't have any shoes to wear…he won't be able to show up…hehehee…*

The freak (I mean Mori) shrugged.  "Nah, slippers would do just fine." He slipped in a pair of bunny pink slippers and walked out of the room, leaving Recca wide-eyed.


"Cinder-Yanagi stepped into the castle cautiously.  She was afraid her step-parent would find her.  Well, in my opinion, she would, since-" Fuuko said.

"Fuuko-neechan, just get on with it," Ganko warned.

The wind wielder smiled, "-Okay.  So she entered the castle, and she saw the…*gulp* prince… he's not exactly a prince, though, gomen people for showing such a disgusting piece of crap…"

But she couldn't see Mori Kouran's eyes were glaring at her.

"The freaky prince locked eyes with Cinder-Yanagi's, even though I dunno how, since he's all wall-eyed and everything, but anyway…the freaky prince stepped forward."

Mori Kouran stepped forward, his pink bunny slippers made a squeaky noise.  "May I have this dance?"

And suddenly, Recca appeared in the stage, grabbing Mori's suit, and punching all the crap outta him.  Beating him up. 


Yanagi gasped, "Recca-kun!  My true prince!" She ran and hugged him in a tight embrace.  "I'm glad you saved me!"

Fuuko, up in the booth, went wide-eyed.  "Hey!  That's SO not in the script!!" She shuffled through the wet script, trying to find the act Yanagi, Recca, and Mori were performing.  "See!  Even with chocolate all over, I swear there is not even one single thing mentioning the prime minister should appear out of nowhere and choke the prince!"

A certain silver-haired water-wielder muttered something under his breath that sounded something like, "I'm going to barf.  Paper bags, anyone?"

Backstage, Koganei kept waving his wand, until the yellow star flew off.  "Dammit!  I have to part them!  Errh…zippidy zippody zoo!  No?  Okay, okay, use one of Harry Potter's spells.  Errghh… Crucio!  Something maybe like… Expelliarmus!  No?  Dammit…"

Joker hopped beside him and whispered, "Maybe the *Avada Kedavra* can help…" When Raiha went starry-eyed, "Aren't they sooo lovely?"

Mikagami flinched, looking disgustedly at the purple-haired ninja.

Raiha grinned, "Well, somebody has to take Yanagi-san's place of going starry-eyed and dreamy."

Neon's eyes popped.  "What?!  Mori-sama was supposed to wear genuine, leather shoes!  Why the hell is he wearing MY pink bunny slippers?!  His germs!  ARRGHHH!  Disgusting!"


Fuuko was cursing to Recca's headphone, "Goddamit, we're having a PLAY here, baka yarou!  Now cut that stupid thing off and just face it!  Mori's the prince and you're not!  YAMERO!"

Yanagi giggled and whispered through her small microphone, "Fuuko, can't we change the storyline?"

"You mean…"


"Fine with me.  Out with the old, in with the new Cinder-Yanagi!" Fuuko grinned.

Mikagami scowled at the wind wielder, "Kirisawa, get a life.  Anything's fine with me, but I really do not want to see the two making out, out there.  Disgusting."

Raiha was still playing Yanagi, "But it's soooo sweet, ne, ne, Mikagami-sempai?" He tugged Mikagami's silver locks.


The purple haired ninja jumped, "O-okay…Mikagami-sempai, go, gomen nasai, I-I-I didn't mean to…" He started being teary-eyed.

Fuuko was curious about what's happening backstage.  "Hey, can somebody tell me what's going on back there?"

"Crap.  Total piece of shit." answered Neon matter-of-factly.

Joker grinned and joined Raiha's little game.  "Hime!  I'm gonna ditch you!  You're not my hime anymore!  Joker-han is my new master!  All ye hail to Joker-samaaa!"

Mikagami threw a direct punch at Joker's face, "Quit it!"

Ganko sweatdropped.  She was still staring at Yanagi and Recca making out at the stage.  "Yuck, Fuuko-neechan, are we really supposed to see that?!  Hentai!"

"Yanagi wouldn't dare to go to such stage, Ganko!  Don't worry!  Now, let's just get on with the storyline, shall we?" Fuuko winked.

"Suddenly, the freaky prince's loyal attendant, Recca Hanabishi, appeared!  And he saved Cinder-Yanagi from his freaky master's wrath!  They fell in love, and lived very happily ever after!  The end!" The wind wielder clapped her hands. 

Neon growled, "What the hell was that?!  You have never ever read the storybook Cinderella, have you?"

"Of course I haven't!  But it's not Cinder-ELLA!  It's Cinder-Yanagi!" said Fuuko defensively.

Surprisingly, the audience gave a huge applause!  The end!


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