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The general chatter and laughter filled the Great Hall at breakfast time one Saturday, giving off the impression that everything was good and well at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It would never seem that hundreds of people had died within those stone walls just weeks before.

All damage caused in the War had been completely fixed, until the castle looked just as grand and reassuring as it had ever been.

Perhaps now, it was even more reassuring than ever, as the threat of the Dark Lord was long gone.

Now was the time of celebration and cheer, but it was also a time of loss and mourning, as a good many lives had been lost in the struggle.

There were two people, however, who had lost their lives in the battle for the "greater good" who had lived to tell the tale.

After gaining use of the Elder Wand, Harry had realised that maybe there was something the greatest wand in the world could do that no one had ever dreamed of - bringing the dead back to life.

As soon as the thought occurred to him, Harry had jumped to his feet and sprinted to Dumbledore's tomb, and began smashing into it like a wild thing. His actions, unsurprisingly, brought him a lot of attention, and soon a small crowd had gathered, trying to pull him away, crying out with mortified voices. But nothing could stop him.

When he finally saw part of Dumbledore's pale face, he whispered a word in a long forgotten language in a voice he could hardly recognise as his own, while pointing the Elder Wand directly at what he could see of his former Headmaster.

Electric blue eyes snapped open, and the crowd had obviously noticed , as their screams of horror turned to those of joy. But Harry had no time for celebrations, as his feet seemed to control themselves as he pounded across the school grounds to the Whomping Willow, which must have understood Voldemort's death, as it only took a playful swipe at the Boy-Who-Lived before allowing him to go through to the secret passage.

He felt a pang in his chest. The body of his ex-Potions Master was still lying spread-eagled on the floor, his blood congealing in a pool around him. No one had come to collect his body. No body cared.

No! Harry corrected himself quickly. Nobody knew! No one knew exactly where Snape's body was, apart from him and Hermione.

But he couldn't help but compare the differences between Dumbledore's magnificent tomb and how Snape had been left for hours in a puddle of his own blood.

How ironic that the man who had used them all as pawns in his elaborate game of chess had a beautiful place of rest, while the real, misunderstood hero had to lie in a dingy shack.

Without another thought, Harry performed the same reviving spell he had done on Dumbledore and crouched down next to Professor Snape. The boy found that he couldn't see the man's face in the darkness that had fallen over the dilapidated shack, and he cast a quick Lumos.

Black eyes fluttered open slowly, but Snape soon threw his arms before his face to sheild him from the blinding light.

'So this is Heaven, huh? Who knew?' He thought bitterly, but could only gasp when he gingerly squinted out from behind his arms. Through a chink in his fingers he could only see those oh-so-memorable green eyes.

"Lily?" His throat burned as his adam's apple bobbed against the wounds Nagini had given him.

"Hang on Professor." The eyes urged, and he frowned. After a second he gave a hesitant chuckle.

"Professor? What happened to calling me Sev?" He laughed nervously, and he was disappointed to hear his voice coming out growly and scratchy. The eyes just blinked at him.

"What?" The owner of the green orbs asked - in a decidedly male voice, Snape realised. "Oh. Oh! Hang on."

The light dimmed and Snape gave a sigh of relief and lowered his arms. As soon as he adjusted to the brightness of his surroundings, he gave a gasp and held the robes of the boy before him.

"Potter?!" The Slytherin rasped. "You're dead too? The Dark Lord won?"

"No." Harry shook his head, relieved his teacher recognised him now. "The Light won. And I'm not dead. Neither are you."

Snape took a glance around, and saw he was lying where he was before when he had been attacked. The stickiness under his back was blood - his blood!

"I-I don't understand…" The older man growled, and his throat burned with a pain like he had never imagined. Harry noticed him wince and pulled the Elder Wand out of his pocket.

"I used this to bring you back to life, I can use it to fix that bite." Harry stated confidently.

"That's not possible." Snape whispered. "There is no spell that brings the dead back to life!"

"With this wand there is. Why else would Dumbledore be walking the grounds once more?" The Boy-Who-Lived asked with a smirk. Snape's eyes widened, and he let his head fall back against the floor as he stared at the cobweb-covered ceiling.

"Ondu siht s'nam sdnouw dna eveiler sih naip." Harry hissed without even knowing what he was saying, then watched in awe as the angry red gashes on Snape's neck faded away until there was only a small white scar left.

Then an odd thing happened. The Elder Wand started to vibrate in Harry's hand, before it disappeared completely with a puff of smoke.

Later there was a great debate as to whether the powerful magic was too much for the wand, or if it had finally just ceased to be after millions of years of use. One thing was agreed : it was unlikely they'd ever see the brilliant wand again.

Harry fell to his knees and cried hot, bitter tears as he thought of all the people he'd never get the chance to bring back : Remus, Tonks, Sirius, his parents…

"You should have let me die." Snape sighed, still staring straight up. And despite all that the man had done for him, part of Harry couldn't help but agree.


And so, it was a relatively normal Saturday at Hogwarts, when all of a sudden the Headmaster rose to his feet, and tapped a spoon against the side of his glass. A hush fell over the students.

"Good morning, you fine example of wizarding teenagers!" Dumbledore beamed at the four tables, his happiness radiating from him. "To those of you in the eighth year here, I have some rather exciting news. Perhaps some of you know the Muggle tradition of taking a 'school trip'?"

Excited murmurs rippled through the room. Some of the teachers exchanged surprised looks. Dumbledore had not mentioned a trip to them.

"Your names shall be entered in the Goblet of Fire, and thirty names will be drawn. Those of you lucky enough to be picked will be travelling to a Muggle beach. Think of it as a relaxing break from your exams."

The old man let the teenagers chat amongst themselves for a minute before continuing.

"And of course you will be accompanied by myself and Professor Snape."

A loud spluttering came from the latter, and all eyes flicked over to Severus as he choked on his pumpkin juice.

"WHAT?!" The man yelped in a very un-Snapeish manner.

Dumbledore just nodded and smiled at him.

"As you can see, we are both delighted at the thought of joining you."

Severus slammed his glass down on the table, before sweeping out of the Hall, death glare set to the Max.

"The names will be drawn on Monday, and the trip will take place on Wednesday. Good Luck!" And with that the old wizard retreated to his seat, still chuckling to himself at the Potion Master's reaction.


"No Albus. I am a War Hero, not a baby-sitter! I deserve peace and quiet, and I very much doubt I shall find that amongst a bunch of over-excited children!"

"Come now, my boy. You can hardly call them children. They are young adults."

"Then why don't they act like it?" Snape retorted, and crossed his arms across his chest, lips pulled into a pout. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. The grumpy Bat of the Dungeons looked like a sulky toddler - and he was accusing others of being childish!

"They do. You are just too blinded by hatred to see it. You only ever seem to show hate now. I wonder if it's because I asked too much of you…"

"You think?!" Snape hissed, looking positively deranged. "You used my love for Lil…her…to make me your spy, then made me protect a boy you were raising to die! Oh, and not forgetting you made me kill you!"

Albus lowered his head, and when he looked back up, Severus was disgusted to see a tear trailing down the other man's cheek.

"I truly am sorry, m'boy. But I had to make you do those things - it was all for the-"

"-Greater good." The pale man finished for him, a sneer of disgust painted across his face. An uncomfortable silence fell over them.

"You have become too bitter, Severus." Dumbledore said at last. "And I'm not blaming you for this. Your life has been much too…difficult."

Snape scoffed at his choice of words, but said nothing.

"That's why I picked you to go with me to supervise the students. You need to socialise more - even, dare I say it - make friends."

"You expect me," Snape summed up carefully. "To converse and befriend…students?"

"I'm not saying you have to talk to all of them - no, not at all. Just talk to a few. Especially some you would not at first think of socialising with. Miss Granger, for example, shares your passion for books and knowledge - why not her?"

The potions master was quiet for a long while, as he took in the hard lines of his colleague's face, and the sad, pleading eyes.

"I'll try." He finally gave in. "But I won't talk to any Gryffindor - even if they do share my likes and dislikes. And Minerva had better be going on that trip too!" Because God knew if he could cope with a meddling old fool and a flock of giggling teenagers on his own.

"Wonderful!" Dumbledore clapped Snape on the shoulder and beamed at him. The old wizard nodded his farewell and Floo-ed from Severus's private quarters.

The dark-haired man slumped back in his chair and rubbed a hand across his weary face. Yet another argument against the Headmaster.

Yet another argument he had lost.

Once again he had been pushed around by someone else.

Snape scoffed and poured himself a large measure of fire whiskey.

Story of his life.

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