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Summary: The discovery of a an Ancient city causes Team Shep and Jennifer a whole host of trouble. A Ronon - Jennifer story.

"From the grin plastered to your face I assume you had a successful mission." Woolsey commented as Sheppard's team entered the briefing room.

"Yes, yes we did." Sheppard grinned.

"And we really need to go back. So if we could cut out the small talk." McKay snapped.

"I seem to recall you did not want to be part of this mission." Woolsey said, somewhat taken aback.

"That was when the mission was to deal with local nethanderals and trading rocks, but now there is a point to me being involved."

"Which is?"

"The city."

"What city? You went to a village." Woolsey said perplexed.

"Yes we did. But the locals talked about a great floating city and kind of provided directions so we went and looked."

"You found another Atlantis?" Woolsey said, his voice a mixture of doubt, hope and worry.

"Not quite. It is much smaller, but definitely Ancient design." Sheppard said.

"Could this be replicators again?" Woolsey asked, his worry rising.

"It is a possibility. Although if it were the city would probably not be so small." Sheppard argued. "But just in case we thought we would come back and discuss the options before making contact."

"And your recommendation? I am assuming you have at least one." Woolsey asked, picking up on Sheppard's excitement.

"Fly over in a cloaked Jumper and see if the scans can tell us anything. If it looks good hail them and then fly in and say hello. Between McKay and Keller there should be enough tests to confirm or otherwise the presence of replicators."

"You're planning on taking Dr Keller with you?" Woolsey asked.

"Unless you have a problem with that."

"No. I have grown disturbingly used to disregarding IOA rules about not having more than one senior staff member on the same away mission." Woolsey replied. "Would you like Dr Keller to join the briefing?"

"Yes and quickly. Then we can go." McKay said impatiently. "In fact I'll get her." He added as he tapped his ear-piece, whilst Woolsey and Sheppard shared a bemused look. "Jennifer it's me...Of course Rodney, who else would it be...We were, we're back...yes everything is fine we need you up here...everything is fine we need you in the briefing...no he is fine, you want him to grunt into the mic?...yes now...I don't care, this is far bigger...I am sure they are not that sick...you are not contagious are you?...no no you need to come up now...this is more important...I'm not playing around...oh please your pretend science can wait." Rodney said into his ear piece to the amusement of everyone in the room. Finally he grimaced at what Jennifer had to say then terminated the conversation.

"Real smooth Rodney." Sheppard commented.

"Yes well it worked, she is coming." He said as he rocked back and forth on his heals, he then looked at Ronon who was grinning at him. Unnerved he asked. "Why are you grinning?"

"I'm just picturing your next medical." Ronon replied still smiling causing McKay to blanch.

A few minutes later Jennifer entered the room panting. "Where's the emergency?" She asked, scanning the room for any obvious injuries.

"No emergency doctor." Woolsey answered. "Just an overexcited physicist. Perhaps you should sit down." He suggested as Ronon pushed the chair next to him away from the table. Smiling at the Satedan Jennifer sat down.

"Can we start now? Time's wasting." McKay questioned, although he did not wait for a response. "We found a city." He smiled at Jennifer who looked unimpressed and confused. As Rodney continued to stare at her she guessed that she was meant to comment.

"So? You've found cities before and normally it turns out badly."

"It's a city like Atlantis. Well smaller, but similar." Rodney clarified.

"Ignoring the fact the last Atlantis type city you found was controlled by homicidal, on a galactic scale, replicators-" Jennifer started only for Sheppard to interject.

"To be fair doc, they only became homicidal on the large scale when Rodney started tinkering with their base code. Until then it was just us they wanted to kill."

"As comforting as that is why did you drag me away from two very sick patients?"

"Firstly you are needed, secondly they can't be that sick or else the city would be in lock down and thirdly you have plenty of people under you to deal with the sick." Rodney listed causing Jennifer to grow increasing irate. Just as she was about to say something Ronon gently placed his hand on her wrist and leaned over. As he whispered something in her ear she relaxed and smiled, a sickly, smug, smile at Rodney.

"What did he just say?" The physicist asked nervously.

"You'll find out soon enough." Jennifer replied still smiling.

"If you three are done." Woolsey said after a silencing cough, perhaps we could get back to the briefing.

Doing his best to avoid eye contact with Jennifer and Ronon, McKay said. "According to the locals the city just appeared a few months ago, so either it flew or it was under the water. Since then there has been no contact and no sign of life from the city, suggesting it is empty."

"But we won't know 'til we look, which is where you come in. You are the most qualified to give us an early warning about replicators. Best case you have nothing to do other than raid the infirmary for supplies." Sheppard said.

"So when do we go?" Jennifer asked causing Woolsey to cough again.

"Well assuming Woolsey is happy-" Sheppard started only for Rodney to cut in.

"Ten minutes."

"Ten minutes?" Woolsey asked surprised, although Rodney took it as agreement.

"Excellent, I'll meet you in the Jumper bay, I need to get some equipment." He said hurrying out of the room. Woolsey stared at his back, mouth agape.

"You could still veto the mission." Sheppard said awkwardly.

"I'm perfectly aware of that Colonel. I am also aware of the suffering Dr McKay would put the rest of the city through if I did." Woolsey answered. "You have a go, but if anything at all goes wrong you are dealing with the IOA."

"Relax, what could possibly go wrong?" Sheppard said as he stood.

"Great, now you've jinxed us." Jennifer muttered leaving the briefing room.